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Mr. Nan Huaijin posted umbilical disease

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Mr. Nan Huaijin is very powerful
— Really can't buy it!
Before going to the mountain to find a master, I accidentally saw Mr. Nan Huaijin's belly-sticking Wanfang prescription on the Internet. Mr. Nan Huaijin said that this is a Taoist prescription that can regulate the stomach and intestines, especially those with cold hands and feet. The oldest people can live longer. When I look at this side, my intuition is that this side is definitely good. Why? Because people are always angry and complaining, when they are angry and complaining, the body produces chills. The chills accumulate in a person's stomach, and the stomach becomes cold. The prescriptions announced by Mr. Nan Huaijin are all hot medicines, longan meat, peppercorns and moxa, the human body's various meridians and veins, which can regulate the whole body's energy, and there is no fat tissue under the umbilicus, and the skin and fascia are directly connected. The skin is the thinnest and most easily absorbed by the drug skin. It must be a good recipe!
I am a person who will use it after learning. I have all three medicines in my home, so I will dispense them immediately. Mr. Nan Huaijin did not announce the ratio of the three medicines. I intuitively matched the longan meat, peppercorns and moxa in a 2: 1: 1 ratio. Why are there more longan? Because I think the drug needs to be sticky so that it can be absorbed under the umbilicus, the proportion of longan meat in the house. I put all three medicines into a household pulverizer and smashed them a few times, and the three medicines automatically turned into spherical large pills in the pulverizer.
The master ’s temple is on the mountain, which is relatively humid. When you go up the mountain, people who have a cold body are susceptible to constipation. This is the cold secret. My wife couldn't get a bowel movement in 4 days, so I put a piece of 10,000 prescription on her belly button, and it was put on at 8 pm. As a result, I got my hands up at 12 pm. Post it to her every day, and she excreted normally. Trivial cases are not listed one by one. I will talk about the most typical case to let everyone know the power of Nan Huaijin's 10,000 sickness.
The old mage in the master ’s temple is sixty years old, and her stomach has been bad. I also stuck her belly button on the first night. She said it was very comfortable on the belly button. The second night, I put a lot of stickers on her. I got up in the morning, and it was awful. I pulled it four times and became cold. I felt so cold when I put on a cashmere sweater on a hot day. It took a long time for the sun to slow down, and I didn't drink water, but always went to the toilet.
The old mage asked me what was going on? I know this is a good thing, but it is better to check with the master. After confirming it, I told the old mage that this is a good thing. The medicine that sticks to the navel is very hot medicine. Your stomach is too cold and it is frozen into ice cubes. Because the ice is heated, so you dilute and do not drink When you go to the toilet, you are afraid of cold because of the ice, which consumes your calories, which is great! It's like snowy days, we don't feel cold, but people feel very cold on snowy days.
The old mage was wide-hearted, and continued to stick to it. Since then, her appetite has widened, and she has lost weight. In a few days, her belly has become smaller, her arm has much less fat, and her body has become slimmer. The old mage asked me what was going on? I said, this is because your spleen and stomach were too cold in the past, and the waste water in your body could not be transported out. Now your stomach is hot and strong, and the waste water in your body is eliminated from the body, so you lose weight and become slim. According to Chinese medicine, the spleen is mainly transported. It's true!
Wanjifang can be used for a long time. It can be given a larger amount at the beginning of treatment, and can be used in small doses for a long time. Why use it for a long time? Because we are angry every day, we are complaining every day, the cold poison that accumulates naturally accumulates in the intestines and stomachs, the elderly can naturally live long-term long-term use, because the spleen and stomach are the basis of the day after tomorrow, digestion and absorption is good, natural nutrition is good, can live longer some.
I analyze that Mr. Nan Huaijin's Wanyifang can treat dysmenorrhea, cold constipation (just like drinking hot water, and not feeling uncomfortable), cold hands and feet, hepatitis B, cold, cold obesity, and so on.
It is particularly important to note that this side is posted before bedtime and must be removed in the morning. Do not be greedy. Because the navel needs to rest in order to absorb the medicine, the old belly sticks, the navel should not work, and it will become inflamed.
It is more important to note that doctors can use this method to make money and serve patients, but they must not accumulate too much wealth. They must know that they have to give money and reflect their wealth to all beings.
If you ca n’t dialectify, it ’s okay, as long as you see that this person is angry and blame people, it is certainly no problem to use him. But everyone should know that this is just a cure for the symptoms. The root cause is our habit of being angry and resentful. Changing our habit is the basis of our cure. I hope that this article will be widely circulated to help more people relieve their torture and suffering, and help more people recognize the bad habits of being angry and complaining. This is our own enemy of health.
Precautions for dispensing:
The longan is the longan meat bought in the supermarket. The pepper is the domestic pepper used for cooking.

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