hg2188.com The Bright and Completely Seeing the Song—The Quick-Proof Land Prop Miao Li Dapeng Spreads His Wings Twenty-Three (2)

The Bright and Completely Seeing the Song—The Quick-Proof Land Prop Miao Li Dapeng Spreads His Wings Twenty-Three (2)

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:10:31

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Eulogy Twenty-Three
Baosheng is not allowed inside,
There is no choice to break equality.
I purify my nature slowly,
That is, the real Buddha in the world;
Baosheng Buddha is not available outside, but in our hearts. There is no trade-off, and there is no prejudice in treating any impression of equality. This is "equal wisdom." The pure nature of arrogance is the "Bao Sheng Buddha".
What we can find outside is only the Thangka and the Buddha image. The true living Buddha is in the nature of the heart. If you see a trouble, all troubles can be turned into wisdom. Purification of the receptiveness of the sensibility of suffering and music can completely calm down negative emotions such as love and hatred, and obtain "equal wisdom", which is manifested in the image of "Bao Sheng Buddha".
Pride is not easy to find, and there is hope in recognizing your own problems. People who don't know themselves will think others are wrong, even the teacher is wrong, and the Buddha is also wrong. To practice is to let us know ourselves.
As long as there is separation, equality cannot be achieved. If my heart is not balanced, life will be very hard, and I will not be happy in any situation, like a person standing on a wooden bridge, shaking from side to side. Without a stable state of practice, no one can give you peace and equality. Only by attaining a state of light can we reach a state of equality. When the heart is equal, it is happiness.
The appearance of gross annoyance is a guide to remind us to understand our nature. Don't be afraid to refuse it. If you have the wisdom of mindfulness, the more delusions you have, the more intense you will be.
Mituo must not be inside,
Into the wonderful observation in the music space,
The nature of cleansing,
That is the true immeasurable light;
Amitabha cannot find outside, but in his own heart. In the realm of Lekong, being able to distinguish various phenomena clearly and clearly, this is "wonderful observation wisdom". Greed was originally pure and pure, and it was the "Amitabha Buddha."
If Amitabha is somewhere, he must be distanced from us; if Amitabha is just a portrait on Thangka, we can only see his image, and it is difficult to produce real feelings. Purified the thoughts that can be distinguished and taken from various aspects, they are transformed into "wonderful observation wisdom" and expressed as "Amitabha Buddha" in the image.
In fact, you can feel the Amitabha at this time. When greed arises, when its power has not developed enough, it immediately recognizes its true colors and turns its troubles into wisdom. At this time, Amitabha appeared in his heart.
When Mars is small, it will be extinguished; if the fire spreads to a large extent, it will be difficult to extinguish. Whether you can get to know it quickly depends on your state of meditation. The higher the meditation power, the higher the energy of the realm, and the faster the speed of recognizing nature. The merits of the Amitabha are inherently fulfilled by us, and we can make it manifest by relying on the correct method of guidance and practice.

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