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The two types of peptic ulcer are the same, and should not be treated together.

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I guide: The article emphasizes that the pain of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer are the same. It cannot be mixed and treated, which is new. (Edit / Zhang Yajuan)
Correspondence between the prescriptions of "Shifang" —— one diagnosis and treatment of "Xutong"
Author / Yu Guojun
In a chat, I praised Qin Bowei's "Qianzhai Medical Lectures" book. When it was said that Qin's advocacy of using Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction to treat gastric ulcer pain was a great innovation, Jiang Lao agreed, but also pointed out : Stomach ulcers can be treated, but duodenal ulcers are a concern. So Jiang Lao talked eloquently, and frequently came up with new ideas; I took out my notebook and quickly recorded.
This article is organized according to the original records, except for a few half-text and half-white sentences, almost all of Jiang Lao's original words.
The treatment of duodenal ulcer pain with Guipi Decoction is a unique experience of Jiang Lao's unique recipe --- the recipe of Shifang. This is learned from Chen Xiuyuan's treatment of "virtual pain"-"the method of returning to the spleen, the purpose of the two yang", and also learned from the scientific understanding of the pathogenesis of ulcer disease in western medicine.
The article emphasizes that the pain of gastric ulcer is different from that of duodenal ulcer. It cannot be mixed and treated, which is a new thing.
Yu Zhi's pain of duodenal ulcer, Hengxi used Guipi Decoction to cut it, which was realized from Chen Xiuyuan's "heartache".
Xiuyuan said: "Xuantong is ache, with small or short pulses, heart palpitations, sacrifice, please press, you can eat less and heal, then you will be clear, and you should go to the spleen and add money to Shichangpu ... Magical Use · Heavy Heart Pain "). The main characteristics of duodenal ulcers are chronic pain, hunger pain, warmth and joy, and less food and more. It is undoubtedly "painful". The pain is lingering, the appetite is poor, the spleen is weak, the subtleness of the water valley is difficult, and the lack of qi and blood is accompanied by evidence of heart and spleen deficiency such as white complexion, palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia and forgetfulness. As a result, the heart and spleen are insufficient, qi and blood are deficient, and the ulcer lesions are lost and warm and supported, while disgrace is painful, so the pain persists, and the healing of the lesions is difficult. It seems that this "vicious circle" must be cut off.
Guigui Decoction is very suitable as a recipe for nourishing the heart and spleen. Yu Lin card experience, after taking this prescription to more than ten doses, the pain gradually decreased, the appetite increased, those with shortness of breath, insomnia, forgetfulness and other evidence improved. Guipi Decoction is effective in treating this card. Zhang Jingyue Yun: "People with qi and blood deficiency, who can't nourish the heart and spleen, have the most symptoms of abdominal pain, but they must suffer from exhaustion and anxiety, which is the disease." Xin Yan Si Yan! This disease is indeed closely related to Qiqing , Those who are worried and hurt the heart and spleen, the stomach will suffer. Therefore, Xiuyuan advocates "the method of returning to the spleen and the purpose of the two yangs", and Shi Anyu adjusts his emotions to restore the high-level nerve center function. Its ruling should be considered from the synergy of the compound as far as possible:
Those with liver stagnation, plus Bupleurum and Baiji; those who are in pain, He Danshen drink; those who are sour, add squid bone; those who have blood in the stool (black stool), add homemade "Zhexue San" (including squid bone, white and three 7); If you have too much blood in your stool, add red ginseng (stewed separately); if you are cold, add artichoke ginger; if you are hot, add danpi and white peony; if you are wet, add stalks and pelan; Covered flowers, vermiculite; those with full belly are thick and simple, Pinellia ternata.
For example, in November 1984, Zhang was a 53-year-old male with painful stomachache and hunger, intermittent black stools for more than four months, accompanied by acid swallowing, noisy, bowel sounds, shortness of breath, reddish tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulses. Gastroscopy showed a circular ulcer with a diameter of about 1.0 cm in the anterior wall of the duodenal bulb, and a pseudo diverticulum formed in the posterior wall. Take Guizhi Tangjia homemade Zhixue powder, take 12 doses, the pain disappears, the stool turns yellow, and the remaining symptoms are greatly reduced. After taking the original prescription honey pills for two months, the symptoms disappear. In February 1985, no ulcers were found in the posterior wall, and the anterior wall ulcers tended to heal. The effect is not more square, continue to take this pill.
It is worth mentioning that although duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers are both peptic ulcers, their pain properties are similar. The same are long-term pain and hi-press. The pain of gastric ulcer often occurs from half an hour to one hour after eating. Duodenal ulcer pain often occurs 3 to 4 hours after eating. In addition, the first pain is in the menstruation, and the blood trauma enters the network for a long time. Therefore, both types of ulcers can be accompanied by melena, which is also a sign of spleen deficiency that cannot unite blood.
Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment of two kinds of ulcers should be carefully examined and discriminated. Recently, those who treat duodenal ulcer pain belong to the "spleen and stomach deficiency", and more often use Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction. Yu thinks that the Zhizhi in the prescription can move blood most, and those who have blood in the stool or vomiting should be used with caution! For the treatment of this card, Xixi uses Guipi Decoction plus Cannon Ginger (including licorice dried ginger decoction, and dried ginger cannon black can stop bleeding); if it is not accompanied by bleeding, Guigui Decoction plus Guizhi and Baiji (Medium soup), with good results. This is to adhere to the basic pathogenesis of heartache, based on the prescription of Guipi Decoction, and pay attention to the synergy of the compound.
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