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Life scenes of ancient nobles: how can such an excellent tradition be gone!

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This "Yan Li Yi Qing" album depicts the home life scenes of ancient nobles. The characters are full, round, lively, subtle and elegant, and portray the feelings of men and women. Rockery, flowers, bonsai, and clothing patterns are extremely fine.
"Yan Li Yi Qing" is a silk-colored silk-printed library in the Qing Dynasty, with a total of 12 frames. It is now hidden in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
"Yan Li Yi Qing" character atlas is a treasure collected by the Qing Palace. Depicting a prince-level home life scene, this set of atlases is very elegant and fine with pens. The characters' costumes, expressions, movements, hair accessories, etc. are all described very carefully. At the same time, the interior furnishings, furniture, and garden construction outside the room are extremely detailed. The picture presents the life scenes of two men and women who love each other. Although they are affectionate, they are not insignificant and look very pleasing to the eye.
The plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum in the painting, four seasons of flowers, exquisite workmanship, elegant color, and great conjugation, have considerable sketching skills. The flowers made are suitable for light and shade, dense and dense, and lively.
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