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Know early, ten words, calmly

Source of information: Time: 2020-02-21 02:34:19

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

01. Good things always take time. You can't do great things without paying a lot of effort and labor. Want to eat walnuts, you must first bite the hard nut shell.
02. You only need to remember one thing. Those who can easily give up in your emotions do not love you. No matter how much resentment he shows, as long as he easily gives up, then this person will definitely not love you, and will never give up, only true love.
03. Life does not owe us anything, at least, it gives us life and gives us space to survive. Therefore, there is no need to always suffer.
04. Don't let those who are really good to you slowly disappear from your life. Regardless of love or friendship, you need to manage.
05. When you hold something in your hand, you can only have one thing. If you let go, you will have the opportunity to choose more.
06. The true sense of belonging lies in your heart. Take control of your own destiny, because your biggest opponent is always yourself.
07. Don't always get angry for people who are not worth it, because there is no need to hurt your own body.
08. To learn and understand contentment, contentment is the greatest happiness. Don't be too conceited, first measure your own value and conditions.
09. Life is like a play, full of irony. When you have it, you cherish it. When you lose it, no one can really realize it.
10. I believe that everything is not accidental, there must be a reason. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to come back again, hold it tight with both hands.

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