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Jingfang differentiation of tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a common clinical symptom, and academics generally consider it from the perspective of the internal organs and meridians, but in fact, purging the liver and clearing the fire, and deficiency is nourishing the kidney and nourishing yin. Jingfang clinically emphasizes the use of six classics syndromes instead of internal organs, so how does Jingfang identify and treat tinnitus?
Feng, female, 38 years old. First visit on March 31, 2010. Both ears were ringing for six months, and the diagnosis was "neurotic tinnitus" in the otolaryngology department. The treatment with Chinese and western medicine for a long time showed no significant effect.
The following symptoms are seen: ringing ears, persistent, poor spirit, accompanied by dizziness, chest tightness, insomnia, easy to panic, slightly bitter mouth, backache, uncomfortable stool, white greasy tongue coating, and thin pulse strings.
The patient had chest tightness, insomnia, and panic, and was identified as a positive and negative Shaoyang disease. At the same time, dizziness, chest tightness, backache, uncomfortable stool, and white and greasy tongue coating. Drink on the red, infringement of Qingqiao will develop tinnitus. Therefore, the identification of the six classics is Shaoyang Taiyin disease, the card is discontinued in drinking water, and the prescription is the Chaihu plus keel oyster soup plus Atractylodes and self-protection card.
Bupleurum 12g Scutellaria baicalensis 10g Pinellia ternata 15g Codonopsis 10g
Cinnamon sticks 10g Raw Longmu 15g each Atractylodes 15g Zhigancao 6g
Zhishi 10g Fangji 10g Ginger 15g Jujube 4
Seven doses of decoction
Chaihujia Longguyoyi Decoction is a commonly used formula for clinical treatment of tinnitus. Its prescription is found in Article 107 of Sun Diseases in Treatise on Febrile Diseases. Those who cannot turn sides are the owner of Chaihu and keel oyster soup. "
For the interpretation of this article, the commentators of different dynasties have different views. Professor Feng Shilun believes that this side mainly uses Xiaochaihu decoction to remove licorice to recuperate the evil spirits, reconciles the heat, and adds cinnamon sticks to reduce the impact, Poria water, rhubarb, keel, oysters, and lead sedatives. Anxiety and anxiety, two will be unfavorable, upset.
According to the analysis of symptoms, the case was identified as Chaihujia Longke Oyster Decoction. Because the stool was not dry, he went to rhubarb. It is not used because the lead is not available in the pharmacy.
Tinnitus was significantly reduced at the second consultation, sleep improved, mentality improved, and chest tightness was gone. However, the tongue is still white and greasy with fine pulses.
Prescription: Go to the top to protect the body, protect yourself, add Polygala 10 grams, Calamus 10 grams, Bai Zhi 10 grams, Angelica 10 grams, Chixiaodou 15 grams.
At the second consultation, because of chest tightness, I went to the top to protect my body and protect myself, but the tongue was white and greasy, and the pulse was fine. 15 grams of nourishing blood and drinking.
Chixiaodou and angelica are red bean and angelica scattered. The prescription is from "The Golden Deficiency". Professor Feng Shilun believes that the prescription can be used to nourish and drink, as a method of attacking and supplementing, and it is applicable to the evidence of blood deficiency and water prosperity.
Later, medication was added or subtracted according to symptoms, and the disease was cured after treatment for more than a month. Tinnitus did not recur after six months of follow-up. Because the evidence of this case is accurate, the curative effect is outstanding.
Jing Fang believes that the ears belong to Kong Qiao, which is a place of light Qing, and that it is disturbed by a little external evil, and it can't stop beating by heat. Shaoyang disease is a positive evidence of half a surface, the outline of "Shaoyang is a disease, bitter mouth, dry throat, dizziness." The evils of Shaoyang disease are in the surface and the surface, and the evils in the surface and the surface are not in the surface or in the surface. Therefore, you cannot use sweat, vomit, or the method of treatment. At the same time, because the evil in the half surface and the half surface has no way out, and the stagnation heats up, the evidence in the half surface and the half surface is often accompanied by a certain degree of heat, fire, inflammation, and heat. Dryness, dizziness, mouth, pharynx, and eyes are all holes in the upper part of the human body, and the ears are holes in the hole, so the tinnitus of the holes in the hole, from the perspective of the prescription, mostly belong to Shaoyang disease .
Mr. Hu Xishu of the modern Jingfang family pointed out: "Shaoyang disease is the place where Yang heat is in the surface and half of the surface, and half of the surface is in the thorax and abdomen. The heat is in the thorax and abdomen. Evil can only swell up the Confucian Road, and a thermal image occurs in the place of Kongqiao. " Article 264: Shaoyang has a stroke. He has nothing to hear in his ears, his eyes are red, and his chest full and annoying. Do not vomit. "Nothing is heard in both ears", "eye red" and so on, are all hole lesions, belong to Shaoyang disease, and discuss tinnitus of Shaoyang disease.
Therefore, for tinnitus, accompanied by bitter mouth, dry throat, and dizziness of Shaoyang syndrome, identify the six classics as Shaoyang disease. The treatment starts with Shaoyang disease of half a surface and half a mile. Tang Hejie Shaoyang, if accompanied by dry mouth and drink like thermal images are obvious, you can add raw gypsum to clear heat, give Xiao Chai Hu Jiasheng gypsum soup, etc., the effect is outstanding. This is in accordance with the natural strength of the human body to cure diseases, which is the way of Jingfang's cure.
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