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A bag of fried coarse salt, activating blood and removing blood stasis, removing dampness and cold, and strengthening the heart and lungs ... so amazing

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It's raining on a cloudy day, your joints are cold, or you are overworked ... no matter what season, these small changes may make your joints painful. So in addition to taking medicine, what other ways can alleviate the pain of patients with joint pain? Method of fried coarse salt left by the older generation.
In traditional Chinese medicine, hot compresses are also called "ironing", which can play a role in warming the skin, activating qi and activating blood, removing wind and cold, and removing stasis and pain. For cold spring weather, hot compresses seem to be especially applicable.
Applying the hot salt to the acupoints and muscles of the human body can not only relax the muscles and accelerate local blood circulation, but also the strong permeability of the hot salt can also penetrate the heat into the human body and absorb the moisture and cold. In order to achieve anti-inflammatory and cold, changing the pain of the machine.
Expert: This physical therapy is good for rheumatic patients
Since coarse salt hot compress is a popular method, do scientific experts agree with this statement? In response, Wang Yijun, director of the Rheumatology and Immunology Department of Wangjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that these sand therapies, salt therapies, and bamboo pots in the south, and even hot springs, which have been circulating in the folk for a long time, have been used to promote blood circulation by physical therapy for rheumatism. It is said to be beneficial and can be used as an adjuvant therapy to relieve rheumatoid joint symptoms.
Of course, fried salt can not only deal with joint pain, it can do more than you think.
Activating blood and removing blood stasis, removing dampness and expelling cold ...
As long as you can fry coarse salt
Activating blood circulation, accelerating blood circulation, strengthening local resistance, and the role of hot compresses is mainly to increase local skin temperature, relax muscles, expand skin capillaries, and improve blood circulation locally and throughout the body.
Moreover, studies have shown that warm stimulation can activate the phagocytic ability of the reticuloendothelial system, promote the metabolism of various substances in the body, and have good effects on various inflammatory reactions. In addition, it can promote intestinal peristalsis, promote inflammation absorption, accelerate blood circulation, relieve tissue adhesion, and improve local nutrition.
Pack the fried coarse salt in a bag and apply it to the waist, knees, shoulders, and abdomen of the body.
Hot salt has strong thermal insulation and permeability. It can not only infiltrate the heat and temperature, but also suck out the sickness and coldness in the body.
It can relax muscles, expand capillaries, increase sweat gland secretion, promote blood circulation, and increase the body's metabolism. It has the effects of warming and activating the collaterals, relieving inflammation and dispersing cold, and alleviating pain.
Targeting illness
It is used for paralysis of fistula, backache, arthritis, chronic stomach pain, diarrhea, neuralgia and chills.
In particular, hot salting the affected area of the salt bag immediately after cupping, often has the effect of multiplying the results with half the effort, which is beneficial and righting, and promotes the recovery of the diseased body.
How to apply heat specifically to different diseases?
Heavy moisture, fried salt with salt
Some people have a lot of moisture in their bodies. When doing this, you can apply heat to your feet. After each foot soak, you can apply heat to it. Driven away.
For people with cold body, it is also good to remove heat every time you soak your feet every day. The effect of removing cold is also obvious.
Gout: Fried Coarse Salt on the Knee
For patients with gout, you can use a hot pack on the knee to relieve pain and analgesic effect. For long-term use of blood flow, rheumatism will improve.
Joint stiffness and pain:
Apply coarse salt to the pain
For joint stiffness and pain, wrap two pounds of coarse salt in a hot and hot joint around the painful and cold joints, and apply it for 15-20 minutes each time until the coarse salt gradually cools.
Reminder: This method can only relieve joint pain and cannot completely replace drugs and surgery. Patients are advised to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the best time for treatment.
Bushen: salt and cumin hot compress
With the increase of age, many men often suffer from liver and kidney yin deficiency due to the gradual lack of yin. In order to avoid this situation, I will teach you a trick, that is, put half a catty of salt with a little cumin and stir-fry it, then put it in a cloth bag and apply navel.
Among them, salt into the kidney meridian, has a certain effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing yin; cumin Xin Wen, has the role of Tongqiao. It is placed in the position of the navel because the navel is an important part for regulating human yin, and the salt is easily absorbed by the body through this part. The reason for frying is that on the one hand, heat energy can promote the absorption of salt by the body, and on the other hand, the heat effect directly stimulates the navel, which can effectively regulate the meridians.
It is recommended to apply it from 17 to 19 o'clock, because this is the seasonal time of the kidney meridian, and it is also the best time to nourish the kidney.
It needs to be reminded that after the initial hot compress with large grains of salt, the belly will appear red and white "spend". Generally, it will retreat at the third or fourth time. If there are sores or ulcers around the belly button, , Just don't use this health method.
Strengthening the Heart and Lungs: Applying Hot Armpits
The axillary is the pathway of blood vessels and nerves between the neck and upper limbs. It is also the collection of axillary arteries and axillary lymph node group tissues. It is responsible for blood transport and immune defense functions. There is an important acupuncture point in the axillary. Axillary artery pulsation).
Both Chinese and Western medicines attach great importance to the health-care function of the armpits. Pressing the armpits frequently is good for health.
Western medicine believes that often by pressing the armpits, by improving blood supply and stimulating lymph, it can improve cardiopulmonary function, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory system function, promote appetite, and improve digestion.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture and massage at Jiquan have the effect of widening the chest and calming the nerves; it can adjust Qi and blood, relieve spasm and relieve pain, and can also relieve "heartache", and also have a certain effect on cold pain of the elbow and arm; promote the circulation of nerves and body fluids, and make the whole body Organs enjoy more nutrients and oxygen.
It can be seen that hot axillary compresses are also very beneficial.
Other functions of fried coarse salt
? Fried salt iron can relieve neck and shoulder pain
Attending physician Ouyang Yan, Department of Physiotherapy, Beijing Military General Hospital:
Salt has the property that it is difficult to cool when heated. Applying hot salt to the neck and shoulders will increase the temperature of local tissues, regulate the autonomic nerves, improve the function of motor nerves, expand the capillaries and accelerate blood circulation, so that the muscles Slowly relax the muscles and bones to relieve fatigue and improve neck and shoulder pain.
Prevention and treatment of edema obesity
Chinese medicine believes that for edema-type obese people, coarse salt heat compress can help to eliminate excess water in the body and achieve weight loss.
Anti-inflammatory and swelling: The warm stimulation of fried salt can activate the phagocytic ability of the reticuloendothelial system and improve local metabolism, so it has anti-inflammatory, swelling, reflex muscle spasm, and pain.
? Improve the role of dyspepsia in children, colds and colds, cold dysmenorrhea in women.
Special Note
1. Coarse salt refers to the crystals formed by seawater or saltwater in salt wells, salt ponds, and salt springs. It is a natural salt that can stimulate and promote the secretion of sebaceous glands and has a sweating effect. It can help expel waste from the body. And excess moisture.
2. Because salt has the property of absorbing moisture easily, no matter what kind of heating method is used, the water in the salt must be evaporated when heating. Otherwise, because the salt is extremely permeable, water will penetrate the body, and it will not affect the body for a short time, and it will cause greater damage to the body for a longer time!
3. Salt used: Large-sized coarse salt of about the size of corn kernels, about 4 pounds each time. The main ingredient of salt is NACL. By simple heating, its composition will not change much, so you can fry it repeatedly. In one or two weeks, use a basket sieve for washing rice at home. The amount of salt will definitely decrease over time. Add some new coarse salt to it.
4, the process of hot compress: put the hot salt bag on the hot compress site, you can lie on your back or sit, without delay watching TV or Internet, about 1-2 hours on the line. Put a little more on top to reduce heat loss.
1. Place the hot compresses after heating to test the temperature first. During use, if the temperature of the hot pack is high, put more towels or make a cloth cover on the affected area to avoid burns.
2. Do not wash your hands or bath with cold water within half an hour after the hot pack.
3. After hot compress, drink more warm water than usual (absolutely do not drink cold or ice water), which will help to expel toxins from the body;
4. Always clean the outer packaging bag to keep it clean and hygienic.
5, it is best to temporarily stop during menstruation.
A bag of fried salt is really good. It can deal with so many diseases. The key is that it belongs to physical therapy. There are no side effects. If someone has these diseases in the family, try it.

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