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There are three things that you do n’t say, three things that you do n’t do, and others that you do n’t

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

No.1 has three words
1. Don't say short words.
"Cai Gen Tan": "I don't blame others for being too small, don't send people off, and don't miss people's old and evil, these three can cultivate morality, but also far away!"
The mouth is a stabbing axe, and the word is a tongue-cutting knife.
Don't attack people's weaknesses and expose scars. The person who exposes scars invites hatred and hurts others.
People live their lives with the dignity of the world. "A person lives a face, a tree lives a skin." Everyone has dignity and good face, so in life, don't expose people's weaknesses and speak privacy.
2. Don't say what you say.
Others praise praise and self-proclaimed bragging.
"The sky is self-explanatory, and the earth is self-explanatory." People who are truly knowledgeable and cultivated need not speak about themselves.
In the late Qing Dynasty, Zuo Zongtang's Western Expedition, regained Xinjiang, and made a lifeless achievement. Zuo Zongtang originally had the problem of "literati eloquently speaking", and after he became successful, he talked about his expedition experience.
Someone asked him to do business, whether it's a business or a private matter, Zuo Zongtang could wrap things up to the West, leaving the other helpless.
Zuo Zongtang is a capable person, and the credit for boasting is indeed true, and he is still criticized, so we better not say what we say.
3. Don't say anything worthless.
Zi Ji asked his teacher Mo Zi whether it would be good to talk more. Mozi said, "Toads and mosquitoes are groaning day and night, and they're screaming, but who will listen to them? Look at the rooster again, the croaking at dawn, the world vibrates, and people get up early."
"Mrs. doesn't say anything, there must be something in it." Confucius's words mean that a person either doesn't speak or he speaks the key when he speaks.
Don't say nonsense that is worthless. It is worthless to say more. It is just right.
Concise and concise, it is the realm; if the mouth is overwhelming, why not charm? Just say the right things to the right people at the right time, on the right occasion.
No.2 do three things
1. Don't take shortcuts.
Zeng Guofan did not take shortcuts in reading, he did not understand the previous sentence, he did not read the next sentence; he did not finish the book, and he did not touch the next book. Although Zeng Guofan had only taken the exam for nine years, once he got started, the road behind him became more and more smooth. After four years, he was admitted as a junior, while other classmates who had won early on as scholars did not even come up with one.
Zeng Guofan did not take shortcuts in battle. The Xiang Army set up camp every time he went, turning the offensive task into a defensive task, and eating away at the area controlled by the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. This is the "tough village". The Xiang Army ’s siege often used time. Throughout the year, not two or three months, by digging ditches to siege the city, cut off the enemy's food channels, cut off the enemy's supply, and if necessary, besiege the enemy to help them. The method is stupid, but very effective.
Zeng Guofan believed that he benefited from not taking shortcuts, because "the best of the world is better than the best of the world".
2. Don't do things that hurt people.
The end of a victim is often "beginning with harm and ending with harm." There is such a fable story:
In ancient times, there was a washer in Jingcheng, and his shop had a good business, but his neighbor was a potter, but the potter's business was very depressed.
The potter thought that the laundry was affecting the feng shui of his own shop, and he was hurting. He asked the king to say that the laundry was capable of washing black elephants into white elephants.
The king was very happy, because the country had only black elephants, and white elephants were regarded as auspicious symbols and a sign of prosperity and prosperity, so he ordered the laundryman to wash the black elephants into white elephants.
The launderer was afraid to resist, and sighed after returning home. His wife asked why and gave him an idea.
The next day, the laundryman went to the king and said, "My family's laundry tub is too small to accommodate an elephant. Your Majesty will first order a pottery that will hold the next elephant."
So the king ordered the potter to create a pot that could hold an elephant within three days. This time the potter was dumbfounded and was eventually executed by the king because he couldn't make it.
3. Don't do cheap things.
Being greedy for cheap often suffers a lot, because there is no free lunch in the world, and there is no such thing as cheap. Many scammers have always used people's love of greed and cheapness to achieve their goals.
Many times, doing things depends on popularity. Zuo Zongtang said, "The good cheaper, don't make money with it." Everyone guards against those who like to be cheap! One or two times, the cheap people will be annoying, the popularity will be poor, and they will lose many opportunities.
Don't do what is greedy for the cheap, and do something that is bad for you. When it comes to benefits, some are superficial, and everyone can see them, but others are invisible, and not everyone can see them. If you want to get something in return, you have to know how to pay.
No.3 There are three people
1. People who are indifferent can't make it.
During the Spring and Autumn Period, Guan Zhongfu assisted Qi Qiong, making Qi Guo strong. When Guan Zhong was dying, Qi Jionggong came to discuss with him who could manage the country instead of Guan Zhong.
Qi Yigong believes that Yi Ya, Shu Diao, and Kai Fang are loyal to him. Yi Ya once steamed his son and made it for Qi Xiong to enjoy; Xu Diao castrated himself and became an eunuch to serve Qi Yagong. The prescription was originally the son of the defending country, who gave up the reserve monarch and did not do it, but served the state for 15 years in Qi State. Even if his father died, he did not go home and take a look.
Guan Zhong said that if a person does not even love himself or his loved ones, how can he truly love the monarch, he must stay away from these three people.
After Guan Zhong's death, Qi Yonggong reused these three people after all. As a result, the three were in chaos and Qi Yonggong starved to death in the palace.
A person who is indifferent and indifferent is born with a heart of iron and a heartless and ruthless person.
2. People who are profit-seeking cannot pay.
Zeng Guofan said: "Working with Holly people will be affected."
There are always people in the world who are only profit-seeking. In his heart, he always values his interests and always uses others. He can betray friends for the sake of his interests.
In life, with this kind of person, you will always be the object of his extraction, the contents of the bag. Of course, he will pay, but his pay is based on greater profits, and is based on more squeezed out on you. Such people are of course unacceptable!
3. People who don't believe in words can't pay.
Confucius said: "If you don't have faith, you don't know if it's OK."
That is to say, one has to be reliable in speaking and doing things. It cannot be three for a while and four for a while, which makes people confused.
In life, living with unbelieving people is a nightmare. Hope for someone who promises lightly is a waste of life. They have been changing, what they said in the morning has changed in the afternoon, and what they decided yesterday has become a piece of scrap paper, and dealing with them is like riding on a boat they do n’t know where to sail.
Friends are sincere, friends may have other shortcomings and may be forgiven. If you do n’t believe it, you ca n’t figure out which sentence is true and which sentence is false. Hear what can't be fulfilled.

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