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Why don't rivers go straight?

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Why don't rivers go straight?
The most fundamental reason is that taking detours is a normal state in nature, and going straight is an abnormal state.
A Zen master at the Buddhist Academy unfolded a map of China during a class and asked, "What are the characteristics of the river on this map?"
"Not straight, but curved curves."
"Why is this so? In other words, why don't the rivers go straight and take detours?" The Master continued to ask.
The monks talked openly,
Some people say that the river's detours lengthen the flow of the river, so that the river can have a larger flow. When the summer flood comes, the river will not be full of water;
It is also said that as the flow of the river is lengthened, the flow of each unit river section is relatively reduced, and the impact of the river water on the river bed is also weakened, which plays a role in protecting the river bed ...
"You're all right."
The Zen master said, "But in my opinion, the most fundamental reason for rivers to take a detour instead of taking a straight path is that taking a detour is a normal state in nature and a straight path is an abnormal state because the river is in the process of advancing There will be various obstacles, and some obstacles are insurmountable. Therefore, it only takes detours and detours. It is because of the detours that it avoids obstacles and finally reaches the distant sea. "
Think of detours as a normal state, and with ordinary minds, see the bumps and setbacks you encounter in your progress. You will reach the goal of life like a river

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