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Put a pot in your house, all the major illnesses and minor illnesses are gone! (Recommended collection)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

In the field of flowers and plants, there are flowers and plants with super high value and healing energy. Plant one or two pots at home. Some minor illnesses and pains can be found at home. Natural medicine can be brought to the family at any time. Not happy!
The first flower to clear heat and detoxify
Honeysuckle flowers are pleasantly fragrant. When blooming, the fragrance is transparent and can dispel evil spirits. At the same time, it is known as a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. When honeysuckle blooms, pick it up and drink it in summer to relieve the symptoms of colds and sore throats. Paired with wolfberry and chrysanthemum tea, you can nourish the liver and eyesight. 15 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of raw licorice, gargle at any time. It can relieve the symptoms of sore throat and oral ulcers.
Potted honeysuckle is a characteristic plant that has relatively high light requirements. When you cultivate it at home, you should put it in a sunny environment whenever possible. Honeysuckle is suitable for those with a moderate constitution or those with internal heat, and those with deficient spleen and stomach (such as frequent abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold abdomen, cold hands and feet) should not drink with honeysuckle water.
Just smell the flowers and cure
Lily, elegant and pure, with large flowers, beautiful fragrance and pleasant fragrance, known as the "cloud fairy", is loved by people.
Lily has a light and delicate fragrance. Through photosynthesis, the flower releases clean oxygen and bursts of fragrance, which can greatly purify the air in the home. For newly-married couples, lilies can build a good feng shui for their living space. In addition to the main value of lily flower is to watch, its medicinal value is even more amazing, smelling the fragrance of flowers can play a calming, calming and annoying role. As a blind medicinal material, it can play the role of replenishing qi, replenishing yin and relieving fever, and moistening intestines and laxative.
Lily is cold and moist, all those who suffer from cold, cough, loose stools, weak spleen and stomach, chronic cold and dampness, and kidney fading are all forbidden.
Refreshing, relieving wind and cold
The scent of mint can make children think clearly, sensitively, and good for intellectual development.
Peppermint is also a commonly used Chinese medicine, which can play the role of dredging heat, clearing the head, relieving the throat, relieving depression, cold and fever, and sore throat and toothache. It can be used for tea, porridge or soup. Because peppermint has strong penetrating power, it can refresh the mind. When dizzy, you can pick two peppermint leaves and stick them on the temple, which can alleviate the symptoms.
Peppermint has a refreshing function. It should not be placed in the bedroom at night, but the plants do anti-breathing at night. It absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen during the day. Without photosynthesis at night, it absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.
The jasmine flower has a pleasant aroma, and the small white flower has a strong floral scent, which makes people feel comfortable just smelling the scent. When they are depressed and lose self-confidence, it will have a boosting effect on the spirit and can alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions such as inflammation.
Jasmine, leaves and roots are medicinal. Generally, the roots are dug after the autumn and sliced and dried for later use. With Xin, Gan, Liang, Qingre detoxification, dampness. Its flowers can play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying, and can cure exogenous fever, abdominal pain and sores. For insomnia, 1.5 grams of jasmine root can be used.
Jasmine's fragrance is too strong, it is not recommended for indoor cultivation, it can be raised in the outdoor balcony yard. In addition, jasmine is cold in nature, so people with weak constitutions are not suitable to eat more. For example, jasmine tea, if people with weak constitutions often drink it, it may cause dizziness, dizziness, vomiting or physical decline.
Chrysanthemum has always been regarded as a symbol of solitary highlighting and elegant and proud cream, representing the gentlemanship and friendship of the celebrities. Because chrysanthemums are open in the late autumn without fear of the cold, they are loved by ancient Chinese literati.
The chrysanthemum flower fragrance contains volatile aromatic compounds such as chrysanthemone, borneol, etc., and has the functions of clearing heat and phoenix, and calming the liver, and is often used to treat headaches. Chrysanthemums are not just for ornamental purposes, they are versatile and edible. It can be brewed, drinkable, medicated, dried in chrysanthemums, soaked with honeysuckle and jasmine, can clear heat and detoxify, can prevent wind and cold, sore throat, scabies, etc. If you drink it often, you can reduce fire and calm down. The power of meditation.
Chrysanthemums are cold, so avoid cold foods to avoid increasing the burden on the spleen. If the spleen and stomach are cold, chrysanthemum tea cannot be drunk often.
Natural sedative
Lavender is known as the "King of Herbs", with a fresh and elegant aroma and mild nature. It is recognized as the most calming, soothing and hypnotic plant. Its floral scent can relieve tension, calm the mind, calm down the qi, and is effective for nervous heartbeat, flatulence and abdominal pain.
Lavender tea has many benefits. Its stems and leaves can also be used as medicine. It has the effects of strengthening the stomach, sweating, and analgesics. It is a good medicine for treating colds, abdominal pain and eczema. Lavender can be used to reduce swelling and pain after rubbing it on the skin where it is bitten by bees. It can be made into a sachet and can be used instead of camphor pills in the cabinet for incense and insect repellent. Putting dry lavender in hot water during bathing can warm your body and help you sleep.
Lavender is spicy, cool in nature, and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. It should be used with caution in patients with low blood pressure. People with qi-stagnation constitution, special constitution, yang deficiency constitution, and stasis constitution are not suitable for lavender. They should eat less or not. Lavender powder is a menstrual medicine, and women should avoid using it during early pregnancy.
Shengjinyangwei, nourishing yin and clearing heat
Dendrobium is elegant, exquisite, lovely, bright in color, and fragrant. It is known as one of the "four major ornamental flowers".
As a medicinal plant, it has a sweet and slightly salty taste, coldness, and returns to the stomach, kidney, and lung meridians. Yiwei Shengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat. It is used for yin injury and loss, dry mouth and thirst, less food and retching, deficiency of heat after illness, eyes dark. 15 grams of Dendrobium, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 5 grams of green tea leaves. Put Dendrobium, Ophiopogon and green tea together into a tea cup, and boil water. Nourish the yin and clear the heat, and get rid of it.
Those who have not been injured in the early stage of fever, those who have not been wet and humid, and those who have spleen and stomach deficiency (referring to those with too little secretion of gastric acid) are prohibited from taking.
Tian Qi
Comforting and relieve depression, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis
Tian Qi, also known as San Qi, is a pearl in Chinese medicinal materials. "Ginseng gives Qi first, San Qi gives blood first." Tian Qi Hua is picked every June to August every year, which can improve anxiety and restlessness. Using red dates with licorice and wheat with Ganmai jujube soup can have the effects of nourishing blood, soothing the nerves, relieving liver and relieving depression.
Mainly used to lower blood pressure and blood lipids. The root head is mainly used for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The root taste is bitter, the sex is cool, the function is mainly to control the qi, close the astringency, and reduce the swelling. Treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, laryngitis, fatigue, bruises, redness, swelling and pain, itching.
Do not use during pregnancy and women's physiology.

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