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Classic quote: Good things happen to hopeful people, better things happen to patient people

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1. Confused is actually "pretending to be confused". Don't pretend to be low, keep yourself down, and be down-to-earth, the disease will be fine.
2. If you love, please love deeply, if you give up, please be thorough, don't be ambiguous, hurt others.
3. Don't spend time with people who do n’t understand you. Instead of being troubled by bad people, wait for someone who knows you to appear slowly.
4. No matter how sincere you are, you are a lie when you meet someone who doubts you; no matter how simple you are, when you meet a complicated person, you are deliberate; no matter how naive you are, when you meet a realistic person, It's a joke; no matter how professional you are, if you meet someone you don't understand, you're blank. Therefore, don't care too much about what other people think of you. All you need is to be your best and unique.
5. People are often frightened by a "what to do in the future". It ’s so long in the future.
6. No cold war, no willfulness, more communication. Like and love in a comfortable way. Know commitment, know how to share, and progress together. May you be such a person, may you meet such a person.
7. Good things happen to hopeful people, and better things happen to patient people.
8. "Work hard for your own goals. When you devote yourself to one thing, you don't want to sleep all day long, stay up late to watch idols, and you don't have to deliberately think about how to live well. Delete those things that you thought were inseparable. Things, and then feel that this is what life is like. "
9. I'm waiting, a small town, a distant Yiren; I think, under the cherry tree, there are stars; I love, coarse tea, rice, and white-headed.
10. May you be as bright as sunshine and not sad.
11. Those who praise your strength are those who don't understand you, and those who understand will say: Don't stand up.
12. I want to beat you and hug you, I want to ask why you haven't come to me yet. May the person you love finally live in your life.
13. Some people like the way you tie your hair, and some people like the way you wear your hair, so you hesitate to tie it up. But you ignore it, the people who really like you like all of you.
14. My father is like a wall. When he is not sensible, he always wants to climb over and escape. When he falls and is injured one day, he will want to come back and lean on him.
15. What a wonderful word, "come as promised", it was hard to wait, but never disappointed.
16. A person has endured all the hardships and hardships, and he does not expect to be with whom.
17. Even the best friends have n’t seen each other for a long time, you can sit down and eat hot pot together. You do n’t need to say hello. You roll up your sleeves and slap your meat while you say I ’m telling you. It ’s just yesterday. The best friendship is busy. And they care about each other, don't think about it because you never forget.
18. If you are busy, I am waiting for you. If you are not busy, I will accompany you.
19. At first, love the person who stays up late with you. Later, attachment to someone who urges you to go to bed early. I used to be young and thought "Good night" was so bland. At the time, we didn't understand life. The most romantic thing I can think of today is to say "good night" to each other every day.
20. The so-called happiness is to have a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a lover who loves you, and a group of trusted friends.
21. In the end, we will all learn to communicate with others. The most important thing is not sweet words, not looks, money, but whether your and his views on the world and their attitudes towards life are consistent. In the adult world, only people with the same values will be more comfortable and lasting.

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