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Minglian Appreciation

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Shanghai United: morning gathering, afternoon gathering, drinking high drunk dreaming together;
The second line: daytime music, nighttime music, play crazy fun Shuangxin music.
The moon is full in the sky, the moon is half in the world, and the full moon is half in the moon;
At the end of tonight, the beginning of tomorrow and the end of the year.
Integrity, stay upright for the Xiaohan;
Grief is angry, writing into the history of Chen Zhaohuan.
Sima Qian Temple Federation
Discretionary hops, on the pinstone;
Leaning against the sky, hanging a bow to help the mulberry.
—Writing Li Bailian
The ghost and the demon are superior;
The stabbing stabbing into the bone three points.
—Pu Songling's Former Residence
What is moving, February apricot blossom and bay laurel;
Who urged me, three more lights and five more chickens.
Come and go, go and go;
Cry three times and laugh three times.
—One Wedding Funeral Association in the Late Qing Dynasty
Look at me, I look at me, and I look at me;
Pretend to be like who, who pretend to be, who is like who.
—Mei Lanfang Zuo Youlian
Year after year
Everywhere is everywhere.
—The Republic of China
Moonlight screens, all Kongming Zhuge Liang;
Xuefei Meiling, Xiangshan White Lotte everywhere.
Spring couplet
Spring is coming
Blessings, Blessings and Blessings
Happy gate
Every year has good scenery
New summer weather every year
Year after year
Work hard
Spring Sui Fangcao Millennium
People are as clear as plum blossoms
Earth is shining
Good weather, good harvest
Life Insurance
There is nothing difficult in the world
Taihe in Bai Ren Tang
Thriving family
Good weather
Life Insurance
Happy New Year
Carnival Changchun
Wanjiateng laughter
Sihaiqing New Year
Jinxiu Shanhemei
Glorious Earth Spring
Happy Chinese New Year
Good year old safe backgammon
Ascending years, increasing life
Spring Man Qian Qian Kun Fu Man Men
Red plum budding winter snow
Green Willow Spout welcomes Chinese New Year
Firecrackers remove old age
Tao Fu Wan Hu Welcomes New Year
Spring is everywhere
All waters and mountains
Spring returns to the land of flowers
The sun is shining
Virtue for the world
Shou Yiren
Shangyuan Plum Blossom
Fairy Cypress Ye Rong
Crane counts thousand years
Songling eternal spring
Jin Guishenghui Old Yijian
Hemerocallis lucidum
Red plum green bamboo called Jiayou
Green cypress pine
The stars in the sky should be companions
The world of pine and cypress is unknown
Chi Lan Chun Zi Yun
Song Bo is always new
Fu Rudong flowing water
Shoubi Nanshan Bu Laosong
Flower full moon full of stars
Lan Xingui
Xingyuanfeng and Changchun
Chun Ting Ri Yong Shang Shou Wu Jiang
Xiangyun round the house
Happy gate
Changjing Kaijing
Thai Elephant Qiyangchun
Dijiutian Nagato Yuki
Nianfeng Life Insurance Blessing
Business is booming
Caiyuan Maosheng Da Sanjiang
Centuries good contemporary
Eternal Rivers and Mountains
Smooth sailing
Good luck in everything
The great cause of prosperity
Exhibition grand brilliant
Red makeup with concentric knot
Green tree blossoms and Tilian
Came to Mendi Yao
Good morning party guests
Love vote with Dongfeng
Germany and Germany share the same heart
Draw up
Righteousness stays eternal
Dan Xin Zhao Wan Nian
Luohuachun has gone
The full moon night is difficult to complete
Still staying in Longshang
Tombs in front of the church
Wind willow color sad willow
Crying cuckoo
Peach blossoms go
Where will the spring breeze travel
Miyuetsu Cold Cuckoo still crying
Wanli Yunkong Crane Flying
Works are not old
Children and grandchildren
Just don't be surprised
Why are you talking again
Bai Ma Su car sad and dream
Blue sky and blue sea
Virtue of virtue
High Festival bright wind eternal existence
Prestige of Green Mountains and Green Water
Flower pine and cedar can comfort the heroes after death
May Huangmeitian
Samsung brandy
Jia Dao was drunk
Liu Ling drinks without leaving zero
Wind, rain, reading, sound in your ears
Family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, care about everything
Fake when true
There is nothing to do
Spring Full House
Men Ying Xi Qi
Goat going up the mountain
Buffalo launch
Spring into spring
Blessings, Blessings and Blessings
Flower armor reopened plus three or seven years
Ancient rare double celebration more spring and autumn
Omori Mori, cypress and sycamore willow
Miaoshui, rivers and lakes
Waterwheel, water, water, water
The fan blows the wind, the wind comes out,

Spider pond