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[Classic quotes] 934 years of sincerity, time to remember the innocence

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1. I do n’t know how many moments in my life I will stay with you; I do n’t know that in my year, that day belongs to me and you, but I know that as long as there is such a day, It ’s beautiful, and I know that as long as there is such a moment, it is also sweet. You don't have to pray to gather every day, you don't have to expect to hold hands all the time, to have a real day, and to embrace the real moment, it is beautiful, it is sweet.
2. Mingyue blends into my thoughts, Moonlight collects my misses, and gives you the full moon, giving you full moon, full moon, with my sincerity, full moon, and my dedication, let the breeze send to my soul Blessing, let Yin Guangxi take my heart's greetings, sincere, true feelings, happiness, is my eternal blessing to you. Tonight is full moon, I will quietly raise my head to look at the moon, and gently tell the blessings in my heart; Tonight moonlight, I will stand quietly under the moon, and quietly pour out the wishes in my heart. I wish you all the best and the best in your life.
3. Keep a sincere heart and treat others with a sincerity and care for sincerity. During the interaction, I felt a deep affection. When I was in touch, I felt a soft warmth. Maybe I was lost, maybe I was sore. What was lost was my heart. What was sour was love. I felt the innocence of my heart in the loss. In the sour heart, I realized the extension of affection. The heart always releases the charming deep affection in the collision. The affection always sends out the intoxicating warmth between the ups and downs.
4. Always excited for your flashing avatar; always moved by the footprints in my space, with you, I add a warmth to my heart, with you, I have more warmth in the space, and when you are down, you are spring rain, gently Moisten me; when you are proud, you are the spring breeze, and slowly wake me up, my life is blended into your warmth, your life is embedded in my heart. In your life, with your encouragement, I will work hard to pursue, in the years, with your affirmation, I will strive to move forward.
5. A lot of things are lost over time; a lot of people are separated over time. We cannot be sure of the end of the matter, but we can determine our own attitude; we cannot determine our own future, but we can choose our present, have a good attitude, cherish our present, even if the ending is not perfect, even if the future is not smooth At least, we won the present, at least, we felt our own true present.
6. There is a language, I want to speak, I have a voice, and I want to hear it. The more I miss, the more I care, the more I yearn for, the more I look forward to it. Missing, let people in the busy green, give birth to the slightest desire, decorate the mediocre life, time always inserts a lot of care for people, so that people in the leisure, surge of anticipation, gorgeous and dull Life, affectionately lingering in my heart.
7. It's cold, the autumn leaves are yellow, and the leaves of the tree stalks hang autumn frost. The day is long, the night is vast, the moon shadow star illuminates the autumn bed, several times, autumn rain, autumn wind, fallen leaves turn yellow, several times, cool autumn, cold winter, window frost comes with frost, Mo Road, bright starry sky, no fear of cold, autumn night people The leak is clear. Autumn is here, the sky is getting colder, and the fallen leaves are falling. The flowers have been thanked, the cold is here, and Xiao Suo Ye is growing all the way. Maple is red and chrysanthemum is yellow.
8. In fact, caring for a person is simple, as long as you care about him, you can always find the place of concern; caring about a person is simple, as long as you care about him, you can always remember what you care about. It does n’t matter how big or small it is, whether it ’s time or not, wherever there is him, there are your eyes, there is his space, there is your sense, where the heart is, where the love is, where the love is, where you are. Where there is love, there is sunshine, and where there is love, there is induction.
9. Smoke is sometimes a loneliness. When people are lonely, they often regard cigarettes as their confidante, and release their melancholy from the faint smell of cigarettes. Maybe there are many people who pass by our eyes, but few people set foot on our hearts; maybe there are many people who stir our minds, but few people leave traces on our hearts. Not that there is no one in front, but that there are very few people who fit our soul, not ruthless in our hearts, but that there are very few people who fit into our style. Maybe, this is your true confidant.
10. I ca n’t feel it because of the wind or love, but tears are seeping out of my eyes; I do n’t know if it ’s autumn or my heart. Tears are in my heart, and parting always affects my family ’s mood , Farewell, will always care about the mood of friends, "passionate since ancient times hurt farewell, but even more lonely Qingqing Festival", the long night, remember my concerns, slowly walk away, into my concerns, I wish you a smooth journey, even more Happy.
11. Some people always touch your eyes, and some things always worry about your heart. Often we will linger our feelings for some people, and often we will dim our eyes for something, the heart will flutter for it, the emotion will be excited for them, we look forward to their success and bless them happy, because we have friends in our hearts The true feelings of our friends, because our friends are filled with sincerity. Bless you become my biggest voice.
12. Touching always lingers in my heart, passion always entangles my body and mind, distant voices stir my mood, familiar laughter flashes in my heart, there is no regional difference, no space barrier, the ears always echo. Laughter gently, my heart is always filled with soft voices, Qiu Feng conveys the distant true feelings, Qiu Yun records the mood of looking at each other, even if there is no meeting, the years will remember this sincerity, and time will remember our innocence .
13. I am used to a kind of action, I am used to a kind of time, my heart is always undulating with a wave-like sensation, a sun-like illusion is always replayed in front of my eyes, and a stream-like feeling is always echoed in my ear. , The memory settled in the heart, the spring feeling floating in front of the eyes, the affection echoing in the ears, together, all act on the soul, everything is displayed in the eyes, once and for all, all resound in the ears, the habits are really beautiful, true Beautiful.
14. Time goes by and I still ca n’t hide the scene. As the years go by, I still ca n’t forget the moment. Some things just hurried through the calendar, but my soul has always been there. Some people just disappear quietly in my sight. There is always a long stay here, what can't be forgotten, can't be forgotten, what can't be remembered, can't always be remembered, the heart knows the direction of love, the eyes know the direction of the road.
15. Time is still the same, who is still waiting quietly, thinking as usual, who is still staring, lonely and silky, who is still watching, roadside, who is wandering, indoor, who is expecting, the autumn wind blows the yellow leaves The face, the thoughts of leaves, the wet of the trunk of the autumn rain, can not change the expectations of the tree, whether the next spring breeze, whether to change the clothes of the leaves, the spring rain next year, whether the clothes of the tree have changed. Who is still waiting in the autumn wind, who is still wandering in the wind.
16. Success is not a simple copy. We always admire the success of others without clarifying his success. We always chase the voice of the successful person and ignore the hardships of his entrepreneurship. If we can learn from them, In the successful experience, find out the factors of success and accept the lessons of his failure. Perhaps we are on the way forward with less entrepreneurial sorrow and more pursuit pursuit, but sometimes we lack the spirit of reflection.
17. Whoever hangs autumn thoughts in front of his window, who has fallen autumn leaves in front of his door, autumn not only walks into your house, but also walks into my house. I have been touched a few times in my life. If there is a tear in my heart, I will engrave it in my heart and write it in my soul. I do n’t know what my future path will be, but my heart is red, affection Sincere.
19. I have been working silently and pursuing quietly. Maybe my efforts will be felt and understood by me. Perhaps my efforts cannot be perceived and indifferent to my pursuit. What can be perceived is comfortable, what can not be perceived, and also relieved, because effort is not for others, pursuit is not for others, do your own heart, use your own feelings, and do yourself a kind of comfort, No regrets.
20. An autumn rain, a few autumn winds, moistened a few hazy acacias, and blew a lot of soul thoughts. Standing, Ren Chenfeng Yiyi, white clouds lingering, travelling through time and space, looking for that brilliant affection; contemplation, quietly with the bright sun, flowers fluttering, looking through once, capturing the bright truth, tree, shadow, drizzle, Out of lingering eyes, heartbeat, affection, deep shadow of the moon, the voice of arouse. If you want to say something, the autumn wind is strong.
21. My world has been with you for a long time. Occasionally I look back at you and think about the past you are also very beautiful; in my eyes, you have a lot of stories. Occasionally, along the path in the courtyard, you can dwell on the trivial matters of the past. It is also very beautiful. We always continue our emotions and interpret our own stories in the past feelings. Whether bitter or sweet, right or wrong, today is tomorrow's history. There was a feeling from the heart, silently, quietly, just to realize her gentle heartbeat melody.
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