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Life and Life: Principles and Strategies

Information source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:26:34

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1. See through but don't tell. Many things, as long as you have something in mind, there is no need to say it.
2. Happy, just laugh and let everyone know. Sad, just pretend nothing happened
3. Without violating the principle, be tolerant of others, help if you can, don't force people out, and leave a trail for others ...
4. Happiness is the most important. Who, what, what makes you happy, you are with them. What makes you unhappy, you leave him. Without conditions, conditions must be created to leave him.
5. Don't keep telling your plight in front of others and reveal your vulnerability
6. No perfect thing, no perfect person, the key is to know exactly what you want. If you get what you want, you will definitely lose another part. If you want everything, just nothing.
7. I like the phrase "good forgetting is a good thing."
8. Two people make mistakes at the same time. The one who comes out to bear is called tolerance, and the debt owed by the other will be paid sooner or later.
9. People you do n’t like can report silent smiles; those you like, just do whatever you want, because your love will be blocked and unstoppable.
10. Don't be a hedgehog. You can't avenge people without enemies, and no one will live with them forever. Some things do not need to be kept in mind.
11. While learning to compromise, you must also adhere to your most basic principles
12. Don't stop learning. No matter what you learn, language, cooking, skills
13. Money is important, but you cannot rely on men or parents. You must maintain a certain ability to make money ...
14. Don't overestimate your power in the collective, because when you choose to leave, you will find that the sun rises as usual even without you ...
15. Don't forget the past, but let it go
16. Even if you lose everything, don't lose your smile ...
17. Regardless of your choice, don't regret it, because regret doesn't help.
18. Don't say anything overly impulsive.
19. Don't make promises lightly, promises you can't make are even more hateful than promises.
20. Don't feel that there is love even if you don't understand. When we do n’t understand, we just like it, we ca n’t reach love. When the shortcomings of each other are exposed, many times this love will end.
21. Speaking can be very direct, people are straightforward, and always better than hypocrisy.
22. Be nice to yourself and don't think about anything when you are in a bad mood. Go and eat what you like. But don't drink.

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