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Lifting my feet for 15 minutes every night turned out to have unexpected results.

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As the saying goes, medicine is not as good as food, and food is not as good as power! Lifting your feet, this is the wisdom of the ancestors. Lifting the foot is an auxiliary method of Taijiquan. Although it is an auxiliary method, it has an excellent health effect.
Every night, you can lift your feet for 15 minutes before going to bed and stick to it for two or three months. You can improve your physical fitness and double your energy. It is good for hundreds of diseases such as physical discomfort, constipation, gastrointestinal indigestion, urinary incontinence, and enlarged prostate Has a certain prevention and control effect.
Raising foot work in one move can reduce "hundreds of diseases"
Don't look at lifting your feet is just a small action, but the health effect is very great. Through the contact of tens of millions of people, lifting foot work has a good effect on 182 diseases. So, what are the specific effects of lifting your feet? Quickly look down!
1 Promote liver detoxification and kidney detoxification
When you raise your feet high, blood will quickly flow back to your liver and kidneys, giving you detoxification and detoxification again.
When you lift your feet high, your metabolism increases, and there will be a strong acid reaction below the waist. In order to eliminate the instant increase in toxins, the human pituitary gland will secrete hormones, stimulate potential and strengthen detoxification.
2 litres of clear turbidity
When the feet are raised high, the turbid gas can be drawn down and discharged, the qing turbidity is reduced, the positive air is doubled, and the normal cells in the body are greatly increased and active.
3 Open the second pulse of Ren Du, unblocking blood
When the feet are raised high, the shrine (belly umbilical) and life gate have the same luck, open the Rendu Qi and blood flow freely, the pores expand, and increase skin respiration and metabolism.
4 protect the heart and stabilize blood pressure
When you raise your feet, Dan Tian trains to breathe, which can reduce the burden on the lungs. The turbid air in the chest cavity can be smoothly discharged, which solves the depression in the heart and chest.
5 Lower blood lipids and stabilize blood sugar
When sweating at high feet, acidic toxins can be discharged from the body, and blood fat burns naturally. Because the spleen has the main limbs and moves the spleen when the feet are lifted, the blood sugar can be stabilized, the function of the spleen can be improved, and the human nature is natural.
6 protect the stomach and enhance physiological functions
When the feet are raised high, the small and large intestines will naturally move, the bladder will be more powerful, and the physiological functions of men and women will be more effective. Why are there disorders such as constipation, irregular menstruation, and enlarged prostate? Gastrointestinal digestion and normal bowel movements.
7Spine protection, joint prevention
When you lift your feet high, your spine remains level, your whole body muscles are flexible, your qi and blood are smooth, your joints will proliferate your bone marrow, and your spinal nerves will return to normal conduction. How can your joints degenerate or have long bone spurs that can compress the nerve?
8 prevent and treat sleep disorders, protect the mind
When you lift your feet high, because the internal organs are functioning normally, the psychophysiological adjustment is normal. Why is sleep disorder? Clear head, wisdom, and memory will of course increase, which is a healthy sign.
Only by stimulating willpower and endurance, can you break through the pain and obstacles of acid, achieve the process of sweating, and play the ultimate purpose of raising your feet. The longer you lift, the longer you live.
The method of lifting feet is very easy to learn!
Lie flat on the bed. The bed must not be too soft. Put your hands on Dantian with your hands folded and your legs together.
Raise your legs to the sky, then keep your thighs still, your lower legs sag, 90 degrees to your thighs, and your feet facing the wall;
Keep this action for 15 minutes.
Note: Before and after raising your feet, you need to drink 300ml of warm boiling water, calm your heart, keep relaxed, breathe naturally, do not hold your breath, and rely on waist strength and Dantian strength to support the acid in the lower part of the body.
Do high leg raises
The feeling of a patient with frequent urination practicing foot lift——
Lift your feet high: you don't have to get up to urinate in the middle of the night, and sleep until dawn!
I've always got up at half past midnight and half past four to urinate, and that's been the case for a few years. Since I did a "high leg" every night before going to bed, I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. I can do it less than fifteen minutes at a time and do it three times separately.
The specific method I did was:
After starting to "lift your feet high", count two hundred times in your heart, then put your feet down and flat, and count one hundred times in your heart as a rest;
Immediately after the second "raise my feet", I silently counted 200 times, and then put my feet down to rest and count 100 times silently;
The third "raise the foot" was completed by silently counting two hundred.
During the "high-lifting" process, the upper and lower legs were a little numb, and there was some soreness in the lower abdomen and bladder, as if the muscles were strained.
I don't know what the reason is, "raising my feet" can prevent me from getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, but I really feel inspired by this article for me. I hope that friends with similar situations can get the same effect. Just 15 minutes!
Medication supplement is not as good as food supplement, food supplement is not as good as power supplement! Before going to bed every night, practice lifting for 15 minutes, my health is good, and my illness is gone. The benefits are too much!
Raising your feet with one stroke can reduce "hundreds of diseases." Tell your friends and family around you and start doing it today!

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