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Low Back Pain Series (7) --- This lumbar spine is often overlooked

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The human spine is a straight line when viewed from the front and back
Viewed from the side is the S curve, that is, neck curve, chest curve, waist curve, and curl
S-curve of the spine
Going back to human walking upright
In research, many anthropologists and biomechanics experts believe that
Human lumbar disease has an indissoluble relationship with human upright walking
There are 5 lumbar vertebrae, but we have paid much attention to the 3rd lumbar vertebra
We usually ignore the biomechanical significance of the 5th lumbar spine (L5)
5th lumbar spine to achieve sufficient balance
30 ° from horizontal
There will be a disadvantage at this time
When the human body is upright, the fifth lumbar spine always has the force to slide forward and downward
There is also a risk of some forward slip including the 4th lumbar spine
The body design is subtle,
Although not impeccable
But there are always defensive devices
Therefore, there is a very developed ligament between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the sacrum for protection
Although the cloth has very strong ligaments
But there are still big problems for the stability of the 5th lumbar spine
For example, a person weighing 60 kg
When standing, the vertical force is 60 kg
Because the horizontal angle is 30 °
The normal shear force of the 5th lumbar vertebra sliding down to the abdomen is 60 × sin30 ° = 30 kg
This is an important reason why the 5th lumbar spine is easy to slip out
Therefore, the lumbar lordosis and swinging back in the bad posture are because the lumbar lordosis will strengthen
Significantly increase the shear force, the disc load will increase
The risk of lower back pain in this area is also greatly increased
The lumbar vertebra in the poor lordosis poses a depression, while the lower waist is straight in a swinging back. In fact, the spine is more bulging in the back of the wobble, especially in the lower thoracic spine.
What is lumbar lordosis?
What is swing back?
Swingers are common among long-distance runners, ballet dancers, and sedentary crowds. In addition, older people often show this posture because of weak glutes.
Common strains associated with swaying back include hip glenoid labrum tears, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, iliopsoas bursitis and tendinitis, recurrent hamstring strain, and shoulder impingement syndrome.
We propose that in the course of treatment, "zero-sum treatment" must be avoided
That is, when the methods we use are correct, the customer cannot change the wrong working and living postures, resulting in no effect in the end.
Especially for many people who are recovering from sports
Pursuing the principle level is the top level of sports rehabilitation
If you already have lumbar spondylolisthesis, here are some reasonable suggestions:
Be sure to go to a regular hospital for treatment
If not seriously consider conservative treatment
Athletes should stop training until symptoms alleviate or disappear
Lumbar spine brace for lumbar spine stabilization
Perform lumbar, back and abdominal muscle training under the guidance of a doctor or a qualified sports rehabilitation practitioner with the goal of increasing lumbar spine stability
Those who fail conservative treatment need to be treated by doctor after treatment
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