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Cherish those who miss you all day

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If you like it, fight for it, cherish it if you get it, and forget it if you miss it. Life is actually that simple. 1 Cherish the person who calls and sends you a message, because no one will be full to hold on to someone who doesn't care.
2 Cherish the people who are by your side every time you are sad or sad. How cruel life is, how strong you should be. It is because of these people that you have become you now.
3 Cherish the person who often jokes with you, indicating that you must have a certain weight in this person's heart.
4 Cherish the first person to discover when you are in a bad mood. The person who loves you the most is the one who usually scolds you the most, but the first person to discover when you are sad.
5 Cherish the people who remember you all day, and those who miss you all the time, all distress you; those who contact you again and again miss you.
6 Cherish people who always help you, as long as they can do it. Even if your popularity is so good, there are only a few people who can help you in difficult times. Carnival is nothing but the loneliness of a group of people. A true friend is the one who can accompany you through loneliness, loneliness, and silence.
7 Cherish the people who will fight for you, not everyone will protect you. There is a kind of protection, called "the person standing in front of you", that shields you from the wind and rain, and is charged in charge. It is your best friend.
8 Cherish the people around you who seem to be mentally handicapped and hay bales, because they must be the ones who accompany you to the end, those who have the will, have long abandoned you.
The soul is precious. If someone gives it, it must be a treasure. Time is precious. If someone is there, don't waste it.
A person has only one eye and one heart. Who is in the eyes, who will be in the heart; who is in the heart, who will be in the love.
Not many people in this world really treat us well. Meet, don't miss it; own it, cherish it!
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