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Ten classic Chinese celebrities, ancient and modern, Chairman Mao's most lofty!

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

01. Confucius's top ten famous sentences:
1. It is a joy to have friends coming from afar.
2. Brothers are everywhere.
3, do not want to do, do not do to others.
4, want to stand and stand up to oneself, want to reach up to others.
5, Germany is not alone, there must be neighbors.
6, courtesy, peace is expensive.
7, three people, there must be my teacher, choose the good ones and follow them, the bad ones will change it.
8. No one is far-sighted, but he must be near-worried.
9. The knower is not confused, the benevolent is not worried, and the brave is not afraid.
10. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be a loser.
02, Lao Tzu's top ten classic sentences:
1. It's good, it's very good. The name can be named, very strange. The beginning of the unknown world; the mother of all things.
2. With or without each other, it is difficult or easy to form each other, the length and the length of each other, the heights of each other, the sounds of each other, and each other. Heng Ye.
3. Govern a large country.
4. Blessings depend on blessings, and blessings on blessings.
5. Difficult things in the world will be done easily, and big things in the world will be done carefully.
6. Human law, earth law, heaven law, heaven law, and law nature.
7, good water. Water is good for everything but not contention.
8. The Tao has one life, two life, two life three, and three life. Everything bears yin and embraces yang.
9. There is no greater harm than insatisfaction; no greater blame than desire. So contentment is often enough.
10. Knowing is the wisdom, knowing the self. The winner is powerful and the winner is strong.
03, Li Bai's top ten classic sentences:
1. The most bleak and sad scenery description: The water of the Yellow River comes up to the sky and rushes to the sea and never returns.
2. The most confident verse: Born to me, I will be useful.
3. The most arrogant and unruly verse: Yang Tian laughed out of the house, my generation is Basil.
4, the most helpless verse: Avenue into the sky, I will not come back alone.
5, the most popular poem: draw a knife to cut off water and flow more, raise a glass to eliminate sorrow and sorrow.
6. The most classic idiom verse: One man is the key, the other is not open.
7, the most delicate description of the scene: Yun Qingqing Xiyuyu, the water is soaring smoke.
8. The most thrilling verse: Fei Liu went down 3,000 feet, and it is suspected that the Milky Way fell for nine days.
9. The most tearful verse: It's embarrassing. You can't eat three thanks.
10, the most familiar and most classic verse: bright moonlight in front of the bed, suspected to be frost on the ground. Look up at the moon, and look down at your hometown.
04, Du Fu's top ten classic sentences:
1, will be Ling Lingding, a glimpse of the mountains. Wang Yue
2, reading 10,000 books, writing like a god. "Twenty-two Rhymes to Wei Zuozhang"
3. Zhumen wine smells bad, and there are frozen bones on the road. "Five Hundred Words of Yonghuai from Fengxian County from Beijing"
4. Er Cao disappeared with his name, and he did not waste all eternity. The Drama is Six Absolute Sentences
5. He died before he succeeded, leaving the hero full of tears. Shu Xiang
6. There are millions of houses in Andeguang Mansion. The people in the sheltered world are all happy, and the wind and rain are still in peace. "The Thatched House Is Broken by the Autumn Wind"
7, Dan Qing does not know the veteran is coming, rich and noble like me. "Dan Qing Introduces General Cao"
8, when the bow is strong, use the sword as long. Shoot people first shoot horses, capture thieves first capture kings. Nine Songs Before the Expulsion
9, the article has a long history, gain and loss know. "Even title"
10. Two huangsongs sang and willows, and a group of egrets go to the sky. Four Jueju (Part Three)
05, Su Shi's top ten famous sentences:
1. Three or two peach blossoms outside the bamboo, the spring river plumbing duck prophet.
2. If you want to compare Xihu to Xizi, light makeup and thick wipes are always suitable.
3, go to the east of the river, the waves are gone, the eternal lovers.
4. When viewed from the side of the mountain, there are peaks and peaks, with different heights and distances. You don't know the true face of Lushan, but you are in this mountain.
5, when the moon will be, ask the wine to the sky.
6. I hope that people will last for a long time.
7, the old book is not tired of reading a hundred times, familiar with deep thinking Zizi knows.
8, a little bit arrogant, thousands of miles fast wind.
9, there is little willow cotton blowing on the branches, where there is no fragrant grass.
10. Laughing gradually and quietly, but amorous but ruthlessly annoyed.
06, Wang Anshi's top ten famous sentences:
1. Don't be afraid to see the clouds, only to be at the top. Ascend to the Peak
2. The spring breeze is on the south bank of the Lujiang River, when will the moon return according to me. "Guazhou Parking"
3, the next day, thousands of households, always change the new peaches to old symbols. "The first day"
4. It seems that the most unusual rise is as easy as it is difficult. "Title Secretary's Poems"
5, remote knowledge is not snow, for a subtle fragrance. Plum Blossom
6, Yishui Hutian will be green, the two mountains row to send green. Two of "Shu Huyin's Wall" Part One
7. The greens are a little bit red, and the moving spring does not need much. Chanting pomegranate
8. A stick of incense is in your hand, and there should be no one on earth. "Manna Song"
9. Since ancient times, people have been driven by sincerity. Shang Ye
10, the number of falling flowers because of sitting for a long time, slowly looking for the grass to return late. "North Hill"
07, Lu You's top ten classic sentences:
1, the paper must come to an end, and never know what to do. "Winter Night Reading Show"
2. Wang Shibei settled on the Central Plains Day. "Show children"
3, mountain heavy water reconsidered no way, Liu An Huaming another village. "Tour Shanxi Village"
4, Yelang lying listening to the wind and rain, Tiema Glacier came to dream. "Wind and Rain on November 4"
5. The article was made by nature, and it was won by wonderful hands. "article"
6. The small building listened to the spring rain all night, and the alley in the dark lane sold apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty. "Lin'an Spring Rain"
7. Tianji Yunjin is used for me, and the beauty of cutting is not a rule. `` September 1, Feeling of Reading Poems and Writing Songs ''
8. The Great Wall was empty and self-asserted, the decay in the mirror had spotted first. Book Rage
9, life iron heart, forget home to serve the country. "Tai Xi · Su Qingshanpu"
10. Weibei dare not forget to worry about the country. "Sick from the Book"
08, Li Qingzhao's top ten famous sentences:
1. Life is a hero, and death is a ghost. "Summer quatrains"
2, things are people and things are off, and tears flow first. Wuling Spring
3, seek and find, indifferent, miserable. Slow Voice
4. It's better to be drunk before the sub-respect, not to lose the yellow tori. "Heaven"
5, flowers from the water flowing freely, a kind of acacia, two worries. "Like a Dream"
6. I'm afraid that Shuangxi will embark on a boat, and there will be no worries. "Wuling Spring"
7, this situation can not be eliminated, only then frowned, but the heart. "A Cut of Plum"
8, Mo Road is not ecstasy, curtain wind westerly, people are thinner than Huanghua. "Drunken Flower"
9, know it, know it, it should be green fat red and thin. ("As Dreaming")
10, new skinny, non-dried wine, not sad autumn. "Reminiscence on the Phoenix Stage"
09, Cao Xueqin's top ten famous sentences:
1. It is true to be false when it is true, and there is nothing to do.
2. The organs were too clever to calculate, and they missed Qing Qing's life.
3. Heart disease must be treated by heart medicine.
4. Two thousand gold is easy to obtain, and one who is conscientious is hard to find.
5. How quiet is it? Hongmei Buxue opens up Hongmeng, who is the kind of love? It is only for the strong wind and moon.
6. Insights from the world are learned.
7, full of absurd words, a bitter tears. Du Yun author is crazy, who understands the taste.
8. Whoever hides in the solitary standard is proud, but it is too late.
9, a hundred-footed insect, dead but not stiff.
10. Stealing the three-pointed pear core, borrowed a plum of soul.
10, Mao Zedong's top ten classic sentences:
1. Ten thousand years is too long. Man Jianghong and Comrade Guo Moruo
2. Grumble too much to prevent intestinal severance. "Seven Rules · Mr. Liu Yazi"
3, Xiongguan Mandao is as iron as iron. "Recalling Qin'e Lou Shanguan"
4. Unique heroes drive tigers and leopards, and no heroes are afraid of Xiong. "Seven Rules · Winter Clouds"
5. In order to sacrifice and ambitious, dare to teach the sun and the moon to change to a new day. "Seven Rules · To Shaoshan"
6. Today, Changxuan is at hand, when will Canglong be tied. "Qingpingle · Liupan Mountain"
7, the people who have traveled to Qingshan are not old, and the scenery is so good. "Qingpingle · Huichang"
8, count the romantic figures, but also look at the present. Qinyuan Spring · Snow
9. The Red Army is not afraid of expeditions, and the mountains and rivers are just idle. "Seven Laws, Long March"
10, so many rivers and mountains, attracted countless heroes competing. Qinyuan Spring · Snow
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