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Life ● Cold or hot water for cooking? 90% of people did it wrong!

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So much knowledge about cooking and adding water? If you master the correct method of water use, cooking will be smoother and more delicious ~
 Boiled water for cooking
Cooking water with boiling water can shorten the cooking time, protect the vitamins in the rice, and reduce nutrition loss.
The longer you cook, the faster you lose vitamin B1.
 Steamed buns with cold water
Steam steamed buns with cold water, put in steamed buns, and heat up.
This can make the buns evenly heated, and can make up for the disadvantages of poor dough fermentation, making the steamed buns soft and delicious.
 Cook noodles with cold water
When cooking dry noodles, you don't need to wait for the water to boil, and you can add the water after the water is hot.
In the process of cooking noodles, you should add cold water at any time to evenly heat the noodles, so that they are easy to cook through and the soup is clear.
Wet noodles should not be cooked until the water in the pot is wide open, and cold water can be used twice.
 Cold water for thawing
Cold water should be used for thawing. Frozen meat, frozen shrimp and other thawing with hot water will lose the umami taste.
 Cold water for stewed fish, bone soup, and chicken soup
Use cold water to stew the fish so that the fish soup is not fishy.
But you must put in enough water at one time, if you add water halfway, it will reduce the original umami.
Apply cold water to the chicken soup and gradually warm it. After boiling, simmer slowly over low heat.
If you find that there is too little water, you should add boiling water. Do not add cold water in the middle, so as to avoid sudden changes in temperature of the soup affecting nutrition and taste.
 Put steamed fish after boiling water
When steaming fish or meat, wait for the water in the steamer to boil before putting on the drawer.
This can make the fish or meat suddenly shrink when it encounters high temperature steam suddenly, the fresh juice inside does not flow out, the taste is delicious and shiny after cooking.
 Cold or hot water for cooking?
When boiling the broth, boil the water before putting the meat. The hot meat boiled meat is delicious, and the cold water boiled broth is delicious.
The boiled beef is boiled with water, which can keep a lot of nutrients in the meat and has a special flavor.
Cook soup with fresh meat and wait for the soup to boil down. Cook soup with bacon and cook under cold water.
 Fried pork with water for tenderness
Stir-fried shredded pork and pieces of meat with a little water can control and make up for the water loss during the fried meat.
Adding fresh water halfway can not only avoid the paste pot, but also make the meat more tender than without water.
 Stir-fried vegetables with boiling water
When cooking soup, the water should be boiled and then the dishes should be added. It is best to add an appropriate amount of starch.
When frying and cooking vegetables, do not add cold water, otherwise the vegetables will become old and hard; the vegetables fried with boiling water will be crispy and tender.
Cooking new bamboo shoots in boiling water is not only easy to cook, but also crunchy and delicious. To keep the crispy texture of the bamboo shoots, use ice cubes to chill.
 Tofu with boiling water to remove fishy
Soak the tofu in the boiling water for a quarter of an hour before removing it from the pot.
 The egg is more fragrant with water
Stir the egg custard with warm boiling water. The egg custard steamed out is more tender than the egg custard prepared with cold water.
When frying eggs, sprinkle a few drops of hot water on and around the egg to make the egg yolk intact and the surface smoother.
The surface of the fried egg is frozen, but the inside is still heart-wrapped.
When scrambled eggs, stir one egg with one tablespoon of warm water, it will not scramble "old", and the amount of scrambled eggs is large, soft and delicious.
When boiling eggs, first soak the eggs in cold water and then boil them in hot water, the shell will not crack and peel easily.
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