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Mould Ford leaked from his mouth

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Some brothers are very advanced, busy all day long to release the lamp for the lamp ... Wait for the Buddhist things, but it ’s still unlucky, difficult, and unsuccessful. What is the reason? One is the phenomenon of overreporting, and the other may miss one. The big ring is to take good care of the oral industry. A practitioner must never consider himself to be a virtue by keeping a few precepts or having some supernatural power. He can make serious negative comments on the Dharma, the mage, the four people, and self-righteousness. In the oral industry, the huge blessings accumulated have slipped away from your mouth. Can you say that you can do it?
Among the three professions of Buddhism's "body, mouth and mind", the mouth industry is particularly important. Buddhism takes the oral industry as "the door to suffering, the beginning of misfortune." The old saying also says: Illness comes from the mouth, and disaster comes from the mouth. This shows how important it is to take good care of our "mouth". Many scourges in the world originate from the stoma industry. Many tragedies in the world are also caused by the stoma industry. There is no unity between units, divorce between husband and wife, etc., which leads to people's suspicion, slander, and evil words. As a result, it is natural to set off grudges and revenge, make the relationship tense, and even trigger a series of tragedies. It can be seen that the oral industry has done a lot of harm to us. A person is a person who despises or respects, or whether he has credit, and what he says is a very important factor. If you speak badly, people will say that this person is really rude and indecent. If you don't speak honestly, you can deceive others once or twice, and then you can't lie to others. In the end, even if you tell the truth, people will treat it as false.
Buddhism divides the oral industry into four types: bad mouth, two tongues, delusional words, and Qi language. Bad words are bad words that curse people, and there are many types of bad words. In general, bad words are spoken in society. I believe that people in the society have heard more than me. Two tongues mean two tongues, and one tongue comes from one person? This is an adjective, which means to move right and wrong, if you move west from the east, if you move the west from the west, just move around, move around, it was originally okay. Two people were so provoked and their relationship broke down. This is their tongue. The third type of oral practice is delusion, which is to speak false words, and what is said to be inconsistent with the facts is delusional. The fourth type is Qi language, which means that what it says seems to be a very good word, but there is hidden deceit, confusion, incitement, and loss of Taoism and mindfulness. Such words are Qi language. .
What kind of retribution do you feel when you create these four kinds of oral karma? It is mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures that some people are born deaf and dumb, while others ca n’t speak clearly. Why is dumb? In the past life, the parents were verbally abused, which were all caused by the oral industry. There are also serious consequences in the stoma industry in the "Tibetan Scriptures": "In the Limb Festival, read the long nails, pluck the tongue, plough, cut the intestines and chop, chop the copper mouth, hot iron, and Deadly life, karma sense is like this, moving through thousands of calamities, to find the indefinite period. "That is to say, in the limbs of the body, nails are completely nailed, the tongue is pulled out, and it is ploughed with iron. Playing with right and wrong during life, bad news, tongues, slang words, delusion, etc. Some intestines were drawn and cut off with a trowel, and they were poured from the mouth with cooked copper juice, which caused the mouth, throat, and internal organs to be scalded, and the body was burned with iron. To die and to live in one day and night, to live and die, so to say that all deaths and deaths is the evil karma they have created and feel such terrible results.
There is a very famous allusion in Buddhism, which tells the story of facial ulcers of teachers and students of Wu Daguo. Master Wu Da was a great virtue in the Tang Dynasty. The discipline of discipline was advertised by the world, and the Tang Dynasty also honored him as a master. Once the emperor offered him an agarwood throne, he developed a sense of arrogance. Since then, a human-like malignant sore has grown on his legs, knees, ears, nose, eyebrows, etc., and his mouth can swallow food. After the malignant sore grows, it hurts the bone marrow, and Master Wu Da cannot rest day and night for this. The emperor summoned the world's famous doctors and still could not be cured.
Why did you develop a human facial sore as soon as you thought about it slowly? It turned out to be before the tenth century, that is, the Western Han Dynasty, a mistake was the previous life of human facial sore, and Yuan An was the previous life of Master Wu Da. At that time, Wu Chu rebelled in the Seven Kingdoms. Yuan An was stabbed in Dongshi because he made a lot of slanderous remarks in front of Emperor Han Wu, and he was beheaded in Dongshi. This deep hatred has always been seeking opportunities for revenge. Since the tenth century, Yuan An has been a monk of the net ring, leaving him no chance. Now that you are favored by the emperor and arrogant, I have the opportunity to take advantage of it. So show your face sores to avenge you. It can be seen that Wu Da, a monk, is still unable to escape the retribution of the stoma industry, because the three flavors of the sacrifice of Gano's respected person washed away the ten grievances.
The fruitfulness of the oral industry can be said to be very powerful. Moreover, among our three professions: the body, the mouth and the mind, the mouth industry is the easiest to create. Therefore, in the Tang Dynasty, lawyer Dao Xuan warned those who were serious about Buddhism not to create oral practice, so as not to suffer from rebirth and rebirth: "Everyone learns the Dharma, only he knows it by himself. Defamation. I do n’t say anything that people can achieve morality, and people are close to each other, sitting upright and thoughtful. But when you look at yourself, do n’t say that he is short, talk less, and be soft-hearted. If you are deaf and blind, Inner wisdom is a real treasure, Tuto is leisurely, and lazy about repair. "
Therefore, the oral industry will cause great harm to a person. There is a saying: "One word is the best." It is not easy to speak, and once you say it, you are not easy to eat. Therefore, the ancients said, "If you talk too much, you will lose more." Therefore, we must think twice before speaking and doing things. If we are careful in speaking, we will reduce the chance of making many mistakes. Therefore, the "French Sentence" said: "Mrs. lives, the axe is in the mouth, so cut off, let her evil words." It means that we are in In this world, an axe is in your mouth, and this axe will cut into your own body, that is, because of bad words, in other words, speaking bad things hurts itself, not others. So pay attention not to say bad things, not to make a mouth job.
Another interpretation of the stoma industry is the bad karma created by greed. We eat and eat in our mouths in order to support our bodies, extend our lives, and ensure our survival. But nowadays people are making oral business in order to covet the blessing. People pay attention to food and mouth food is actually eating our world, just in the city where we live. Every day in countless restaurants and restaurants, countless people open their bright red mouths, gnawing Bai Sensen's teeth, eating each A variety of animals: pangolin, water fish, pheasant, abalone, duckling, snake, bird, etc. If you look down from a high altitude, many cities are immersed in the madness of "eating". Food streets and stalls all night long are full of diners and cheeks. How morbid. Human beings are all the more cruel and irrational than animals.
Only a little bit of food is needed to maintain the health and nutrition of our lives. However, why do people capture so many other kinds of life to satisfy their appetite. After eating these, people will not become smarter, nor will they become stronger and live longer. Instead, they will eat a lot of diseases, such as the Three Highs and tumors. People eat these just to "consume" rather than to fill their hunger, eat to show off, eat to show off, and build their own pleasure on the basis of killing animals, in fact they are eating our own conscience. This is really the sorrow of mankind's great stoma industry! Therefore, the Buddha's "Ancestral Scripture", Volume IV, told Zhu Pichu:
When the people of this world are alive, their tongues are naturally pounding,
The so-called verbal evils also damage themselves.
Those who should be praised are not praised, and those who should not be praised talk about beauty,
If it is called the mouth, I am unhappy with it.
If people are rich in gambling, it is for the world ’s trivial matters.
Pedestrian Yu Jing had a murky heart, and he was a big fight in his mouth.
If it is thirty-six thousand, the number of mud Luofutu hells,
The five magpies of the Utopia are in hell, and the fallen head is in jail.
In order to destroy the saint, as is the case, evil intentions are caused by the karmic intention.
Therefore, languages are the most beautiful and vicious things in the world. Sometimes their power can be as powerful as horrible, and sometimes they can even determine the fate of people. In interpersonal communication, you can say something that you do n’t say, and it ’s best not to say it. Do n’t say anything that has n’t been considered, and do n’t say anything unfavorable to unity. In daily life, as long as you don't listen to right and wrong, don't say right and wrong, don't pass right and wrong, you will inevitably stay away from right and wrong. In this way, we can do as Goode said: there is no real support in the face, and no spit in the mouth. Immaculate mind is pure land, and unimpaired is normal.

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