hg0848.com [A little information] Are business opportunities everywhere? Listen to what Zhejiang businessmen who are working hard in Xiong'an say

[A little information] Are business opportunities everywhere? Listen to what Zhejiang businessmen who are working hard in Xiong'an say

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Business opportunities everywhere? Listen to 3 Zhejiang merchants who have worked hard in Xiong'an for years
April 12, 2017 20:22:03
24 hours in Zhejiang-Qianjiang Evening News reporter Lan Lan
The unknown counties of Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin were put on the national stage overnight. The so-called overnight fame probably means that.
Zhejiang businessmen who have projects in three counties of Xiong'an New District have both the excitement of being hit by gold ingots, the remorse for not expanding the layout in advance, and the small tangle of the subsequent progress of the project. Overnight, the blueprints of the entire area need to be redrawn. What kind of blueprint is this? In the "Millennium Plan, National Events", where are the positions and opportunities for Zhejiang businessmen? Everything is still unknown.
From the announcement of the establishment of the Xiong'an New District on April 1, all kinds of news have emerged endlessly in more than 10 days, but in fact everything has just begun. The reporter interviewed three Zhejiang businessmen who are developing in Xiong'an New District and surrounding areas. All they can do now is wait and hope.
Hit the jackpot
Zhejiang businessman Qian Genji left his hometown at the age of 17 and came to Shijiazhuang. After more than 30 years of hard work, he set up several commercial markets and residential projects in Shijiazhuang. A few years ago, because the Rongcheng County government came to attract investment and the local land was cheap, Qian Genji bought a piece of land in Rongcheng and opened a business market and a small hotel.
Among his fellow villagers in Shijiazhuang, only he has an industry in Xiong'an New District. Now that the land transactions in the three counties of Xiong'an, Rongcheng and Anxin have been frozen, outsiders want to invest in them, at least for now there is no chance.
However, the freezing of land transactions is only temporary. Planning will happen sooner or later, and the project will sooner or later land. In recent days, many Zhejiang businessmen have asked Qian Genji to listen to Rongcheng's situation. Nowadays, the industry is not easy to do, and part of the business of Zhejiang people in the north is shrinking. The establishment of the Xiong'an New District is a godsend. They want to find some way to do business.
Qian Genji told his fellow villagers that he can't do anything right now, and when he can do it, it's not too late. Qian Genji said that he was indeed lucky. In the first week after the news of the district was established, he was excited.
"Everyone says that I am Zhongdacai these days. They said if I knew the information (planned and built in Xiong'an New District) in advance. How could I know? I just follow the logic of doing business, wherever there are business opportunities Investment. This time, it did prove that I was lucky. "
What will happen to the commerce market that is already full of merchants and will open for business? Will it conflict with the planning of the new district? Qian Genji said he is not worried, "because the construction of the new district requires enterprises and markets to provide services."
"Waking up too late"
Liu Shunqi, a native of Taizhou, Zhejiang, came to Rongcheng in 2012 and was responsible for managing a project, planning to build a building materials market, a storage base and a residence. At present, all the merchants in the building materials market have settled in and started to operate. It is too late to build a house and leave a piece of land empty.
The pillar industry of Rongcheng is the garment industry. In Liu Shunqi's view, Rongcheng's economic strength is still too weak compared to his Taizhou hometown.
When he first arrived in Rongcheng five years ago, the county seat had only two main streets. In his opinion, it was not as prosperous as a town in Zhejiang. "I asked people where the city centre is. They said you were standing there."
Until now, Rongcheng is still a weak county. The population of Rongcheng County is about 50,000. In the first three quarters of 2016, Rongcheng's GDP was only 5.94 billion yuan, about 1/6 of that of a middle county in Zhejiang. This perception made Liu Shunqi think that when the Rongcheng commercial housing market had not yet risen, he slowed down the pace of project advancement. And this became his last regret now.
On April 1, a press release was set up for the Xiong'an New District. Liu Shunqi just realized that there were already signs of the establishment of Xiong'an New District.
He feels that October 2015 is an important node-
First, he received a notice from the county asking for the project to stop. During the same period, all the projects under construction and unbuilt in Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin received this notice.
Second, in the past, the leaders of Rongcheng County made jokes many times and asked him to move his hukou to "the county can give an honorary citizen." However, since October 2015, the county leader said that it is impossible to settle down now, and all hukou can only be moved out but not moved in.
Now that the project engineering and real estate transactions are frozen, Liu Shunqi can do nothing. He also has a residential plot to be developed. What will happen to this land in the future is his biggest concern.
But it is certain that the construction of the new area requires a lot of building materials, so anyone can imagine the prospects of the building materials market.
Golden business opportunities
These days, Wenzhou Yongjia businessman Lin Youwen seems to be holding a gold ingot in his arms, both excited and nervous. He has an unprecedented "national-level" development opportunity in front of him, and how to grasp it is probably his most desired thing.
Lin Youwen came to Xiongxian 22 years ago and has since taken root here, where his son was born. He opened several clothing stores in Xiongxian, and his son grew up and started doing business in Xiongxian.
In 2013, together with his fellow chamber of commerce, he won a bid to renovate the 14-acre Xiongxian County agricultural market reform project, including renovation and operation, with a contract term of 40 years.
Lin Youwen said that there were five companies participating in the bid, including the construction company with the strongest local capital, but in the end they won the project. County government officials told Lin Youwen: Wenzhou people are willing to endure hardships, do things practically, and have an open mind, so they are willing to leave the project to you for construction and operation.
Lin Youwen and his fellows did not disappoint the local government. The demolition was successfully completed, the design drawings were revised numerous times, and the construction team also found a good one. Not long ago, Lin Youwen suddenly received a notice from the county and all projects were suspended. County government officials said that if the country wants to build the Xiong'an New District, the grade and structure of the farmer's market may need to be changed and re-planned.
The project was originally expected to have a total investment of 60 million yuan. Local government officials told him that "60 million is not enough, it is 100 million." "One hundred million is not afraid, that is, we will continue to invest two hundred million." Lin Youwen is very clear about the significance of the project.
He is now confident. In the past, they looked for bank loans and often couldn't get them. But in the past two days, he took the contract to Beijing to show it to a bank president, and the president wanted it and wanted to cooperate immediately. And the boss in Inner Mongolia found him and wanted to buy the project, the price is high. "Which line is it? Now everyone else wants the project but can't get in. How can the project we have in hand be sold to you?"
After the construction of the Xiong'an New District begins, will there be any changes to the project? Although there are concerns, Lin Youwen is happy. "Speaking of doing business in Xiongxian, no one knows where. In the future, we will do business in big cities. In the future, I may be able to open a factory here, and my son ’s cake shop will be even bigger ."He says.
These days, he takes a few phone calls from friends every day to inquire about investment in Xiong County. He told his friends not to buy a house. "It's no use coming."
A house of three to four thousand yuan per square meter was fired to three to four thousand in a few days. "It's false to say no," Lin Youwen said frankly, "but the news came very suddenly and nobody expected it. But it didn't matter any time soon. We are here to do business honestly, not plan Real estate money. "
(Some characters in the text are pseudonyms due to the interviewee's request)

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