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Physics tycoon "enthusiastic" finishing: a summary of all kinds of compulsory questions answering skills, stabilized with high scores!

Source: Time: 2020-01-08 19:55:05

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Compared with junior high school, high school physics has brought many challenges to students. In the study of high school physics, physical phenomena are often more complex, and the connection with real life is no longer as close as junior high school physics, and students will lack perceptual knowledge. The analysis and solution of problems often need to be considered from multiple aspects and angles. This sets a lot of obstacles for students to answer the questions. It is not easy to get full marks for a large question.
Teachers have said in previous articles that learning is a process that requires methodologies. It is impossible to complete a paper without thinking. Especially for subjects like physics, where there are more complicated subjects, there is no way, how to do everything? Solving physics problems requires not only divergent analysis, understanding the process of the occurrence of this physical state, and using reasonable physical laws; it also has a strong comprehensive ability and even applies mathematical knowledge to it. In order to help high school students to think about various physics problems with correct thinking, the teacher shares 5 methods to solve the compulsory physics test questions here. I believe that it will bring great results to students.
To learn good knowledge, you need to cultivate good habits first. If we can develop good study habits in high school, high school and even junior high school, and skillfully use all kinds of clever learning methods, we will definitely have a lot of energy left in preparing for the college entrance examination for senior high school. "Learn as early as possible", I hope parents and students can face the urgency of learning and strive to grasp the current learning opportunities!
In short, there are ways to learn. If your child is in primary school, junior high school, high school, and there are problems in other disciplines, parents can communicate with me by adding my WeChat. I am committed to the research of primary and secondary education and will develop effective learning based on the child's personal situation. Planning and learning methods provide valuable learning materials and mind maps to help students improve their performance.
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