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Counterattack with daily sales of 0 to 8000, there are also springs in small categories! Train operation sharing

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In the past two years, Taobao's competition has become more and more fierce. Small and medium-sized sellers have been affected by large stores and Taobao's own traffic policies. The living environment is also getting worse and worse.
Tingyu hopes to share some inspiration for some friends in Taobao by sharing how a small Taobao seller goes from ordering products to measuring through direct trains and promoting how to achieve the current daily sales of about 8,000 from 0 basic sales.
Key points to share:
1. Analysis of Taobao's small and large categories
2. The importance and methods of competitive product analysis before finalizing the product
3. Through train mapping and promotion strategy
4. How to rely on the through train to drive the continuous growth of natural traffic
5. Specific factors affecting natural flow and optimization
First, characteristic analysis
First of all, I will substitute myself into the role of an entrepreneur who wants to be on Taobao. Before I enter Taobao, I must consider what categories and products I will prepare if I open an online shop on Taobao. There is a big key here. Points to note:
Regionality: Before choosing a category, the first thing we should consider is the issue of supply. Generally speaking, we occupy a certain time and geographical conditions around the origin of the product. In the origin of the product, not only the price of the product is relatively low, but also in the later stage. The return of goods, the choice of product types, and the richness of later product lines have great advantages. Of course, excluding regional factors, the first thing we need to do is to consider what categories and products we should make according to our investment budget. Here we first analyze the characteristics of Taobao's large and small categories.
You can look at this picture. This is the characteristic difference between the big category and the small category that I have summarized. Taobao's big category has a large market flow and fierce market competition. If we choose to do a big category, we don't care about it in the early stage. The investment in products or advertising costs is not small. I do n’t know if there is a typical feature in many large categories. If you do n’t find it, the conversion is not high. Therefore, you have invested a lot of money in the early stage. Therefore, the payback period is relatively long, and the typical category is women's clothing (of course, this is only the case in most cases, but not all), but the large category is also because of its own market flow, so the development space is higher than the small category.
In the same way, small categories have a good investment in capital and because of their own conversion, so it is actually a good choice for small and medium sellers, but because of market flow restrictions, the overall development space is smaller than the large categories.
Second, the importance and methods of competitive product analysis
1. When we determine the category according to our region and the capital investment budget, then it seems very important for us to make what kind of product. Choosing the right product is a big step for success. A good product, whether it is itself Promotion costs, high conversion rates, and the pull of Taobao's natural traffic are all important. Why do I say this? Because everyone knows that from the perspective of promotion, the click-through rate is the core. Good products are matched with good pictures. The click-through rate is definitely not bad. Then naturally, we can keep the PPC low, so the promotion cost will be more economical.
Good things, as long as you do n’t do the pictures and the details pages badly, and supplemented with the appropriate blueprints, I believe that the conversion will be good. With a good conversion, Taobao will naturally give us a suitable natural flow.
2. Competitive product analysis method
(1) Let's look at the two pictures above. This is one of the ways to analyze competitive products. It is the market staff through the business staff to see the products that are relatively well sold in the same industry. So what is better? Not to say the order volume Big is good, this is just one of the indicators. Among them, we need to compare the hot sales of many good stores to find out what they have in common. Second, we have to analyze the source of their store traffic and the stability of product sales. Sex and transformation.
The current traffic sources mainly include activity traffic, through train traffic, and natural traffic. This requires each seller to judge based on the advertising method he may choose in the future. The stability of product sales is mainly to see whether the sales curve of hot-selling store orders fluctuates too much. Conversion rate Business staff can't see each other's stores, but we can roughly determine what level the product is in the industry through the conversion index.
We use the above dimensions to screen out products that have potential and meet our future promotion directions.
(2) What if we say that our shop has not ordered market prices, or that my shop is still in the preparation stage? This is the second competitive product analysis method I will talk about. You can search for the target product by mobile phone, and also find out the common characteristics of the better selling store products through comparison. Secondly, pay attention to the number of popular keywords in the search process. If it is promoted by cars, if there are more direct trains, this product is generally better. Why? The reason is very simple, as I mentioned before, if the product itself is not working, the through train cannot be pushed, and no one will throw money into it all the time. Of course, there is no stable way to judge products in this way, so I suggest that if you do n’t have one, you can find a friend, and try to give yourself more insurance through actual data.
Third, through train mapping and promotion strategy
1. First through train mapping
Because many great gods on the generations often share articles in this area, I will briefly tell you here.
I always suggest that you choose the core words and 2 or 3 words to measure at the beginning of the plan. As long as we properly increase the click-through rate, the truth is the same as the big word you choose. 4 creative carousels The daily budget of around 200 bids, staring a little, is not to say that it must be much higher than the market price. It is mainly to spend money. If you do n’t spend it, you raise the bid. The crowd premium can be opened or not. Because I am a professional trainer, many small shops in Taobao do not support the uploading of creative pictures locally and can only choose the main picture, so this may cause us to change the main picture from time to time, which is very troublesome. Please remind everyone, It is best to change the main picture only for 2, 3, and 4 positions. It is best not to move the main and auxiliary pictures, especially after the single product has a certain weight.)
Test to find pictures with good clickthrough rate to promote. If the clickthrough rate of several pictures is not enough, continue to change the picture. Do n’t push hard. Taobao said that the simple point is to sell pictures. If the clickthrough rate is not enough, it will always be white flowers. money.
2. Through train promotion strategy
If we determine the promotion image, in the next few days we will optimize the click-through rate and raise the quality score of the keywords. The main thing we have to do during this period is to turn on the crowd premium.
I generally do the 4 groups in the small red box above. As for the premium, there is no exact conclusion. It can be started at 20 or 30. If the amount of data comes up in the future and the conversion is better, you can consider increasing the premium. Here I would like to highlight the 4 groups of people I framed below. These 4 groups of people may not be useful in the early stages of the plan, but these groups are better for increasing the weight, so when your shop is flowing, you will have these groups. Then, we must raise the premium, and do it with the concept of 60 being too few and 100 being the same.
In addition to the crowd, I think that we should not burn through the promotion strategy of small and medium-sized sellers from the beginning, step by step, optimize day by day, so that you can count on every day. The data response of Taobao takes time, you burn 1,000 and you The result of burning 300 in 3 days is absolutely different.
How to drive natural flow by relying on through trains
First, let ’s take a look at this shop
This shop was taken over in mid-February. In my opinion, the entire shop was basically a stage with no traffic.
The sales are also a bit appalling. .
At that time, after taking over this shop, I learned that the boss is not a local tyrant, so the idea of listening to the rain was to find a main push as soon as possible, optimize the PPC, and activate the shop as soon as possible, at least to let the boss keep the capital. . .
This is the through train data during this period. Basically, the days from February 16 to February 18 are the time for mapping. Based on your own experience, it is also relatively lucky. A click rate was quickly determined. For higher pictures, why are you lucky? The main reason is that the mapping time is very short. Some stores have at least one week of mapping, mainly because you can't find pictures with high click rates. The period from February 19th to 24th is the time period for continuously lowering the PPC.
It is also because of the data during this period, including PPC and conversion, and then calculating the boss's gross profit, it feels basically not lost. Then I told the boss my idea of pursuing natural traffic, and I continued to increase the traffic of the through train, and I would drive. Everyone knows that this may increase PPC, but as long as it is put into production, it is not important, because our ultimate goal is natural flow.
Basically, since the end of February, the number of direct traffic has been increasing, and the natural traffic has also been increasing. From the initial capital preservation to the subsequent profit, this is also due to the benefits of small categories, as I said before The conversion is relatively high. If there is no conversion as a basis, the truth is that the boss may not accept my advice. After all, if you have been losing money, everyone will be afraid. This is also the essence of pulling natural traffic through the through train, and constantly increasing the number of clicks. Of course, this does not mean that we only need to operate in this way, there are many factors that will restrict natural flow. Let ’s talk about the affecting factors.
V. Specific factors affecting natural flow and optimization
1. Click rate of main image
The impact of the click rate of the main image on natural traffic is relatively large. The main image mentioned here refers to the baby's first picture. Because the display of natural traffic is this picture, the reason is the same as that of the through train. If the click-through rate of this picture is not good, the natural weight will not be too high, which will affect our natural ranking. For optimization, we can measure the map through the train and place the good click-through rate on the main picture. Remember to change at the beginning of the promotion, that is, when the weight is not high.
2. New product promotion
Each of our products Taobao will give a new product period, this time is a bit long category, a bit short category, if we quickly increase the through train budget in the new product period, the natural flow response will be faster
3, baby title
Baby title also has a large impact on natural traffic. Everyone knows that Taobao natural search is also entered through keywords, so we should try to cover the traffic words that match the attributes of the baby. These traffic words can be found through the market information of the business staff.
So much to share today, friends who have questions about the through train can put it up under the post,
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