m.99hg.com Do you know some entry-level knowledge of cars?

Do you know some entry-level knowledge of cars?

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:25:19

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Cars can be said to be a necessity for most families now. Today I will introduce you to some entry-level knowledge about cars.
Which cars are hatchbacks? Sedan?
In everyday life, we often hear the words hatchback and sedan. How are they divided? Generally, we call the engine compartment, cab, and trunk of a car the "car" of a car. Individual compartments are independent of each other and are called sedan. If the cab and trunk are combined, it is called a hatchback.
Body specifications
When buying a car, you need to understand the space of a car, of course, it depends on the total length of the car, wheelbase and other parameters. At present, the car body specifications of various auto manufacturers are basically unified, such as the total body length, wheelbase, wheelbase, front overhang, rear overhang, etc. Some parameters such as total body width and total height will be slightly different.
Car passing performance index
When understanding an off-road vehicle, you will often see a series of parameters, such as maximum climb, maximum roll angle, minimum ground clearance, and so on. Below we use graphs to show the meaning of these parameters intuitively.
What is collapse energy?
In a car collision, it is important to protect the safety of the people in the car, so the smaller the deformation of the cab in a collision, the better. The car was designed with this in mind. When a car collides, let some of the mechanisms collapse first to absorb some of the impact energy, thereby reducing the impact force transmitted to the cabin.
Material from the Internet
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