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The essence of traditional power training

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The origin and development of China's equipment was originally earlier than freehand boxing. Today's practical technology is only reflected in the scout's dagger, cavalry's saber, and infantry's stabbing. Although there are many small skilled figures in the martial arts, the masters of any equipment champion who are not good at weapons are not even assassinations. If the pacesetter's opponents do not believe it, they can be confirmed by a try.
If only from the special environment of the battlefield, the power of the equipment is greater than the fist. The reason is as stated by Mr. Daoxin: "Weapons have a larger range of attack space, have high hardness, and have very small contact points. Concentration of power. In addition, due to the principle of leverage, the end of the weapon has a higher speed, which increases the impact of the swing. "China's frequent history of cold weapon wars has promoted the continuous development of equipment performance and technology, and generations have also emerged Numerous masters of sophisticated equipment, these martial arts and equipment they are good at still reach the population, until the end of the Ming and early Qing Dynasty, the technology of equipment has been greatly developed in the military, Yu Yu, Shi Jingyan, The generals represented by Qi Jiguang and Wu Xie not only summarized and sublimated the essence of the equipment, Wu Xie also left the classic book of the arm with the large gun. They combined the method of weapon killing with boxing techniques to provide national skills. The qualitative change of China has opened up a new era, so that our boxing skills have come to the front of the world due to the special historical conditions of the "transition of boxers". In particular, the original transmission methods of famous boxing such as Emei and Taiji were greatly enlightened from the method of killing equipment and the shooting of bows and arrows, and the pioneering work of Ji Jike's "taking a gun as a fist" made the cold weapon unexpected. The peak technology of the equipment technique was transferred to the pioneering technique of the unarmed boxing technique. It also sought to regenerate and develop the ancient military technology, and made the effectiveness of the equipment technique feedback to the martial arts. It has made a huge historical contribution.
At present, the practical equipment in various countries in the world is mainly used in fencing in sports and fighting techniques commonly used in the army. China's original sword-splitting and Pudao techniques have long been learned by Japan, and they have formed the Japanese Kendo (the Japanese national sword is not divided) and the spear Our country's splitting technique is also very simple and practical. It is just an assault technique. Although the body and the steps are reasonable, but the arms are stabbed in front of the arms, the detailed examination is the original Soviet flower technique, so this technique needs to be improved. Recalling that in the past, Japan and Russia fought in China's territory for the brigade to compete for our country. Tsarist soldiers were mostly assassinated by Japanese soldiers. The world is known as the crown of Japan's spear surgery, but they do not know that their techniques originated in China and Japan. The famous masters of the country were also defeated by Zhang Entong, Li Yaochen, Ma Yiliang, Zhao Daoxin and other family members during the competition of the equipment. In particular, the deeds of Mr. Zhai Zhai who took advantage of equipment such as Kenichi Sawai encouraged the Chinese martial arts and explained the equipment. Although the essence of is already rare, but the top priority in China is to inherit it so that it will not be lost.
Although there are many kinds of instruments, there are always four types: long, short, soft, and throw. What kind of instruments are made of sharp or sharp polymetals with long rods or handles. Pick, wipe, etc. only a few times, so as long as one or two are skilled, the other can touch the bypass. Because the equipment is grasped by both hands, the use of hard-cover equipment can not be carried by hand-to-hand combat. The equipment we train is to complement the boxing equipment. As Mr. Daoxin said: "The improvement of boxing skills will help the use of weapons. And the improvement of weapon training level can promote the leap of boxing skills. "
The large rod is specifically referring to the ash wood, the general trunk is not suitable for training equipment, and today's various steel and iron pipes are not as flexible as the wax rod, so they cannot be used. The large shaft to be shaken should be thicker than the shaft of general equipment, and the diameter of the head should be more than 5 cm; the diameter of the tip (that is, the tail) should be more than 4 cm; and the length of the shaft should be more than 3 meters.
The method of using the weapon is based on the principle of the original three-body style. Because of the abandonment of the absurdities such as "looking at the hands and walking with both hands" and the weird styles such as "wrapping the head" and "white snake vomiting letters", so only Pay attention to two principles-hold the heavy load, and the bottom must be short and close to the body. The short one uses the body with arms to cut and chop; the long one has a body and a weapon, and it stabs and shakes. Practicing large poles is a kind of boxing and training in a sense, so it is necessary to strictly abide by the principles of boxing. The method of practicing poles is just to “pile a weapon”. The method of holding poles has been changed from Mr. Zhang Shude of Qizhou to large-scale. This method has a great effect on increasing skill and is also very powerful in practice. We practiced big shots, and we started with the large-scale practice.
At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, most practitioners still used this method, but they had lost the overall strength. Mr. Zhai Zhuang kept the art and tightened its appearance to make it more use the training and application of the overall strength, we should go deep in this way.
At the beginning of the practice, there will be errors due to rustiness. I hope everyone will pay attention to correcting them.
1. Slow-moving method: The slow-moving method is the force-testing method. The method is to use the weapon to perform tackling, wave, and other force-testing actions. If the boxing skill is deep, this method will work as soon as it is tried. The weapon is just an extension of the arms. Here is just an example of the force of the snake's hands:
The side piles stand well, use both hands to hold arms, and use the body to carry a snake as a hand-wrenching force test. Because the movement shape of the large pole is brought out by the body, there is no internal change in the shape.
2. Rice word method: This method is a unique training method for equipments in China. It was personally taught by the authors Mr. Ma Yiliang and Zhao Daoxin. The offensive and defensive actions in practice, despite the so-called ever-changing opponents, will never leave the upper, middle, lower, and left and right sides of the center line, so holding the center line can easily meet the opponent's attack in any direction. We've all been posted on posters. For the convenience of beginners, large square books are all drawn with lines and practice exercises. As long as you are in the middle, you can use this method to force your hands. Basically, I have mastered all the trajectories of offense and defense, so when we practice large poles, we should first be familiar with the orientation of the m-shaped character, and then we will slowly and quickly exercise the poles in order to shake the pole, but we cannot mechanically use the pole to divide the grid. The key is the explosion of internal strength, and the shape of the rod needs to be small, and you should pay attention to changing the attack position of the rod after training.
3, flag waving method: start training, intentionally fix your hands still, only move your body (be careful not to turn your legs by mistake), so that the front of the big pole appears horizontal circles, vertical circles and oblique circles, the preliminary experience of the trunk's active essentials , And then use your hands to make the flag waving method, this method has three main methods.
a. The side pole holds the pole in place. It is intended that a flag is tied to the front of the shaft, and the flag is shaken with the body to make the flag roll in a flat circular trajectory. It can be continuously rolled in one direction, or left and right. Scrolling.
b. Use your hands and hands to make the banner in your mind shake and roll up against the wind. You can continuously tilt it clockwise, or you can tilt it counterclockwise, or you can shake each other.
c. The above two types of movements are opposite movements of the arms and hands in the same direction. This type of movement is also the same direction movement, except that one hand moves first (left and right), and the other hand moves again, forming a shape that seems to be the opposite movement of the hands. If this movement is practiced with bare hands, it is Tai Chi's original Yun stance. When it is implemented, this movement will strike out. The movement is sudden and extremely conducive to change and protection.
Flag waving training can make the human body's connected arms merge with the big pole, and experience the overall movement and strength. Because of the role of the big flag attached to the shaft in the mind, the learner will master the overall force when the weapon is touched. And to take advantage of the attack, waving the flag can also be used as a training method for the sword, so Mr. Wen said: "If you can shake the flag, you will use the sword."
4. The whip method: "This method is the same as the flag waving method, except that the banner in the idea is turned into a long whip. The handlebar style in Shanxi and Northeast China uses a long whip with both hands. The author cuts in the northeast. At that time, I once saw a handlebar-style tumbling of a wolf with a long whip, its movement can be described as smooth, stable, accurate, and transparent. The seniors of Che Yizhai and Song Shirong were proficient in this method. The training method of this method Although the trajectory is the same as the flag waving method, because of the overall whip and the whip (force), the force point of the shaft of the flag is moved forward to the lever slightly, and this force is familiar in practice. Rolling up and down, Mr. Song Shirong's successor, Mr. Li Xuzhou, has used this technique to deter several famous players.
The training of waving flags, shaking flags, and whip and throwing whip is the first practice to use the body to be proficient and to form the habitual movements and movement trajectories of the turbulent transport equipment, while quick-motion training requires sudden and changes in movement. Therefore, the easing should be carried out to perform the spiral clockwise and counterclockwise repeated training in all directions, while the fast motion is the force, and the cold, brittle, sinking, fierce, and fierce force is also a sudden radius trajectory. .
5. Quick action method: This method is the acceleration after the above-mentioned methods are proficient. It is a transitional method that still meets the essentials when training fast maneuvers, and no extra work is required.
6. Shake: The above training is for this training service. If you can master it freely, you don't need to practice hard, you should quickly enter this method.
The pole shaking method is a method of holding the pole for force training. At the beginning of the training, the arms can be intentionally trembled, and no hand trembling is required after you are skilled. You only need to hold the pole to explode the force. The so-called "nook nodded" effect in the storytelling. The number of tremors and the speed depend on the learner's boxing skills. Do not intentionally make the hands tremble locally in pursuit of tremors. Deceleration, or sudden stop, is also a unique training method in China. Abrasive belt training in foreign boxing requires a sudden acceleration in the movement. The practice of predecessors such as Mr. Zhai and Mr. Daoxin proved that this extremely fast action Sudden deceleration and even emergency stop training procedures are extremely scientific and effective.
The practice of shaking the stick needs to be carried out with force, and the correct movement trajectory and strength of the burst of force when unarmed combat is recognized from the force of holding the bar to prevent the arms from dancing blindly. It is necessary to reiterate that the body must be active Do not hold the shaft with both hands, and do not use too much force on the arms. Mr. Dao Xin has already stated clearly: "If the arms are too strong, it will be difficult for the force to enter the opponent's body, but to return to his own legs." I hope that everyone will achieve the coordination, accuracy and coherence of explosive action through the rigorous training of big shakers. The action of shaking the stick can start to exert force in all directions of the m-shaped character. After being proficient, you should choose one or two of them for repeated single exercise training. Here are only a few of the shaking methods in the m-shaped direction. I hope everyone will practice it less and more.
a. Split-rod method: The trunk is changed from 45 degrees to a lateral curve of 15 degrees to a large side, the spine compresses, the lower abdomen sinks, the front foot is stepped on, the rear foot is pedaled, and the shoulders are contended with each other. At the same time, fight back and forth, quickly split the front of the pole to abruptly slow down with the belly. Then return to the preparatory style, and then repeat the training. This action will be used to split the bar. For example, if you stab the force forward, it will be called a slide bar. The split and slip actions will be combined into one split.
b. Collapse: The body pulls and accumulates with a large 15-degree bevel, then suddenly turns from 15 degrees to 45 degrees, the head hits forward, the spine compresses and ejects, and the trunk draws a circle at the same time. The lower limbs also step forward and back, forming an overall force to drive the arms to stab the large rod forward, but do not move the arms forward. The inertia of the center of gravity is mainly formed by the "combination" of 15 to 45 degrees, and the trunk closes to 45 Suddenly decelerates when you are at this degree, this method is the easiest to practice and hold together. Wu Linzhong said that the large shaking pole is mainly based on this style, and his practice is to expand the old three-body style. The back-hand lever is placed behind the body. Mr. Zhai Zhai, Mr. Daoxin and Mr. Wen's shaking wobble are compact and smooth.

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