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Take high-quality photos with your phone

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Mobile photography is difficult because mobile phones are not capable of controlling various shooting parameters; mobile photography is very simple. You only need to do more work in other areas.
Today, I am not here to give you lessons, because of the tedious and lengthy theory, or the mysterious depth, it is not practical in daily life.
I ’m here today to share some of my simple shooting experience with you, everyone is welcome or not ~
(Pre-arranged childcare begins to applaud fiercely)
Thank you for your applause.
Then, I will take the three most everyday subjects of portraits, scenery, and still life as examples to share some easy and effective mobile photography tips.
The flat light, the transparent side light, and the brilliant back light give different life images. Using different lights is the basis for taking good photos.
When shooting with a mobile phone, you must pay special attention to light and shadow effects and exposure control. In these aspects, mobile phones are difficult to compare with professional cameras after all.
For example, when shooting in side light, the person's face can easily leave shadows, so be careful when shooting MM, at least don't let the shadow hit her face;
▲ Under the oblique light, the face will produce shadows, so be careful when shooting MM ~
For another example, in the backlight position, it is very difficult for a mobile phone to take a "normal" backlight portrait. After all, the mobile phone has a low tolerance and it is difficult to completely solve it with HDR.
In this case, it's better to avoid weaknesses and shoot silhouettes! Phone tolerance is low? Just what I want!
Let people become the focus of the picture, bring people into the scene, the scene moves with people.
▲ Keep moving, try different positions of each other
Reflection is also a powerful tool to enhance the style of portrait photography. Moonlight puddles, lakes after rain, I will pay special attention.
When you are close to the ground at an extremely low angle. People, trees, rain, fallen leaves, if you are in a different space, everything is a myth.
▲ Shadow in the rain, people in the shadow, like dreams
For fun, try re-exposure. Real focus shots, virtual focus shots. Let you be almost transparent, fluttering in the center of the scene.
For later apps, Apple is recommended to use Union, and Android is recommended to use Pixir.
In fact, a long-time swing shot is far less interesting than a snap shot. Take a triple jump. Decorated into a comic strip.
The dynamic you may be more interesting than the static ones.
Please open your mind a lot. Sometimes, just one or two apps and three or four small steps can release the texture.
Mobile phones are SLRs, without shallow depth of field and high picture quality, but they can bring great inspiration and storylines.
How to present the narrative scene, the state of people and the interaction between people and scenery just right--
It is the essence of the mobile phone to take a big picture.
If words can sing emotionally, then photos can tell stories. Good photos have soul in them.
You can use words to describe the life you are looking forward to, or you can use the lens to record the lonely hell you see with your eyes.
▲ Black and white, light and shadow, geometric cutting, dramatic poetry.
So, how to take a good black and white photo? 1. Find a scene suitable for black and white. The simple composition can make the black and white tone more pure.
2. Emotion is atmosphere. Discover love in black and white photos. Available with high contrast and large vignetting.
▲ High contrast, giving the picture a deeper mood
A good photo is not the equipment or the PS, but your perspective and brain.
If the original film is flat, it is better to rotate it and make it symmetrical.
▲ "Onion Church" in Russia. (Post App: Snapsneed)
Make good use of various lines in real life. Straight, oblique, S-line, radiation. Their existence will prevent the picture from being tiled and straightforward, and it will look neat and tense.
▲ Passing through a subway station. On the glass curtain wall, there are tall buildings.
"Minimalist" is the only rule for mobile photography. That is, a large area of white space and a meaningful subject.
Please note that "blank" does not equal "blank". Relatively monotonous scenes or regular lines can also make you take a minimalist work with rich flavor.
In addition, the so-called "blank area" does not mean that you have to shoot "big scenes" such as blue sky, grassland and sea.
As long as you have a passion for life and a keen eye for photography, some small details in life can magnify and still form an excellent minimalist picture.
Here is a cherry to add. The latter stage is not a panacea.
Seven points depend on the early stage and three points depend on the late stage. Instead of sharpening your head and busy processing, it is better to ponder the points that the original film is easily overlooked.
Such as composition, lighting, color matching, storytelling.
Use natural light when shooting food and stay away from artificial light sources in the restaurant.
If the light is asymmetric, half dark and half bright, you can put white objects such as paper towels and cardboard on the opposite side of the light source to reflect the light.
Clean, elegant and well-textured materials, suitable for background. For example, logs, marble, white cardboard or light gray linen.
Of course, the protagonist is always food. It is best to complete the shooting in a short time to maintain the original taste, color and freshness of the food.
How to stimulate appetite with images? The best way is to make the food "look like the entrance".
If it's chicken soup, it's definitely more mouth-watering than uncooked in the pot if it's hot and shiny;
If it's pizza, it's definitely more tempting than a 9-inch disc with a white sesame seed dipped in sour seafood sauce.
▲ Control the angle. May wish to lower the lens a little closer
A pair of wooden chopsticks, a spoon, and sizzling heat are enough to stir up appetite and pick up taste buds.
Don't forget that the small and delicate green onions, garlic cloves, burnt marks of grilled meat and the crystals of white rice are also worth recording.
To sum up ~ want to take a good still life picture, first of all the food itself must be attractive enough to sell. Secondly, we should try to eliminate factors that interfere with sight and affect aesthetics.
As for the post-app, it is easy to use: butter (text watermark), VSCO (film texture), Foodie (various filters), food color (social networking).
However, it is more important than the equipment and the later stage-it is your passion for food and the eye for life.
Finally, to sum up, the three main points of good photos taken by mobile phones:
Get out of the box; shoot what you think; think.
Alright, so much to say today ~

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