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The meat is delicious and it's so simple.

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The meat-sweeping section is a home-cooked dish popular with ordinary people. The method is simple and delicious. The main ingredients are pork and starch.
Preparation: Chicken, green red pepper, minced garlic, starch, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, salt, sugar, white vinegar, cooking wine
The first step is to clean the chicken pieces and cut them into sections.
Minced garlic
The second step is to add starch, oil, and water to the basin and stir to make a paste.
Step 3: Pour the cut chicken into a bowl and cover with a layer of paste
Wrap up
The fourth step, put the oil in the pan and heat it up, then fry the chicken in the pan and fry until the shape is removed.
fish out
The fifth step, the oil temperature rises to 60% hot, and then fry again, deep fry and crispy outside
Step 6. Put the red and green peppers into the drain pan, and pour the oil and meat into the peppers to control the dry oil.
Oil control
Step 7. Leave a small amount of oil in the pan
Step 8. Add raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, thirteen incense, salt, sugar, white vinegar, water, chicken essence, spring onion and boil.
Step 9: After boiling, add water starch to thicken
Step 10: Put the meat and pepper into the pot together
Run into the meat
This dish is simple and delicious, a must-have dish for families.

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