hg8228.com [Reprinted] The magic method to drive ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches

[Reprinted] The magic method to drive ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches

Source: Time: 2020-01-09 03:00:48

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How to drive ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches
A magical method that does not kill but can drive ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches is non-toxic and harmless.
Ants are afraid of acid, mosquitoes are hot, and cockroaches are afraid of incense. Spring is here, and the little life is about to come out of the hole, providing a wonderful way for the brothers to kill ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches without killing them.
Ants are afraid of sour taste
The sweets at home were not set for a few minutes, and the army of ants immediately struck. It was annoying and annoying. With my experience in the pastry industry, I offered you a non-toxic, pollution-free, safe and effective coup-fresh whole grains. Lemon, cut in half, squeeze lemon juice on the place where you can see the ants and their course of action, hold the side with the flesh, and smear along the way. The magical effect allows you to verify the mystery of nature again!
Mosquitoes fear spicy
It's hot, and there are more flower mosquitoes, and my bites are swollen. One day, a friend gave a bag of garlic, and the mother left a sufficient amount. The rest was planted around the flower bed, and its special spicy taste was faint. Surprisingly, the fierce mosquitoes on weekdays were gone, and even the oversized mosquitoes that appeared after the rain disappeared! Therefore, the trial of garlic repellent is absolutely the best policy!
Cockroaches are afraid of fragrance
Ghostly cockroaches love to hide in the kitchen that is in charge of our people's livelihood. My solution to the "immortal cockroach" is: cut a piece of bath soap into small pieces, put it in a container and inject water, and place it in a cockroach-infested cabinet. Within a few days, opening the cabinet will surprise you As the cockroaches disappeared, there was a pleasant fragrance in the cabinet. For the effect to last, just replenish the water in the soap container regularly.
A few more said:
No need to kill mosquitoes
One: Soak a few vitamin C and vitamin B2 in water, and apply the potion on the skin, it will produce a smell that makes mosquitoes dare not approach.
Two: Hanging orange curtains indoors or covering orange cellophane on the lampshade, because mosquitoes are afraid of orange-red light, they can produce a good mosquito repellent effect.
3: Hang a scallion under the lamp, or wrap a few scallion segments with gauze, all kinds of mosquitoes will not fly; or put one or two pots of jasmine, milan, rose, tuberose in the room, etc Repellent mosquitoes (since the onion is one of the five maggots, please do not use it if there are disciples of Sanbao or ordained disciples)
When you don't want to live with cockroaches
Cockroaches don't like the taste of cucumbers. When you don't want to spend time with cockroaches, you may want to put one or two pieces of chopped cucumbers where they often appear.
The above is how to catch mosquitoes and cockroaches. You can try it to avoid unnecessary killing. Maybe it works.

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