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Liuxuan Broken Gua Techniques

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Lin Chao
In the practice of the Liuxuan Jue method, I concluded that the technique is roughly two types. One type is the inference of basic knowledge, and the other type is the inference of the basic knowledge. The former is easy to master the latter through strong memorization. Cooperate with inspiration to achieve God's response.
First, the basic knowledge of learning method
Tip: Look at the air, look at the rush, and look at the decline of the punishment.
Four looks at the advancement and retreat, five looks at God is not evil.
Six looks at the position of the 爻, seven looks at Fushen out of the prison.
Eight look at anti-fu Yin shed tears, nine look outside should ten look.
(A) empty
Empty means ten empty. Nothing is useful if there is no general busy air. Atmospheric airlessness is weak or absent for "vacuum". For example: Yinyue Jiachen Sun Kongyin. Gua Yinyong Wang. Available when empty. It would be of little use if the Jedi was executed in Shen Yunyue. He was harmed when he went out. But if there is any change or turn back to life. It is useful for waiting for energy. It depends on the matter.
1. Testing cooperation should be used for application. If the air is broken, there is no certainty about how much anxiety it may be. If weak and empty. It can be judged that it is not powerful, false and fraudulent. If the empty space is empty, it is also a guilty conscience.
2. Measure your wealth, and your wealth will be available when you are free. Wealth is gone.
3. Pedestrians can be spotted with empty space. Decaying with 爻 can be dangerous or lost.
4. Use 爻 Vukong. Wang Gang fills in or rushes to use. Filling the dead fill or flying is fierce.
5. The prince is okay to avoid the air. However, specific judgments still need to be made on the rise and fall.
(Two) rush
Crash means collision, restraint, and dispersal. Depending on the strength of both sides. If the strength of the two sides at the noon is comparable, they will not be dispersed. Ruo Ziwang Chong will be scattered at noon. Wuwang Chongzi was scattered. Liu Chong Gua is generally unhappy. Bad thing Kee. Specific analysis should be based on the prosperity of the cricket itself.
1. Rush every moon to the extreme of decline. Everyday, every day is useful.
2. Use the moon to make every day a dark movement. Be quick.
3, the death with crickets is absolutely a monthly order. It is easy to fall when it is sunburst or rushing.
(3) Punishment, confluence, decline, prosperity, neutrality
1. Punishment means punishment is generally derogatory. Penalty is more powerful than harm
Weaker than a punch.
(1) Zi Xun's punishment is rude. Offensive things. Among them, there is still a strong and weak relationship, Wang Xun's punishment is watery driftwood, Wang Xun's punishment is wood shrink.
(2) Yin Yin's application for punishment for multiple kings should be used for crimes, limb injuries, and dangerous things.
(3) Scandalous executions. Multi-subject disease. These three sentences are easy to punish and Tuwang.
(4) Chen Wuyu Hai self-sentence. The main reason for the mistake is not obvious.
2. Just get together. Hehua needs to make things happen. If the ugly soil is combined with the soil, if the ugly soil is prosperous, it will become. Otherwise, the essence is still soil water. But sometimes the triad can be turned around without worrying about it.
(1) The combination of the moon and the sun is more prosperous than the afternoon and the moon. I still suffer
Such as 巳 月 申 爻, Yinyue Hai 爻.
(2) If it is closed, it will keep the tester from moving. Determining the proper financial situation and day are regarded as others' gain.
3. Decay, prosperity, and neutrality all refer to the use of the power to win the moon. Generally speaking, the sun and the moon have the same power and the same power and the moon is weak and the moon is weak. But I think the monthly force is greater than the daily force. This is like the rich, the poor are better than the poor, the rich in any case. If it is really necessary to accurately measure the daily power Guan Jian is still in sight. Years to come. It's time for the next day.
(1) Use a monthly order, daily birth, or at-a-glance to help a prosperous person.
(2) It is bad to use the loss of the moon to make the head grams or moving the grams.
(3) Neutralize the genus by month or day. But the former is slightly more powerful.
(Four) the transformation
The emergence of 爻, whether it is movement or static, is a change of state of affairs, and it should be specially regarded as a 静.
l, the eternal life than evolution indicates that the chemist is firm and moving forward.
2. Degradation and decline indicate that the person withdraws and decreases strength.
3, the death tomb must be said that the power of the chemist will be exhausted. It's dangerous.
4. Turning back to gram can be regarded as a repenter.
5. Disregarding the air is not true.
6. The sorrows that come out are also bad for the king.
7. The nature of transformation is regarded as the nature of transformation. Specifically based on the six parent attributes.
(5) Shensha
Shensha means that the six gods and the gods are generally based on the six gods. The ancients were equipped with "Tianyi" and "post horses". Can see for yourself. The six gods and five elements can be regarded as the attributes of the six gods.
1. Qinglong generally uses five elements to belong to wood. Match with Zhen and Qiang Gu. Lord kindness.
Jun Xiu, and Yan Yue.
2. If Suzaku is good, it is regarded as bad by the name of the article, but it is regarded as non-verbal. Five elements belong to fire
Use Li Gua to match the Lord's good words, emphasize performance, and right and wrong.
3, Gou Chen is a field prisoner and five elements belong to the genus Gu Ge with the master is stable and simple
Stubborn and slow.
4, Teng snake is frightening, strange and deliberate, and false.
5, White Tiger is filial piety, aggressive, very poisonous and anxious.
6. Xuanwu is dark, treacherous, and uneasy for stealing.
The five elements of Tutu are matched with Kun hexagrams. Master, calm
The five elements belong to Jin Yigan and Hui Gua. Lord Fortitude
The five elements belong to water. Matching wisdom and calculation with Kangua
(Six) niches
The niches are generally used in fine breaking.
l. Pedestrians: the first two are as full as the second. Three or four 爻 is the portal. Wuyi is the road and Liuyi is the distance.
2. The beginning of the house is well and foundation. The second one is a stove and a chapter house. Misaki is a bed seat and a gate. Forty households. Wuyi is a person, road six is a beam and a wall.
3.Political affairs: the first and second deceased are all things, the third and fourth deceased are counties, cities, and the five are the central and king. Liu Ye is a consultant who abdicates.
4. Thieves: The first concubine is a family thief, and the third concubine is a neighborhood thief. Four, five, and six are distant thieves.
5. The first, second, and third limbs of the body are the lower half, the fourth and fifth limbs are the chest, and the back six limbs are the head.
(VII) Fu Shen
Fushen is generally prosperous or has to fly to douji. Fierce if fading or being knocked down. Fushen generally needs to be used whenever it is worth or rushing to fly. Fei Shen Kong is more favorable to lead.
(Eight) back groaning
Anti-yin vorin tears are moaning of anxiety and anxiety. The fierceness of back groaning is greater than Fu Yin, but 爻 should be reused.
(IX) External response and inspection
1. Foreign should be suddenly touched by foreign objects in the process of starting or breaking hexagrams.
According to the appearance of the good and bad to judge the good and bad of the event. Generally do not use it. It must be used when the mind is seriously disturbed. Multi-use is not allowed.
2. Checking the color is to observe the expression in Wan ’s answer. If it is fast, it means that there is such a thing. If it is slow, it means that there is an error. You should adjust your thinking in time. But don't leave the hexagram to look at Yan Momo, but doing so will make you fall into the void.
2. Broken Gua Techniques and Example Analysis
(1) One thing, one break
1.Begging for money
(1) Generally, it is best to hold the world with money. But it also needs to be wealthy and prosperous.
(2) The wealth management holds the world, and the world is profitable, but the world is not good. We also have to wait for the sun and the moon.
(3) Fu Caiwang is available. Failure is hard to find. His descendants are the most profitable. The Fu Gui father has the control of another Fu Xi brother.
(4) Brothers holding the world or moving in the hexagrams are not good for money and easy to break through. But brother
Wang also has money. It's just money. The elder brother declines less money. But he is poor and has no money. For the robber of his brother's wealth. Declined and unable to rob.
(5) Fortune brothers are eventually robbed, ghosts will be consumed, fathers will be overworked, and sons will become rich. Retreat with or without.
(6) Cooperation for wealth still requires wealthy parties to have wealth. Shi Keying, should be born to his own advantage. The world should be hesitant and unreal. The world moves me in and out of everything, and other parties should plan.
Example l, Mr. Zhou, 31 December 1997, looking for money by visual inspection. Ascending Thai
The Ugly Ding Wei
Qinglong Official Ghost // 酉
Xuan Wu Parents // Hai
Bai Hu's Wife Wealth
Teng Snake Official Ghost 酉
Gou Chen Parents / Hai Fu Yinmu Brothers
Suzaku parents wife wealth X should be ugly
The wealth owner holds the wealth of the world leader, and the ugly wealth world is about to flourish. Have money. Correspondence despise the child. Sharing for others is not easy at this time. The demonization of wealth by the three magistrates shows that there are friends who work in the ordinary class to help make money. Because the official ghost Wangwang is the official post. Actually, the ugly month is rich and profitable. It does come from the help of a friend who is a manager in a certain unit. And March, April, and May (Chen Wuwu) flourish for the children and grandchildren.
Example 2 Mr. Yan. On February 4, 1998, when he was looking for money, he succeeded:
Yin Renwu
Descendants and Waters // Brother Brother Jin //
Parents 戌 土 0 Offspring Haishui // World
Brother Shen Jin // Parents Ugly Land //
Brother Shenjin / Brother Shenjin /
The official ghost noonfire // The official ghost noonfire // Ying Fuxi
Parent Chen Tu // Ying Parent Chen Tu //
The world is empty. Untrue. Shen Jin breaks the moon every day. Is weak. Fortunately, the five warriors lived and turned into ugly soil. If the body is helped, it will not only be a fortune but also disaster. Yin Yue Chong Shen for the financial Yin. Explain that there is foreign wealth but weak. Chong is a waste of money
stay. Fill in the autumn brother. Will be a fortune. Actually, Yinyue got 3 yuan. But quickly dissipated and disappeared. Shen Xiyue broke thousands of yuan.
Example 3 Mr. Zheng. Money was measured on January 28, 1998. Remedy:
Descendants 酉 金 // wife and son water // should
Wife Choi Shui X Brothers 戌 土 /
Brother Ugly Soil // Should descendants Shen Jin //
Brother Chen Tu X Wife Caihai Shui / World
Guan Guiyin // Brother Ugly Earth // Fuxi Huofu
Wife wealth child water / World official ghost Tochigi /
World Xunzi water month is coming. Weak. The descendants of the original god empty. Can't help. Wu Yanhai water wealth turned back grams. Three brothers Chen Chen moved. Therefore, there is no wealth. Fortunately, the three brothers who turned out the Haishuicai should save the children and grandchildren Shen Jin, so to wait for the fall to fill in the declaration to make a profit is actually about 30,000 yuan in autumn and winter.
Example 4 Mr. Zhou. On November 27, 1996, the lawsuit for the success of the cooperation's wealth:
Parents Tochigi / Children and grandchildren /
Brothers Beacon / World Wife's Financial Claims /
Offspring of the future X Brother Wuhu / Shi Fuxi Golden Wife
Brothers afternoon fire // Brothers afternoon fire // Fuhai Shuiguan ghost
Descendants of the Sun
Parent Tomiki // Parent Tomaki // Should
I think Shisheng should immediately say that this is your help to the other party and answer that I provide scientific research technology. . Dominate. The world brother broke. Cut off his wealth for a lifetime. It is famous in the unit because the brothers have six parents who are close to each other. The main Gua Caifu four grandson descendants were born. It is worthy of the grandchildren's coming. Therefore, the decision is hi. Youcai In 1997, Ding Chou made money for his grandson. Good fortune. Actually, there are two possibilities for both sides to benefit in 1997. The first is to steal money. The second is to get rich first. Due to the wealth of the main hexagram. Therefore, breaking Qiuyue has money and will break it. This is Shencai's brother, so she is actually stolen. Know the partners at the same time.
Example 5 Mr. Chen measured cooperation with others on November 5, 998. It's too small:
戌 Bingchen
Parents are not soil // Parents are soil //
Brother Xi Jin O Ying Brother Shen Jin //
Descendants Haishui / Official Ghost Noonfire / World
Wife's wealth Tochigi X Brother Shinkin /
Official Ghost Fire // World official ghost noon fire ///
Parents are not soil // Parents are soil // should
I set up a hexagram to see Shi Keying, Shi Huajin advance, Yinghua retreat, so I told him you
The willingness to cooperate is very firm. However, the other party will eventually retreat, and should cooperate with the world.
For the next two months, Haizi makes money for his children. There is money in it, but the money is turned back by the cypress, and the money is stolen by others. The actual cooperation was successful. Hai Ziyue made money but was taken away for the last minute.
2. Seeking officials
(1) If the official ghost is prosperous, then the official decline is ghost. General officials hold the world and are the most prosperous
Guan Wang's life is also beneficial. Official decline indicates that the officer is young or absent.
(2) The parents said in the job seeker that the unit is large but the unit is large. Decay units are small.
(3) Official ghosts are most afraid that their children and grandchildren will be easy to lose the official. Descendants Chi Shiduo missed the official.
(4) The official ghost said that he was helped and aggressive to turn his father's name into wealth. The Brotherhood broke its fortune, and Huazi was dereliction of duty.
(5) Look at Guan Ziwu as the official post.
(6) Judge why officials analyze the five elements. Muduo is technology and fire
For education, Turkey for construction, Jinduo justice, Shuidu for inspection.
Example 1 March 9th, 1997. Mr. Wang asked for promotion
卯 Geng 戌 (空 寅 卯 '
Parents not soil // Parents not soil // //
Brother Jin Jin / Ying Brother Jin Jin /
Offspring Haishui / Offspring Haishui / Should
Wife wealth Tochigi // Official Ghost Noonfire //
Official Ghost Fire X World Parents Chen Tu /
Parents are not soil // Wife Cai Yinmu // Shi
It is most likely that Shilin Guangui's ghosts will rise in April and May. Judging
He has gone to give gifts. He nodded. Fortunately, entering the tomb was a bad sign. Xinghua came out of Chentu and rushed to the tomb of the Sun, but also because the birth of Chen was exhausted and his father, Kezi, and Xuanwu were obscured, he broke his wealth and gave gifts. Actually as expected in May. Here Yin Yin Kong has no problem filling out the month, but the wealth and gifts are expensive.
Example 2 Mr. Lin's need for Thai testing on November 12, 1997
Children and grandsons /// Should be married to his wife and wealth ///
Wife Choi Shui X Brothers 戌 土 /
Ugly Brothers // Shen Sun
Brother Chen Tu / Shi Brother Chen Tu /
Guan Guiyinmu / Guan Guiyinmu / Fu Xiuhuo's parents
Wife wealth water / Wife wealth water / Should
Brothers are unlucky for the God of contention, obstruction, and ruin. The Wuyin Haishui Linyue moved Heyin Muguan ghost world again. Therefore, the judged position is obtained by others. And a woman. Because the upper hexagram is Kun, Hai is yin, and Wuyi is yin. In a few days, I said that the position was indeed a woman's income, and I saw it fulfilled, and that this woman must have earned a fortune. He said that this is very likely. Turned back due to wealth. Will naturally detract.
Example 3 May 4th, 098, Mr. Zhang, is there any hope of a promotion?
Xin Xin (empty ugly)
Wife wealth child water // Ying brothers are not soil //
Brothers 戌 / children 金 / Ying
Descendants of Shenjin X Wife Caihai Shui /
Official ghost Tochigi // World Official ghost Tochigi //
Parents Beacon // Parents Beacon // World
Brother Wei soil // Brother Wei soil ///
After analyzing the hexagrams, I told him whether the promotion was positive, and it was proposed in February. answer. And because
This joy gives birth to tongues. Also right. Judging from the hexagram. Shi Yan holds official ghosts. You should be born again (this life is a superficial accident). It was originally auspicious, but unfortunately, the moon and the sun were broken. See Tochigi Ribo and Shen Shenke. Broke it had liver disease. Say yes. Due to the official decline, the ghost is sick, and the main liver of alder is. The result is unchanged so far.
Example 4 May 26, 1998. Mr. Hu asked the officer to do nothing wrong:
Wife's Wealth / Wife's Wealth /
Official ghost application / Official ghost application / World
Offspring noonfire / World offspring noonfire /
Wife wealth Chen soil // Wife wealth Ugly soil //
Brother Tomaki X Brother Tochigi / Ying
Parents and children / Should be grandchildren /
Arrange the hexagrams to see his brother Yin Mu mobilize to break him, and in February break the fortune. Answer correctly.
Then he said that in January and February, there seemed to be a lot of opportunities to make money, but none of them answered yes. There are two places in this fortune. 戌 The wealth is not real. Chen Caihua retired and Chen and Yin brother. Close to easy to be robbed.
Yin Wuxu combined into a grandchildren's bureau to make money. However, due to wealth and wealth, it is only enough to make money. Only by filling in the blanks in the next month will there be a fortune. As for the promotion, because the five concubines applied for the world's grandson Wang Ke. And for Yin Mu Lin too old to move and impact. So there is no hope of ascension. In 1992 and 1993 (Shen Zheng), the official prosperous, at this time will be conducive to promotion. In fact, it was increased in 1993. In October 1998, a business was made and the profits were huge. But the position keeps moving.
Example 5 on April 4, 1997. Mr. Shi has been promoted, and his family has gradually progressed:
Brother Tochigi / Brother Tochigi / Ying
Offspring beacon / Should offspring beacon /
Wife Wealth // Wife Wealth ///
Parents Haishui / Guan Gui Shen Jin / Shi Fu Xi Jin Guan Ghost
Wife wealth and ugly soil // World offspring Wuwu //
Brother Tochigi O Wife Tatsuki soil //
Cai Yuan held the world back. It should be explained that the right and left relationship can be helped.
And the officials are coming together. Shows that the matter of promotion has been decided, the brothers Tochigi moved wealth, close to Ke Shi. Indicating that Zheng and February will break their fortunes. The actual inauguration will be notified within a few days. Is sick and stolen in February and February.
(1) Men use their wealth. Women use officials. The world is its own goal. It should be the other party or the other party's home. The world should live with each other, but the good luck is with the fierce. Regardless of the financial officer, Wang Xiang is the best female test
Guan Wang has a position for men's test wealth and wealth.
(2) Men test women. Brother Choi Fu has sex with women. The wealthy ghost is a husband's woman under non-disorder. The wealthy ghost is afraid of red apricots coming out of the wall.
(3) Female test male. Guan Ruo had a wife with a man who missed Fu Fucai. Official wealth
Inevitable wind and moon night.
(4) The man gets wealth, the woman holds power, the brother holds the wife, the woman holds offspring
Will Kuff.
(5) Look at the character and characteristics of the characters to combine the six deities with the five elements.
Down 1 September 26, 1997
未 Xin Wei
Brothers Beacon /
Offspring and future
Wife's wealth
Wife Choi Shinkin / Fu Hai Shuiguan Ghost
Brother afternoon fire ///
Descendants Chen Tu // Shi Fuxi's parents
This is Liuhe Gua. The marriage was the best in Liuhe. This life should. Explain that men like women. Prosperous riches and riches will prosper every month. This shows that Nv Wan is in good condition. Material wealth; Lin Suzaku said that eloquence is good, but her heart is very contradictory because Suzaku is a fire. 酉 Jin Su kill convergence. Huo Jinxiangke therefore unstable heart. Actually just registered. The female Wanjia is very outgoing and sometimes abnormal. The man pursues the woman.
Example 2 10/17/997
Ms. Chen's marriage test:
戌 Kezi (not yet in the air)
Wife Cai Yinmu / Wife Cai Yinmu /
Children and grandchildren // World Children and grandchildren // Fushenkin Brothers
Parents earth // Parents earth // 世
Wife wealth Tochigi // Official Ghost Noonfire //
Official Ghost Fire X Ying Parents Chen Tu /
Parents are not soil // Wife Cai Yinmu // Should
After arranging good hexagrams. Tell her that the relationship between the couple is bad. Quarrel often. A quarreled man will answer the door right. This is because Shi Shui Ke is irritated and irritable. If the second leg moves, he will move when he is shocked, which will cause his father and Ke Zi to feel unhappy. Then she said that her lover was ruining her fortune, and that something could happen if she was in a bad mood. A. The mother is seriously ill. With some money, this should be transformed into Chentu Fengwen, the Protagonist of the Teng snake broke out. Breaking the fortune is due to the birth of the official Tochigi Choi every month and turn into a noon fire ghost.
Example 3 On October 24, 1997, Ms. Tang measured her marriage and was deprived of it.
戌 Ji Hai
Brother Tomaki / Brother Tomaki /
Parents and children water // Parents and children water // World Fuxihuo descendants
Wife Wealth Earth // Wife Wealth Earth //
Wife Choi Tsou // Brother Tochigi // Fuxi Jinguangui
Brother Yinmu // Children and grandchildren // Ying
Parents and children water O should be married to his wife
I see the official Fucai. Immediately said that her boyfriend had been married. His wife leaves immediately. Answered that her boyfriend was divorced. Due to the eunuch Fu Chencai's symbiosis, Hechen broke even more every month. Then told her that this marriage may not last long. May be separated in winter. Because of the winter, Haizi Linying Yingwang started to make money. Shi Xun was suspended. Later, because the man loves the Ugly Moon separately. The big ugly should not be punished with three sentences.
Example 4 October 20, 1997
Mr. Wang measured whether love was successful. Gain the ascendant
乙 Yi Wei
Guan Guiyinmu 0 Offspring of Jin Jin //
Wife Wealth Water // Response Wife Wealth Water //
Brother Lutu // Brother Ugly // World
Brother Chen Tu / Descendants 酉 金 / Fushen Golden Sun
Guan Guiyin / World Wife Caihai Shui / Fu Wuhuo Parents
Wife, money, water, brother, ugly soil // should
After arranging good hexagrams. Careful analysis reveals that he has a lot of love but is not easy to achieve. So he asked if he had a girlfriend in 1995 and the answer was yes. Then he said that he also smiled and nodded in 1996. Because of the 95-year-old Hai Lincai and Shihe, the 96-year-old son was very close to each other. We talked about one after breaking up a while ago. Now I want to ask whether this is successful? I see that the wealth is not strong, should be retired, the first son of the financial movement and the six sons and daughters. Therefore, it decided to talk about another one in 1998 and separated. In 1998, Tai Sui Yin came to prosperous times and turned into a wealth-generating company. The consequences are as I said.
Example 5 September 6, 1956 Ms. Liu measured her marriage.
Shen Bingwu
Parents 'Funds // Should Parents' Funds // World
Brother Haishui // Brother Haishui //
Official Ghost Ugly Land // Official Ghost Ugly Land //
Wife's Noon Fire // World Offspring Tochigi // Ying
官鬼 辰 土  Wife wealth fire
Descendants Yinmu // The official ghost is not soil ///
The midday fire of Shijiu is about to turn into Tochigi and return to life. It is not weak, but this year's too old son is not good for the world. After seeing the world, Ying Xiangke, Chen Tuguan, though he used his money to return to life, told her husband that he was having an affair. She said she was preparing to divorce and asked if she could leave. An empty and dead tomb of Sun Yin, who is dead. The ruling officer is weak and cannot be separated for the time being. In 1997, the ugly assistant officer was not good. Only in 1998 and 1999 did Yin Ye fill in the official ghosts and be restrained and should be strangled to death. See also Ying Ying's parents, Lin Yue De Chen Guan, the male parent's parents holding official positions. The father is actually the director. Divorced in the first half of 1998. 98 Tai Sui Yin entered the first generation of offspring Lin Suzaku. But the matter of being a gram official has been a lot of trouble.
(Two) part
1. Judgement is mainly aimed at matters other than the principal. Sometimes some hexagrams are very valid. Sometimes there are discrepancies. You can take a few points to verify before making a break.
2, arbitrarily generally takes Shi Ye as his own. Cooperate with the old-fashioned gram to break off: The six relatives are analyzed according to the six relatives whose reaction changes are the most obvious.
3. The most important thing for arbitration is to cooperate with the characteristics of the six deities and the five elements.
Example 1 June 18, 997. Mr. Zhu measured that people would benefit from both:
Brother Zishui // Brother Zishui // Should
Official Ghost Land / Ying Official Ghost Land /
Parents 'Benefits // Parents' Benefits //
Guan Gui Chen Tu X Brother Haishui / Shi Fu Wu Huo Wife Choi
Descendants Yinmu // World Official Ghost Ugly Land //
Brothers and children / Offspring Tochigi /
People who measure general relationships use it as a response. Although Ying Yun has three celestial celestial urges, but there is no combined force of the sun and the moon: and Shi Ke should be late. Therefore, Wan Wan is not here yet. Only the next month or the ugly month due to the advent of the next month: the ugly moon is ugly because of the world. Later the other party came in Yueyue.
Partial judgment: (1), descendants Chi Shilin Xuanwu. People who are clever will make money, but Yin Mu's death in the month will change his fortune due to illness or criminal. From 1992 to 1994, Shen Kun Jin Ke broke most clearly.
The actual operation was gallstone surgery in 1992. In 1993 and 1994, fortune was broken by right and wrong.
(2) In 1995 and 1995, Hai Zi was born and made money. But it ’s hard to stay.
Actually, it was bad from 1995 to 1997. Money is coming.
(3), the four Shen Shenyue month is extinct. Pro Suzaku is named Fire Xiangke. 97 is the golden tomb. So parents will have disaster. Actually the mother died.
(4), the first brothers hydrated out of Tochigi. One of the brothers also makes money but often gets into trouble with money. This is the Linbai Tiger nature Ganglizi water was broken by the moon noon fortune. Noon is easy to get angry and easy to get angry. Actually his brother. His brother has a particularly good relationship with him because of his close relationship.
(5), Yin Wuyi will fire the parents Shenjin. Therefore, the culture is not high. Parents will say Suzakukou. But sometimes they lose money because they talk a lot, because their parents are prosperous.
(6), the three births of Chen Chen get the moon. Prosperous officials, have jobs to turn the brothers into masters
Birth of a child Buke. And subject to head grams and launched. Therefore, the official friends who are close to me will change this year due to Chen Lin's ugliness and too old. Wang is easy to move. Actually, a friend worked in March and April of 1997.
Example 2 November 6, 1996. Mr. Zhang measured cooperation. Deyi Fans:
未 Ding Wei
Brother Tomaki / Wife Wealth Land / Should
Parents and Children X Official Ghost Shen Jin
Wife Wealth Soil X Generation Offspring Wuwu
Wife Choi Tsien X Parents Haishui / Shi Fuxi Jin Guangui
Brother Yinmu // Wife's Ugly Land ///
Parents and children / Ying brother Tochigi /
Shiling Linriyuehua returned to life to show that she is strong and sincere with cooperation. Ying Ying ’s parents were exaggerated by the Sun and Moon ’s brothers who explained that the unit was small, lacking in strength, and had a strong interest in Suzaku. The world should not overcome this matter. A week's telegram was reported as unsuccessful.
Partially decisive: (1), Wangcai holds the fire into the fire party: Lin Baihu is rigid and decisive: the seated Tutu is loyal and stubborn.
(2) The noble fire of Shicai Wuhua returned to life. From 1989 to 1991 (not yet at noon), the financial resources of the father of the world were good; in 1992 and 1993 (Shen Yu), the financial resources of his father, Ke Zi, were reduced; in 1994 (戌), the richness of Taicai Lincai's wealth; in 1995 and 1996 (Hai Zi), his father Ke Zicai's money is too small and mostly exaggerated; in 1998 (Yin) April and May (noon), his children and grandchildren helped to get rich. The words are generally in line with the worst in 1996, which not only broke the money but also the government. This is the reason for the parents of the son-in-law Chongke Wuhu.
(3) The parents of Wushen moved in 1996 when they were too young, and the Shenshen Jin and Dongshen Chenhe were together, and Wu was the road. Parents would walk to a brother's grave, and sleepy and uncle would be the home of Ku. Actually, her mother went to her sister's house for 96 months in 1996.
Example 3 June 19, 1997. Mr. Zhou asked the cooperation for success:
Noon Renchen
Descendants and Waters // Brother Brother Jin //
Parents 戌 土 0 Offspring Haishui // World
Brother Shen Jin // Parents Ugly Land //
Brother Shenjin / Brother Shenjin /
The official ghost noonfire // The official ghost noonfire // Ying Fu's wife and wealth
Parent Chen Tu // Ying Parent Chen Tu //
Ying Chen's parents should have a thriving moon every day. Explain that the other unit is large and has the strength of cooperation; the world is born, should be born, turned back to life. Explain that oral or written agreements are good for you. Cooperation works. It is a pity that the wealth is not busy and draining, and the ghost of the afternoon is dead, indicating that the government departments are asking for more money. So he told him that this was done but that he didn't get much money for the official department.
The other party asked when was rich. I said that the financial month is positive, and February has passed. The other side said with a smile that they were correct, because they had already cooperated, and had a lot of money in February, but the tax and gift-giving were not enough, and it was true that the money was not enough.
Decided (1), Shi Yihua turned his parents back. The parents of the five concubines were born with the trust and attention of unit leaders. 92, 93 (Jiayi) Tai Sui Lin brother Wang Jicai: 94 (戌) Tai Sui Lin Wuyi parents live. There will be changes in the labor union: _95, 96 (Hai Qian) The children and grandchildren will have money to make money. But in 1996, the old boy rushed to the noon fire officer. There has been a change in Mu Ji's position or his own position: In 1997, the world brother entered the tomb, and the wealth can be saved. Actually, it was broken in 1992 and 1993, and the unit was changed in 1994. Fortune transportation in 95 and 9 was ok. In 1996, his leadership was transferred. A little money was saved in 1997.
(2) Tochigi's Fufu ghost. Explain that his wife or affair had a husband. Yan is the latter. Xiong Wang is robbed of wealth and arguing that the master is in violation of discipline.
(3), the parents of the first couple were born in the sun and the moon. Shows that the parents are in good health, but the 94-year-old warrior will have a trance. It is mother sick.
(4) Four brothers, Suzaku. Suzaku for the sake of the fire and the name of the mouth plus the afternoon sun
There is a brother who is eloquent, enjoys bragging, and is right and wrong. Really brother.
(5), the six grandsons and grandsons of the water break, enter the tomb of the sun, Lin Baihu; Broken love has a miscarriage. answer.
Example 4 15 heads in May 1997. Mr. Wang asked for money to lose:
巳 Ding Yu (The Ugly Ugly)
Guan Guiyinmu / Ying Guanguiyinmu /
Wife Wealth Water // Wife Wealth Water //
Brother Brothers // Brother Brothers // World
Brother Ugly Soil // World Brother Chen Tu // Fushen Jinsun
卯 鬼 卯 木 鬼鬼 寅 木 ///
Parents' flames / Wife's money / Should
Shi Xun held his brother's life again and again. There are many friends and it is difficult to save with rich money: World Air host is not true or more difficult. There is wealth in the world in November. Actually not only has money. There is an affair. This person is fat. Teng snake should be prosperous. Yin Teng snake with Gua for Kun. Kun master belly.
At the same time: (1), the wife of the world brother Wang Ke. Caishui Zishui is dead and the sun and the moon are not prosperous. The old wife will leave. It was actually a divorce in 1986. This is Tai Suikeshi.
(2), the parents of the first wife, the fire, and the sun, the moon and the water, the child, the wife, and the wife turned back, fearing that the mother-in-law was incompatible. In 1989, his parents were very prosperous. The old name of Suzaku, who is afraid of being young and young, is not good. Something will happen this year. It's actually mother's death.
(3) Erji ghosts are always close to moving the world. In 1987, Tai Sui was unfavorable. Resignation.
Example 5 On October 9, 1996, Mr. Zhao measured that the money was too small:
酉 卯 (空 申酉)
Parents soil // Parents soil // Should
Brother Shenjin X Brother Jinjin /
Official Ghost Noonfire / World Offspring Haishui / Fu Haishui
Brother Shen Jin / Brother Shen Jin / Shi
The official ghost noonfire // The official ghost noonfire // Fuxi Wooden Wife
Parent Chen Tu // Ying Parent Chen Tu //
Shi Xun's noon fire turned around and turned back, and the ghost was disturbed.
There is no money to ask for every month. Actually not available.
At the same time: (1). After turning back to break 9s, in 1996 Haizi Chongke was sick or walked a lot. Both should be practical. And changed jobs in 1996.
(2) The brothers of the five concubines Shen Linyuehuajin, Lin Suzaku to prevent fraud and break the wealth of the 92-year-old Lin brother, and will break the wealth while walking. Actually tens of thousands of yuan were deceived for business in 1993. It also consumes a lot of money. One of his brothers was eloquent, walking around to do business but less successful. This is also the reason that the brothers are in the air, Lin Suzaku, and Wuyi are the road.
(3) In 86, 87 (Yinhuan) Tai Sui was born and raised, and it was relatively smooth, and he might get married. 88 years rushed to six parents parents. Retirement is not good for parents. It was 86 years of marriage. Father was admitted to the hospital in 1988.
(4) Ying Ying ’s parents are Long Lin Teng Snake and “Dragon and Snake Miscellaneous”, and their parents are not able to sleep well and dream easily. The answer is yes. This is the opposite and conflict of the month and day grams. The Teng snake master was surprised.
Example 6 June 12, 1997
Guan Gui Yin Mu / Shi Guan Guan Yin Mu /
Wife Wealth Water // Wife Wealth Water //
Brother Brothers // Brother Brothers // World
Descendants Shen Jin O Ying Brother Chen Tu //
Afternoon Fire for Parents // 官鬼 阴 木 ///
Brother Tatsudo X Wife Choi Shui / Ying
Shi Ye died in Yuejian and the sun broke, but fortunately Hai Hai moved in the next life, Huazi Aquatic. But he is still weak and incapable of sucking money. Therefore, marriage is not smooth. At the end of 1995, Tai Sui entered the fortune together and married with each other. In fact, many love failures were married in 1995. But in 1997, the old ugly prince Kezishui. Brother Chen Chen turned back to Ke Haishui, so the marriage problem was actually measured because the lover had an affair. Because of the main hexagram Liuhe, I told him just 97 years. To 98, 90 years old help. Body prosperous and powerful. Naturally inseparable.
At the same time (1), the brother Er Er was prosperous on the moon, one of his brothers was talkative, and many offenders were wrong. Ghost turned back because of the official ghost. The fact is that his brother used to fight and cause trouble. In 1996, the old man was rich and ugly. His younger brother would have a girlfriend.
(2) In 1993, there was an injury when the Tai Tai Sui was attacked by Tochigi.
Inking wood, wood main bones.
(3), the month is a parent, indicating that the parents are still there; Explain that parents often live with younger brothers. This is true.
Example 7 September 9, 1997. Ms. Jiang asked the marriage Kun Kun ratio
Moon Moon Jia Yinri
Descendants 酉 金 // World wife wealth child water // Should
Wife Choi Shui X Brothers 戌 土 /
Ugly Brothers // Shinchen
Official Ghost Tochigi // Ying Official Ghost Tochigi // World
Parents Beacon // Parents Beacon //
Brother Wei soil // Brother Wei soil ///
The main hexagram is Liu Chong and Shi Xun is the grandson of grandchildren. The marriage is not easy, and it is easy to quarrel after marriage.
In 1995, Hai Cai entered into action with officials and students. His husband would have an affair, so I asked how to deal with it? Fortunately, Haihua Shuihua turned his head back. This year, he was too old and ugly to help his brother Li Wang, and the world turned into a child and an official ghost. This year's Haicai will be separated from her husband. However, in 1998 and 1999, the Tai Sui Lin Ying Fu Wang will inevitably attract money to derail. The fact is not divorced.
Judgement (1). Linyuewang, Huazizishuicai, Linxuanwu show that people are more attentive and will make money. Wealthy.
(2) In 1994, Tai Sui Lin Tu Tu Cai. And Hai Lin Rihu. The Lord is suffering from illness or suffering. Actually, he was born into the hospital by himself.
(3), his husband Starwood Lin Riwang. Thin and tall, Lin Gou Chen's personality is subjective and stubborn. In 1993, Taisui Chongke changed jobs, which is actually the case.
Example 8 12 items in September 1997. Mr. Huang found out that Zhongfu, a small animal:
酉 Ding Yu (The Ugly Ugly)
Brother Tochigi / Brother Tochigi /
Offspring beacon / Offspring beacon /
Wife's Wealth // Response Wife's Wealth // World
Wife's Wealth Land O Wife's Wealthy Land // Fuxi Jinguangui
Brother Tomaki / Brother Tochigi /
Parents and children / World Descendants Beacon / Should
Shi Yun's parents and children, Shui Deyuesheng, Lin Suzaku, said at the time that the exam scores were good, but Shi Yingxiang and San Zhichen moved to overcome the disadvantages. The results of the 10,000 lectures have passed. See if the approval notice can come down. It is said that winter is the most favorable due to worldly reasons. If winter is too late, it won't work. Consequences The notice first sent by Dong Yueyue's ambassador was lost by the unit, and she applied for a setback.
Judgement: (1). He didn't do anything in the first half, right. The world came out of the stage, and the Lord moved around, but it turned out to be unfavorable.
(2), the three prince Chenshi moved to Heikeshi, something happened in March. No answer. I went on to say that it was an affair. Laughing should be. But Chen Hua retreated with the moon, this woman will not last long; Chen Long Lin Teng snake mixed. Not serious.
(3), should be born in Lincai month. Shows his wife and star are good. But Shi Ying's marriage is not good. In fact, the most uncomfortable thing is marriage.
例9 l998年元月29日 付女士测运气.得节之大壮:
寅 丙子(空申酉)
兄弟子水 // 官鬼戌土 //
官鬼戌土 O 父母申金 //
父母申金 X 应 妻财午火 / 世
官鬼丑土 X 官鬼辰土 /
子孙卯木 / 子孙寅木 /
妻财巳火 / 世 兄弟子水 / 应
世持财得且生财旺.临朱雀口会说.但化兄临日回头克. often
有口舌是非破财.今年上半年木火生助有财.但父母有灾.亥子月兄旺防劫财。实际上半年赚钱 下半年财减破小财 四月份父亲摔断腿住医院。
兼断:(1) 86至90年一路木火生助财财源丰盛:91至97年均不顺,特别94年入墓、95年逢破均有灾。事实基本相符,94年生病.95年做生意亏本。
午)太岁临化午回头克会出事。实际是本人母亲90年病重。 为本人的母亲应是巳申合、合则靠得近。
(四)、二爻子孙卯化退.受申金动克.临勾陈、勾陈配艮艮为墓 断92、93年对子女不利。 实际是93年流产。并对她说有个孩子,可能是男孩身高、性格任性顽固、不听话、好动、做事有始无终.答对。此亦是木旺临勾陈之故。
例10 1998年7月26日 郑女士测运得乾之小畜
未 甲戌(空申酉)
父母戌土 / 世 妻财卯木 /
兄弟申金 / 官鬼巳火 /
官鬼午火 O 父母未土 // 应
父母辰土 / 应 父母辰土 /
妻财寅木 / 妻财寅木 /
子孙子水 / 子孙子水 / 世
世爻父母戌得日月临助、午火动生.表示所在单位大,身旺则不太辛苦.但父旺则克子,对子女不利.卦中午火动冲初爻子孙亦为明显。世化卯回头合。断87年(卯)太岁来合、财生官有男友;88年(辰)太岁冲世无灾即破身;89、90年(巳午)官生世较顺92、93年(申酉)兄劫财不利:95、96年(亥子)财太岁有财。实际是87年谈男友、88年同居.89、90年在单位比较平称,91年离职(财入墓) 92年有破财.93年病,94年得宫外孕(父克子) 95、96年有财进97年平常。87年太岁合克世爻父母本人无事 应在母亲生孩子。五爻兄弟逢空、化鬼回头克临自虎,其兄86年(寅)病亡。98年寅午戌合官星局.其正月谈一男友.三月辰临应冲世男以出远门。

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