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How to upgrade an old computer is reasonable without spending money

Source: Time: 2020-01-09 01:24:27

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Now the computer is updated quickly, Intel's Core series is all 7th generation, and AMD is on the ZEN series. But many people still use the old platform and feel they are still competent. Don't want to get rid of it. In fact, in the usual office and home computers, many old platforms can be used. In addition to the high computer requirements for games, usually daily use, there is no need to configure too high.
Let me talk to you today, how to upgrade the old computer.
First, make clear what you want to do to upgrade your computer first, and find a professional to understand the shortcomings of the computer.
Secondly, it is necessary to determine the budget for upgrading the computer.
Third, is it necessary to upgrade? There is no upgrade value.
Many old platform upgrades generally do not consider the motherboard, mainly to look at the CPU, the previous was dual-core can be on quad-core. It still depends on the high frequency, low frequency can be considered to increase the frequency, but now it is more affordable to upgrade from dual-core to quad-core. Performance is even more powerful. Upgrading the CPU depends on the platform, whether it is Intel or AMD, and then how many pins are used and what the interface is. Can't buy it casually, this next Master Lu can detect.
Now that the webpage is getting bigger and bigger, the previous network takes up a lot of memory, so 4G is the minimum requirement. 8G is basically sufficient on condition that 2G is basically not enough. If you upgrade the memory, it depends on the previous memory frequency, and the generation is DDR DDR2 DDR3. Now the latest is DDR4, so you should be optimistic about this. Adding memory to the original memory must be the same frequency and the same brand priority.
There is the upgrade of the hard disk. The old hard disk will slow down after a long time. It will become a card with bad sectors. Many computers used to be smooth. If you use it for a long time, it will become a card. , Cache 8M, or 16M, 32M, now 1T disks are 64M, and 128M. The larger the cache, the faster the speed, and how to have higher requirements on the speed, which can be used on solid state drives. However, the solid-state hard disk is best supported by the motherboard's SATA3.0 interface, which greatly improves the speed of the computer.
The above are obvious upgrades to improve the performance. If you have higher requirements for the game, you can upgrade the graphics card.