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[Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe] Special Formula for Uterine Fibroids, Recipe for Stones

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:24:27

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[Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe]
Uterine fibroids special prescription, stone secret recipe
Many women will have uterine fibroids, just different sizes. This recipe was given to me by an old Chinese medicine doctor. I gave it to three friends who had uterine fibroids. Their condition is not bad, and the tumor only has thumbs. It ’s so big, just take 1-2 courses. The reason why I put it up is that I hope that a woman who has this disease can cure it with the least cost and the fastest speed. The recipe is as follows:
25 grams of silver flower, 30 grams of loquat, 18 grams of cork, 25 grams of prunella, 20 grams of forsythia, 15 grams of gardenia, 20 grams of wild stick chrysanthemum, 25 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 15 grams of Yuanhu, 15 grams of black medicine 15 grams of psyllium and 25 grams of diarrhea. Decoction, 3 times a day, 3 doses per course, 2 courses. Severe treatment depends on the condition.
[Reproduced] Stone secret recipe
A lot of people got stones, and they sought medical advice everywhere, and they couldn't recover. Spending money and suffering is a financial burden on yourself and your family. Even more harmful is that using lasers can damage organs, and there are also many hazards when operating. Furthermore, it cannot be eradicated. Now I will tell you one of the most economical, practical and painless recipes that can be eradicated, and I hope it can bring the gospel to stone patients. May the majority of patients be relieved of pain and happiness!
The above pictures are a kind of herb flower-glass begonia. It works wonders for stones. The best treatment for kidney stones, urinary stones, bladder stones.
Treatment methods: 1. Pick 5 to 7 stems and leaves of this flower (together with flowers); 2. Rinse with clean water; 3. Shred by hand and put into a garlic paste to make a fine paste; 4. Put the flower paste Pour boiled water in a ceramic bowl to cool a little, and drink warmly; five or once a day, even if you drink it for a few days, you can get rid of stones; six, drink it before or two hours after the meal is effective. People with severe stones can drink several times.
The principle is acid-base neutralization, because stones are mostly alkaline, and glass begonia is acidic.
I once had left kidney stones, and taking medicine didn't work. Later, my wife heard me say that this side, let me drink it five times, no check. We introduced it to my colleague's father, who has been suffering from bladder stones for many years. He went to Jinan and other places for treatment many times. After using this prescription several times, he excreted a lot of stones, and later drank several times, completely cured. There is also a fellow of my hometown, both kidneys are suffering from stones, and they are suffering.
May friends tell the patients around and try it.

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