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Computer maintenance experience (b)

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Note: The previous issue of Flat Jun briefly introduced how to install the Win10 operating system. This method can completely solve all problems caused by software and system failures. What should you do when there is a problem with the computer hardware? Today I will introduce some common hardware failure phenomena and corresponding solutions.
First, common hardware failure phenomenon
1.Snow appears on the display
2. The computer cannot access the Internet
3.Unable to enter the system after booting
Although these three articles cannot completely summarize all computer hardware failures, in our lives, these problems occur very frequently and are collectively referred to as "three unlucky people" by people in the industry. Often, many friends who do not understand the computer are helpless when faced with such problems. Next, Bingjun will elaborate on how to solve these problems quickly when he encounters these problems. He can also become a master at repairing without a computer.
Specific solutions for two and three low-quality guests
1.Snow appears on the display
From the moment you turn on the computer, the monitor will always be in working condition. The average quality of monitors on the market is within 3-4 years. Of course, this calculation result is based on the high-intensity use state that is always on for 24 hours. , So the normal service life will reach 5-6 years, but even within the normal service life, the monitors of the little friends will often have faults such as snowflake bars and black screens:
Obvious snowflake bars on the display
Regular snowflake lines
When encountering this situation, there are usually two possibilities: 1. The internal circuit of the display is faulty (the probability of occurrence is low); 2. The computer is disturbed by dust and the line is not well connected; then let ’s talk about the steps to solve the second situation:
1. All the machine is powered off, check whether the external interface of the chassis graphics card and the monitor video interface cable are in good contact.
Graphics card display interface with multiple bits of blue, and many small holes attached to it
Blue interface
Of course, different graphics card types have different interfaces:
Old graphics cards are mostly blue VGA; new graphics cards have multiple DVI, HDMI, etc.
A long cable with a blue plug on the external interface of the graphics card is connected to the display:
The blue cable on the left is the video cable used to connect the monitor
Display interface:
Graphics card interface color corresponds to display color
After unplugging the connection cable, observe whether the problem is resolved:
Poor line contact is often the problem
2. The problem is not solved after replugging the connection cable. Open the case and check the graphics card and memory.
Many friends have psychological shadows when opening the case. I do n’t know where to start, and even afraid of damaging the computer accessories. Pingjun told everyone to learn to be bold and careful. Do n’t be afraid to do it. Everyone brings a more detailed explanation of the internal structure of the computer. Next, let's get started:
First, remove the chassis panel (how to do it, it should be)
Chassis internal structure
Memory slot
Graphics slot
Overall schematic
After finding the location, unplug the graphics card and memory:
Loosen the screws
Hold the buckles on both sides of the memory, press down, and click to indicate that the buckles are unlocked
After removing, rub the gold finger contact surface with an eraser (gold finger: the contact surface of memory, graphics card and motherboard slot):
Remember, you cannot wipe the gold bar, only the socket contact surface! !! !!
Do not wipe where the arrow points! !! !!
Wipe this position, the memory is consistent with the graphics card
Normally, after completing these steps, the monitor will return to normal!
2. The computer cannot access the Internet
The computer can't access the Internet, there are 3 cases: 1. The network card driver runs abnormally 2. The line is not well connected 3. The network card is damaged
1. The network card driver is abnormal:
Open the device manager and see if a yellow exclamation point appears on the network card item
Download driver life or driver wizard to solve it
2. Poor line contact:
Cable interface
There are many lights beside
Check whether the network is restored by plugging and unplugging the network cable
3. When the above two methods cannot solve the problem, you can consider the possibility of the network card being damaged. You can buy the network card on JD or T-Mall, and the price is not expensive. If you do not understand the computer at all, you can go to the computer city to solve the problem (generally do not go, but such problems will not be too expensive)
3.Unable to enter the system
This problem is regarded as the most troublesome problem among the three cheap guests, and there are many reasons. Under normal circumstances, most of the memory is bad contact, just wipe the memory gold fingers, you can solve the problem. When this method and the system can not be turned on even after reinstalling the system correctly, then you should consider that the hard disk is faulty
Western Digital 500GB Hard Drive
Hard disks top the list of computer hardware failures. Various factors such as long-term data storage, erasing, and external vibration are all affecting the life of the hard disks. However, the stability and recoverability of the hard disks are still high. Then when the following phenomenon occurs, it proves that the computer hard disk may have bad sectors and other problems:
1.Stuck at the startup interface
2.Failure code
3.Fault prompt
When you encounter these problems, most of the time, the hard disk fails, so how do you solve it?
1. Because the hard disk cannot be disassembled, you can only plug and unplug the data cable and power cable of the hard disk:
Hard disk connection port
Blue is the data cable; next is the power cable
When plugging is invalid, if you still have hope for the hard disk, then reinstall the system multiple times. For details, please refer to the first issue!

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