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How to receive blessings from heaven and earth? The Chief Reveals Your Secrets!

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How to receive blessings from heaven and earth! Taoism (ID: daoismcn)
First, what is the positive energy of heaven and earth?
The universe we live in is made up of energy, and the matter in the universe is produced by positive energy. Since the universe is full of energy, does our body need energy? The answer is yes. Humans can obtain a part of energy through diet. The essence of food is absorbed in the stomach, converted into dietary energy, and waste is transferred to the large intestine. Is there any other energy besides this?
The practitioners must know that a person who has practiced Taoism can live a month or more without eating, which seems to violate scientific principles. Actually not. Although people do not have dietary energy, they can sustain life through cosmic energy.
The pace of life of modern people is too fast, and some people cannot even ensure normal dietary energy. Coupled with unsuitable work schedules, sitting for a long time in front of computer TVs is too exhausting. When working or studying in the same posture for a long time, the upper body leans forward, and the cervical spine becomes tense. First, the veins of the governor are suppressed. Over time, the entire spine becomes prone to bending, and the human spirit is also poor.
As the saying goes, "people live in one breath", this tone is the yang of the human body. This yang is gone, and people should leave, which means "Yangshou is done". The word dazzling is used by the old ancestors to describe a person who is healthy and full of vitality and has clear and clear eyes. But now, due to various pressures in society, the eyes of some college students, graduate students, and even junior and senior high school students may not be radiant. A practitioner who likes to meditate must know the influence of his energy on his own practice and path. Then, whether it is an ordinary person or a practitioner, the need for positive energy is affirmative and necessary.
Man lives between heaven and earth and is nourished by everything in heaven and earth. Since ancient times, there has been a respect for the sayings of "King of Heaven and Earth" and "Worship of Heaven and Earth". Heaven and earth is the exclusive concept of the Eastern nation on the universe. "Xunzi · Tianlun": "The star team Muming, all people are afraid ... It is the transformation of heaven and earth, the transformation of yin and yang, and the rarest of things." The positive energy of heaven and earth is the most suitable for humans in the universe. Most nourish human energy.
Second, the benefits of receiving positive energy
Receiving the blessing of the positive energy of the heavens and the earth can prolong your life, strengthen your body, and open up your spiritual wisdom. When the human body accumulates too much negative energy, philosophically speaking, quantitative changes will inevitably cause qualitative changes, and diseases will occur at the physical level.
Neutralizing the energy with the positive energy of heaven and earth can adjust the balance of yin and yang in the body, clear the meridians, open the gate of the heavens, and open the midribs. Naturally, the health of the body can be greatly improved. When the body has no negative energy or very little negative energy, receiving the blessing of positive energy from heaven and earth can enhance its own energy, and then have a deeper understanding of what has been learned.
She is simple and easy to do, and does not affect people's normal work, life and social interaction. It can awaken everyone to return to the good in nature. It can make people aware, aware, and achieve body, mind, and spirit unity. Isn't this what people want to see?
Third, why is it receiving the positive energy of heaven and earth at 7-9 pm?
As we all know, our body is composed of mass, energy and information. Everything is tangible, that is, mass, energy is in the form of "qi," and soul is our "information." "Qi" is yang, the energy on which we live.
It can be seen that our human body must not be able to do without energy, as is the case with the earth and the universe. This energy is not only born to us, but also a constant transmission from the heavenly ancestors. When we were born, we were pure and unimpaired, but with the growth of the day after tomorrow, our bodies and minds were gradually stained. The energy on our bodies became more and more complex and weaker, and the food we ate was also Not pure, so that our body gradually breeds various diseases, and its energy is getting weaker and weaker.
We can enhance the energy of our body by receiving the positive energy of heaven and earth in selflessness and love. In the process of receiving, we can pray for the positive energy of heaven and earth to clear the meridians, qi and blood in our body, and ward off sickness and qi. , Fire and cold, let the body restore the balance of yin and yang, and at the same time restore the body and mind to health and freedom.
Since the positive energy of the earth and the earth are being transmitted at all times, why should they be received between 7-9 o'clock every night? We can consider the following aspects:
1From the perspective of yin and yang gossip
From 7 pm to 9 pm, it is a rush hour. From the perspective of the yin and yang gossip, it is the northwest and it is the opening time of the Tianmen, and the "Tianmen" of the human body is the Baihui point. If you can sit down quietly at this time The idea is to ask the heavens and the earth to inject positive energy from Baihui Acupoint, and it is through the information that the energy received at this time is more effective.
2 From the angle of a noon stream
At 7 to 9 pm, the pericardial menstrual period is seasonal. Insomnia, dreaming, awakening, difficulty falling asleep, upset, forgetfulness, dullness, dry mouth, neurasthenia and other symptoms are common symptoms of pericardial insufficiency in hand-juiced yin. Sitting still during this period of time, receiving the blessing of positive energy from the heavens and the earth, can effectively clear the pericardium and alleviate or eliminate the above physical problems caused by imperfections of the pericardium.
3 From the perspective of Taoist theory
The stomach communicates with the pericardium, the spleen communicates with the small intestine, and the spleen and stomach resemble each other. The pericardium and the triple-focus meridian are related to each other, and the heart and the small intestine are related, and the small intestine absorbs nutrients. From this point of view, this time can calmly receive the positive energy blessing of heaven and earth, which is the best time for the human body to absorb "nutrition".
4Human health includes
Mental and physical health. Mental health affects and restricts the health of the body. All diseases are caused by heart disease. They are caused by resentment, hatred, annoyance, anger, and annoyance in the heart, which cause pathological changes in the organs.
Anger hurts the liver, hates sadness, hurts the kidneys, hurts the spleen, and hurts the lungs. When you are sick, you have disaster. Negative energy accumulates in the human body to a certain extent, and the body naturally gives an alarm. If no attention is paid again, the "disaster" will escalate, perhaps the consequences will be unimaginable!
5 From the perspective of human yin and yang
The balance of the human body's yin and yang is the root of all diseases. The energy blessing between 8 and 9 o'clock every night, its energy is derived from the positive energy of nine days, which is very important for the balance of yin and yang of the human meridian and qi and blood.
How to receive blessings from heaven and earth
The key to the positive energy of the world is the problem of the channel. If the channel is right, it will be connected. If the channel is wrong, it is like the remote control has no battery. You can never find the TV program you want to watch. The positive energy of heaven and earth that we receive between 7 to 9 pm every day can increase the positive energy of our body, mind, and spirit. When the "positive energy" on our body has accumulated to a certain degree, what we naturally call is all good and smooth. Beautiful things, even we can naturally use our "small universe" to change the big universe around us and make it softer and quieter with us.
Therefore, if we can put down all our worries and sorrows and sit down quietly between 7 and 9 pm every day. Meditate three times in your heart: receive the positive energy of heaven and earth, and Fusheng immeasurable heaven, you can also add your own name, read: I, so and so receive the positive energy of heaven and earth blessing), hands on both knees, palms up. Try to visualize the negative energy of the body, mind, and spirit slowly from the hands and feet, so that the body yin and yang balance, qi and blood flow.
If you don't have time, you can just gesture at eight and add your thoughts, it won't take half a minute. Then you can do your own. Energy blessing is automatic, so don't worry about people's walking will affect energy blessing. If there is a little time, it is best to sit still for ten minutes after gesturing and thinking. Because the energy of the first ten minutes is the strongest. In any case, it is best to have the palms facing upwards, even one hand, at an hour between 8 and 9 o'clock.
After 9 o'clock, first thank the positive energy of Heaven and Earth, then rub the palms of your hands and hands, and then massage your face, rub your temples, and eye massage!
When you first receive energy, some people will feel it, some people will feel it, some people will not feel it at first, and they will feel it later; Because each person's body sensitivity and meridian patency are different, the induction will not be the same, but even if you do not feel it at the beginning, you must continue to receive. Quantitative change to a certain extent will inevitably cause qualitative change. There is no pie in the sky. If one does not persist, does not pay, there is definitely no gain.
When you receive energy at night, you can sit and lie, you don't have to sit still, but in order to better regulate your body, it is better to meditate and receive as much as possible. The effect of insisting on receiving energy is more obvious. (Begins at eight, the first ten minutes, it is best to sit still)
Meditation can strengthen the body, repair the sub-healthy state of the body, and improve the functions of the internal organs. Especially for chronic diseases and stubborn symptoms, such as: hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, insufficient blood supply to the brain, migraine headache, heavy body, cold limbs, rheumatism, love to sweat, night sweats, etc., has a significant regulatory effect.
During meditation, the mind is empty, and the breathing becomes smooth and even. The total amount of air entering the lungs through breathing is relatively stable, and the amount of oxygen entering the heart is relatively stable, which is conducive to the regulation of blood pressure. During meditation, the body's energy consumption is reduced, and the heart's oxygen consumption is much lower than usual. The strength of blood circulation is naturally stronger than usual. The strong blood circulation can help us to purify the clogged substances in blood vessels, so that many "long-term dormant" blood vessels can regain vitality.
Lao Tzu said, "Everything has its own roots, and its roots are its roots. The roots are said to be quiet, and the quiet is to return to life." It means that the root is the source of all life, and the return to the root is still. That's why it's important to be static.
The "Tai Ping Jing" said: "The method of seeking the Tao, static is the root, and after a long period of self-static, the Tao comes out."
"Taiping Jinghe School" said: "Stay in the body, even if the disease is not added, the longevity of life is long, and the gods bless it." "Forgetting to Sit" said: "Silent for a long time, the disease is gone."
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