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Feng Shui Tips for Building Decoration

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Feng Shui inside the house
1. Inside the house, the ground must be flat, there must be no bumps, and no outside the door.
2. Smallpox should not use the graphic of square straight line, it is better to use the round pattern.
3. The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the color of the surrounding walls to prevent oppression.
4. If carpets are installed in the house, carpets of different colors should not be laid because of different door styles.
5. If the wallpaper or floor is partially damaged, you need to dig one piece and make up another piece. Be sure to cut it into squares. It is not advisable to cut along the damaged part into unequal edges to make up.
6. There are too many decorative objects in the house triangle, and the Lord is ominous. Second, home decoration Feng Shui: Feng Shui of the door
Feng Shui
1. Do not use round arches (tomb gates) for square houses. Exceptions are Islamic temples, the Legislative Council, etc. 2. The function of the carpet at the entrance is to clean up the dirt on the soles of the shoes when entering the room or entrance, so it can only be placed outside the door, not inside the door.
3. Tall planting plants cannot be placed on both sides of the door. This arrangement is oppressive.
4. It is not allowed to place decorative screens directly opposite the gate to prevent the entry of ground air (except for Feng Shui arrangements).
5. The door is on the left, and the door to the inner room opens to the right. 6. Begin to see the kitchen or toilet, not good, the main defeat.
Home improvement Feng Shui: bedroom Feng Shui
1. Bedrooms should not be arranged with round objects, even scenes. Mirrors, makeup tables, chairs, etc. should also be square. Otherwise it is difficult to relax and fall asleep.
2. In the same room, if there are two doors, avoid opening one on the left and one on the right. It is best to open the doors in the same direction.
3. Circular single windows are not allowed in the bedroom.
4. The height of the bedroom window must be higher than the door. 5. The bedroom door is facing the bathroom.
6. The bedroom should be square, and there should be no ensuite. If it should be outside the square bedroom.
7. The height of the floor of the bathroom suite should not be higher than the floor of the bedroom. 8. Beds are facing the main room door, bogey.
9. All bedrooms should only be square or approximately square, avoiding "narrow and long" shape, otherwise you cannot sleep.
10. The windows in the same door should be approximately the same height.
11. In the same room, the door opening direction should not be opposite to that of the bathroom suite.
12. Whether the bedroom is rectangular or not, there should be no beveled pattern, and the mirror of the dressing table should not be facing the bed or the door.
13. The ceiling should not be used in the bedroom. The ceiling must be clean and pure, and there must be no bumps or suspended objects.
14. The wall connected to the bedroom is most forbidden to place the sacred place, and the wooden board is jealous.
15. Specially made articles such as iron beds and tripods are rarely used in the bedrooms due to the original quality of the bedrooms. It is mainly thick, warm and soft. It is not suitable to use cold, hard and strong facilities. Wooden is preferred.
Home improvement Feng Shui: living room Feng Shui
1. The living room is required to have good vision, and there must be no furnishings that obstruct the eyes.
2. If the living room uses chandeliers, it is not suitable to add other shapes of lighting. On the ceiling, a little relief-shaped decoration is not a problem.
3. Reflective items should not be used in the living room, otherwise it will be the same as filling the living room with evil spirits.
4. The door of the living room is opposite to the indoor palace.
5. Avoid spiral staircases (similar to electric drills) in the lobby, especially in the center of the lobby.
6. The number of sofa sets in the living room can not be repeated. One set is enough. The most jealous one set is half or two sets of unrelated tables and chairs. I do n’t want to use a round sofa and two different sets of sofas and tables.
7. The situation of the living room is too large at the beginning, so it is not allowed to divide it into a bedroom.
8. A house has two living rooms, the area of which should not be similar, should be large and small, the front hall area is larger, and the back hall area is smaller. The small living room is too close to the kitchen, or the dining room is too close to the kitchen.
Home improvement Feng Shui: Kitchen Feng Shui
1. Gas and LPG stoves should not align tap heads.
2. The kitchen should not be adjacent to the bedroom, toilet, or the throne.
3. The kitchen should not be connected to the toilet or face to face, otherwise it will affect health.
4. The kitchen floor should be flat and not wider and taller than the houses in the house.
5. The kitchen should use light colors, avoid dark.
6. The kitchen is best not to be open to the air (due to a lot of dirt in the sky).
7. The kitchen should not be located in front of the house or living room.
8. There must be no room behind the kitchen, that is, the kitchen must be located in the rear half of the house.
9. Kitchen shape avoid round or half moon shape.
10. The kitchen or toilet is located in the middle of the house.
11. The kitchen cannot be located between two bedrooms.
Decoration taboo
The balcony must not face the kitchen. This is also a kind of penetration, which will weaken the family's reunion function. When the husband encounters outside, the wife will go out of the wall, and the child will not go home.
If the balcony is facing the door or the kitchen, the curtains can be pulled up for a long time as a barrier. The entrance and exit should not be facing the balcony. This forms the so-called through-heart.
If the couch is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its force. The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. Only those who have used the couch bed for a long time are prone to illness.
The eaves of the shelter canopy should be curved to avoid the sword shape. The eaves of the balcony shelter canopy must not be the sword shape, which is not good for Changjin's balcony.
The stove should not be placed facing the back balcony or the kitchen door, which is detrimental to the health of those who eat at home.
The location of the toilet is very important in the home's feng shui. If you divide the plane of the house into nine equal parts, the middle part is the middle palace. The toilet position cannot be above the middle palace. Why is the health of the home healthy? Not very good.
Entry Seeing Kitchen and Toilet, Returning Home
In most houses, upon entrance is the living hall. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of the space, when you enter the door, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. This is the taboo of the Yang house, and it is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family luck will decline. Second, the top of the beam affects mood and health
Beams should not be pressed on the head of the bed, desk or dining table. It is unavoidable to design the ceiling and block it, otherwise it will affect the emotions and health of the residents, and their careers will be hindered. 3. The door to the door is obsessed with lust
The bedroom door must not face the door, otherwise the occupants will be tempted to stay in the lust. Fourth, the living room is in the middle of the house
Ordinary dwelling, if the living room or living room is in the middle
Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens
If the irregular house is used as a kitchen, it will affect the health of the family. The irregular house can only be used as a storage room. 6. Irregular houses should not be used as bedrooms
Irregular rooms should not be used as the master bedroom of the couple, otherwise it will lead to the consequences of long marriage and infertility. 7. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror next to the bed
In addition to the bed not facing the big mirror, if there are large dressing mirrors on both sides of the bed, it will make people sleep uneasily, leading to insomnia, dreaming and so on.
Bedrooms should not be beautifully decorated
The bedroom's hue should be elegant and warm, and it should not be too bright, and it should not be decorated with richness, excessive luxury, and glittering ornaments. In the Feng Shui master bedroom of the home, in addition to the bed not facing the bathroom, it is also not good to face side by side, which can easily lead to severe illness.
Evergreen potted plant
Due to the improvement of living quality, in order to increase the greenness of the interior, the evergreen potted plant is a good interior decoration, but you must choose evergreen, strong vitality, not easy to wither.
Painting on the bedside can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is advisable to be light, short and short. It is best to avoid large paintings with thick and huge frames. Otherwise, once the hooks fall off, cut them off.
Bathrooms and toilets are the place to discharge sewage. Apart from being in compliance with the regulations of the local bureau, it is most forbidden to be wet, dirty, and smelly. If you can keep clean and dry, you can retain your fortune.
The door goes straight to the end, and the trouble is constantly
Like a hotel, a home is connected with a row of rooms, otherwise it is prone to affair and elopement, and it is rare to be safe.
Beds with feet, no debris under the bed
Beds with feet should be kept open and airy under the bed, and no debris should be piled under the bed, especially for newlyweds.
Doors in the room should be in the same direction
In the room door, the opening direction should be the same, which can be determined from the door handle. The most bogey one is to open left and one to open right.
The bathroom is located at the end of the corridor.
If there is a corridor in the house, the bathroom should only be set beside the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be fierce.
Bedside window
Feng Shui is a taboo on the bedside window, so keep in mind.
Cross angle shots are not good for marriage
Regardless of whether it is in the personal room of a man or a woman, it is necessary to avoid column shots, otherwise it will affect emotions and health, and it is also detrimental to love and marriage. Be sure to remedy early.
Warm light bulbs are good for feelings
The light in the bedroom is very important for the couple's feelings. Warm light bulbs should be used as much as possible, and cold light bulbs or fluorescent lights should be used less. Nineteen, the corner angle shot, it should be potted to resist
To stay safe and healthy at home, if possible, you should choose a house with no corners around to form a corner. Such as the separation of their homes.
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