hg huojing.com An aunt has never cooked meat for decades, but it is surprisingly delicious! Close it and do it slowly ~

An aunt has never cooked meat for decades, but it is surprisingly delicious! Close it and do it slowly ~

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Rather eat meat without soup
Chinese people like to drink soup, especially Cantonese, old fire soup is essential.
Many people think that soup is inseparable from meat. A meaty soup is strong and fresh, but in Shantou, such a mother-in-law has been cooking soup for decades. She never puts meat but is better than broth drink!
The method is simple. Prepare all the ingredients, put them in a casserole, add water, and cook for an hour on the fire. Be careful not to let the water overflow in the middle.
And the whole process does not need to put oil, the seasoning basically only needs a little salt, whether it is to protect our blood vessels, prevent blood clots, or to lose weight and tonic.
If it doesn't, it's too bad!
Chicken flavor nourishing lotus root soup
Nourish, nourish blood and qi
藕 One section, one carrot, shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, red dates, ginger 3-4 slices, salt
Yuzhu pot ginseng <effect>
Remove heat, relieve fever, cough and dryness, moisturize lungs
Yuzhu 5 Money, Sand Ginseng 5 Money, American Ginseng 4 Money, Soybean 2 Two, Chenpi 1 Piece, Salt
Shiitake Yam Soup <Efficacy>
Reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, enhance immunity.
300 g yam, 100 g each of shiitake mushroom, carrot and agaric, salt, sesame oil
Bamboo Sheng Golden Needle Soup <Efficacy>
Helps digestion and sleep
10 bamboo sheng, 8 winter mushrooms, 1 enoki mushroom, ginger, salt
Zucchini beauty soup <effect>
Kidney and beauty
Zucchini (hair melon, northern melon) 1, one carrot, two chestnuts, two winter mushrooms, one peanut, two ginger, salt
Papaya Clearing Soup <Efficacy>
Intestinal fever, beauty, eyesight
1 catty papaya, 2 peanuts, 2 bean curds, 2 eyebrow beans, 2 winter mushrooms, 1 piece of tangerine peel, salt
Coconut Runfei Decoction
Nourish your lungs and smooth your heart
1 coconut meat, 1 yam section, 1 north-south apricot, 2 candied dates, white fungus, a little ginseng
Hericium Stomach Soup
Nourish the stomach and tonic
2 Hericium Mushrooms, 5 Winter Mushrooms, Huaishan 1 Two, Peanuts 1 Two, Walnuts 1 Two, Jujube 2
Corn Spleen Soup
Spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, rheumatism
1 piece of corn, 2 pieces of coix seed, 3 pieces of bamboo shoots, yellow bolete, louver knot, winter melon
Sweet Potato Soup <Efficacy>
Half a catty potato, Codonopsis 1 two, Lotus seed 1 Two, Agaric 1 Two, 5 Mushrooms, 5 Jujubes, Ginger, Salt
So many soups must be collected first, and then slowly boiled, drinking in the mouth is addictive, the stomach is comfortable, the blood vessels are not burdened, the body benefits, it ca n’t be better

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