hg1018.com Lithuanian beach resort suddenly rushes torpedo, people think Russia is attacking

Lithuanian beach resort suddenly rushes torpedo, people think Russia is attacking

Source of information: Time: 2020-02-21 02:15:04

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On April 11, according to Russian media reports, a green barrel-shaped object with red and white stripes on the front was suddenly rushed on the sandy beach of Kurs spit along the Baltic Sea in Lithuania, one kilometer near the Russian border.
Coors Spit is a summer resort in Lithuania, and the port of Klaipeda connected to it is the only seaport in Lithuania. A 5-minute ferry ride from Port Klaipeda will take you to the location of Coors Spit. People on vacation took a closer look and were taken aback. It turned out to be a torpedo with a length of more than 4 meters. People thought that war was about to break out.
Photo: A torpedo washed up on the beach.
The so-called sand spit refers to the narrow land that extends into the sea.
The beach torpedoed this time is located in Kursspit, Lithuania, a long and narrow peninsula that extends into the Baltic Sea. This extended dune peninsula is 98 kilometers long, 4 kilometers at its widest point and 400 meters at its narrowest point.
There are human settlements here in prehistoric times. Since ancient times, it has been threatened by natural forces such as sea breeze and tides. Due to generations of people fighting through continuous afforestation and sand fixation projects and erosion of sand mouths, these sand fixation sites still exist today. From 3000 BC, fishermen and hunters lived on the sand. In 2000, the Coors Spit Confucian Ruins National Park was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.
Photo: Russian torpedo rushing to the beach.
A Russian inscription was found on the torpedo, stating that it was a Russian 533 mm torpedo. From the appearance of the torpedo, especially the red and white head painting, it shows that this is a training torpedo. The head does not have a warhead, but a training torpedo.
Why did Russian torpedoes rush to Lithuanian sand pits?
It turns out that the long and narrow Kurs spit is not entirely part of Lithuania, it is divided in half in the middle, 52 km to the north belongs to Lithuania, and the south belongs to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.
Picture: Torpedo tail close-up.
The Lithuanian side believes that this is a training torpedo of the Russian border guards, and accidentally shot into Lithuanian sand spit during training.
Just two days ago, Lithuania warned NATO that Russia was capable of attacking the Baltic states within 24 hours.
Picture: Russian Baltic Fleet ships.
On September 28, 1926, the Soviet government concluded a non-aggression treaty with Lithuania. In 1940, Soviet troops occupied Lithuania. After the outbreak of the Soviet-German war in 1941, Lithuania was occupied by the German army. In 1944, the Soviet army liberated Lithuania and established the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania to join the Soviet Union. On March 11, 1990, Lithuania announced its departure from the Soviet Union, which was not recognized by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union did not recognize Lithuania until September 6, 1991. On September 17, the same year, Lithuania joined the United Nations.
Photo: Lithuanian navy small ship.
Lithuania is now part of NATO and the European Union. After Russia took over Crimea in Ukraine in 2014, Lithuania, which is next to Russia, was very nervous. This time, just after reporting to NATO that Russia was capable of attacking the Baltic states within 24 hours, Russian torpedoes hit Lithuanian territory, which really caused small nations of Lithuania to sweat coldly.
Lithuanian military strength is meager, with a total of only 16,000 people, of which there are only more than 600 people in the Navy, equipped with several small ships, it is difficult to compete with the Russian Baltic fleet.

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