w216.hg0088.com This nuclear power just shouted tough! The attitude of the United States and South Korea softened immediately and said that they did not want to hit North Korea!

This nuclear power just shouted tough! The attitude of the United States and South Korea softened immediately and said that they did not want to hit North Korea!

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:15:00

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Original Wings of Great Power 2017-04-13 15:20
Author: Dawn; images from the network
In a way, geopolitical considerations make a small country lucky. He is close to two world powers, but is collectively protected by these two powers. He used to develop his own nuclear weapons and long-range missiles almost capriciously, but he can leave the consequences to them. But it has received economic aid from various countries and even the enemy. This country is North Korea. As the only superpower in the world at present, the United States has military hegemony. These years, it can be said that it fights whoever it wants to fight, and whoever wants to toss whoever toss, but it seems very helpless when facing North Korea alone. What is the reason behind this? It is because of the existence of China and Russia.
Recently, North Korea may have a "big move" in mid-late April, or the sixth nuclear test, or the launch of a long-range ballistic missile, which has caused sudden tensions on the peninsula. Two US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier battle groups are rushing to the peninsula, and the US amphibious battle group is approaching the peninsula. The President of the United States even claimed that he might take "unilateral" action against North Korea. However, this is unrealistic. In the Korean Peninsula region, the United States does not have the freedom to take unilateral actions at will, because there are two major powers: China and Russia. Russia's "Perspective" stated on the 12th that if war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, China and Russia would never sit idly by and treat the US offensive against North Korea as a direct threat to themselves, and it is very likely to launch a second anti-US aid to North Korea. Therefore, the United States will not run the risk of launching a world war.
US "Karl Vinson" carrier battle group
Russia's words are not just talk. Russia has always been "action." Russian satellite news network reported on April 11 that the Russian Pacific Fleet "Varyag" missile cruiser, known as the "carrier killer", has arrived in the waters around South Korea. At the same time, Russia's multiple Tu-95 bombers, Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft and Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft approached the US's younger brother, Japan's airspace, from different directions, and carried out another "circle" operation. There is a saying in Russia: "When encountering resistance, the stick is swept; when resistance is increased, the stick is thicker." Obviously, Russia has begun to wield its own stick with regard to the unilateral actions claimed by the United States.
Russian surface ship launches new-generation "caliber NK" cruise missile
At the same time, China has also issued a warning to the United States, and even drawn a "red line." Recently, the Global Times editorial said that no matter what happens, China has a bottom line and will guard it at any cost, that is, security and stability in the Northeast. North Korea's nuclear activities must not cause any pollution to Northeast China, North Korea cannot move toward turbulence with a large number of refugees, it cannot have a hostile regime with China, and US forces cannot advance to the Yalu River. My Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Korean Peninsula is at the doorstep of China. On the peninsula issue, we always have a "red line", which means that "war and chaos" will never be allowed, which is in the common interest of all parties in the region.
This is the strong voice of China and Russia on the reunification of the United States, and the United States has to reconsider its own Peninsula policy. The Wall Street Journal said on the 12th that Trump's new policy toward the DPRK is to further exert economic and political pressure. When the US Defense Secretary James Matisse held a press conference, when asked if the carrier battle group dispatched by the US military was aimed at North Korea, he said that the carrier often sailed in that area, and this time he went there, There are no special operational requirements. On the same day, South Korea also hurriedly stated that "the United States needs to notify South Korea to military strike against North Korea. Without South Korea's consent, it is difficult for the United States to use force against North Korea. The United States has always threatened to use force against North Korea, but it has not been implemented." Yes, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun also claimed that the Japanese government requires the US government to consult with Japan before taking military action against North Korea. is this real? The United States is so passive. Isn't it positive to yell and yell all the time?
The so-called death will not die. The stability of the peninsula has a bearing on China's overall peace and development. It is China's core strategic interest, and neither party can harm China's core interests. Of course, this includes North Korea. I also want to say to North Korea here that North Korea, as a small country and a weak country, has been more willful in carrying out its various activities. It has been able to stabilize in the face of military threats from world hegemons to this day. Because North Korea has developed nuclear weapons, not because the North Korean "big country chess game" played well, but because of the "endorsement" of security by China and Russia, especially China. The DPRK should consider more of China's "double suspension" initiative on the situation on the peninsula and exchange economic and political exchanges and cooperation with China. This is the real long-term plan.

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