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With this trick, the grapes he grows are both labor-saving and particularly delicious!

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Everyone knows that planting grapes is labor-intensive and requires high details.
It is basically impossible to save labor costs and grow delicious grapes!
But he relied on this trick-he did it!
Wu Yongfeng, Founder of Tianhong Sunshine Farm 
Super wide and extravagant line spacing
People eat, and grapes fertilize. If the fertilizer is applied well, the grapes will be delicious.
With the traditional 3m line spacing, there is no way to solve the problems of large-scale fertilization and mechanical fertilization.
At the beginning, Wu Yongfeng, the founder of Tianhong Sunshine Farm, used the most common three-meter line spacing, but found a fatal problem, a large amount of good fertilizer could not be applied, and it also required huge labor costs.
Therefore, Lao Wu later changed the line spacing to 5 meters, and the width can be described in luxury. In this way, large mechanized fertilization and large-scale fertilization can be performed.
Extra wide grape spacing 
The method of fertilizing is to open a deep trench and apply big fertilizer. It is particularly exaggerated when fertilizing. Use a large excavator to ditch and fertilize with a forklift.
This method greatly improves the efficiency of fertilization, and also reduces labor costs.
Excavator and forklift on together 
Open a deep trench 
One fertilization of 40-50 tons is mainly organic fertilizer. In this regard, Ningxia has a unique advantage. Dairy farms provide a lot of high-quality organic fertilizer, and the cost is very low.
If organic fertilizer is equivalent to rice, then a large amount of water-soluble fertilizer is equivalent to targeted nutrition.
Where the money is spent, Tianhong Sunshine is not ambiguous at all, and in different stages of grape growth, water-soluble fertilizers with different proportions of elements are applied.
Through this method, the soil will form a nutritional belt with a depth of 3-4 meters, which is enough for the grape roots to absorb.
In addition, after widening the line spacing, not only can large machinery fertilize, but also large machinery management. Machinery can participate in grapes, pre-production, mid-production and post-production, which greatly saves labor costs.
Ridge-type small scaffolding replaces traditional stand
In addition to increasing the line spacing, Lao Wu also has a trick--
That is to replace the traditional stand with a small ridge-type scaffold.
As with the line spacing, at the beginning Tianhong Sunshine Farm also used a traditional stand, but found it difficult to use during the planting process.
Yuan Gong, the technical director of Tianhong Sunshine, said that the stand is not suitable for China. The light in Ningxia is too strong and the sunburn is serious, which will hurt the grapes, which will increase a lot of labor costs and losses.
Grapes injured by sunburn 
The use of small roof scaffolding will have the following advantages:
1. The vine will grow lush branches and leaves, concealing the ears, so that the grapes are not affected by sunburn;
2. Increased tree branch spread, which overcomes the problems of inconstant sugar content, unstable quality, and premature aging of grapevines;
3. The traditional stand method, the grapevine develops vertically, and a lot of nutrients are concentrated on the leaves. In the ridge type, the vine develops horizontally, and a large amount of nutrients will be concentrated on the ears;
4. The height extends from 1.2 meters to 2 meters, and the height is just right. Not only is it convenient for casual picking, it is also easy to manage. Staff bagging, pruning, thinning flowers, and thinning fruits are very convenient, which greatly reduces labor costs.
The ridge-type scaffolding is also better managed than the parallel scaffolding. The new farmhouse has inspected many vineyards with parallel scaffolding. Although the tourists are easy to pick, it is too high and it is cumbersome to manage.
Ridge type small scaffold 
In addition, the grape trellis of Tianhong Sunshine Farm can be stowed, which is convenient for mechanized management before and after childbirth.
Are the grapes grown like this delicious?
In order to grow delicious grapes, they have another trick-
family planning!
A grapevine only has 6 branches. During the growth process, the ears are thinned and the flowers are thinned, and 50-60 grapes are left in a single ear.
In the end, the yield per mu is controlled at 1500 kg, the output is extremely low and the requirements are extremely high!
Workers are sparse flowers, family planning management 
Tianhong Sunshine's grape brand is called Tianxiang Rose. There are currently two grape varieties-rose fragrance and red grape.
The grapes grown in this way have the following advantages:
1, high sugar content, this is the simplest and rude. Rose scent and red raisin can reach a maximum of 24 degrees of sugar, and are generally above 22 degrees, so fans give them the red extraction name "Bingtang Red Raising", and the sugar-acid ratio is just right;
High sugar content 
2, uniform size, compact fruit. Each grape is about the same size and can be cut into very small pieces. The peel is still tightly adhered to the flesh and thrown down from a height of 2 meters.
3. Grapes can be eaten without skin. Tianxiang rose grapes are thin, not astringent, and safe. They can be eaten directly without skin.
Rock Sugar Red Lift 
Rose fragrance 
President Wu ’s goal is to--
Eating Tianxiang rose grapes will remind you of the natural feeling of the 70s and 80s!
Every bunch of grapes with ID
Tianhong Sunshine is the first farm in China to make an identity card for each bunch of grapes.
 Each bunch of grapes has an identification card, and the information includes the base address and contact information. You can also scan the QR code to know the whole growth, fertilization, and management of the bunch.
Once a customer bought a Tianxiang rose grape in a fruit store and was conquered by its taste. He went to the fruit store to buy it again, but found that it was sold out. Suddenly remembering the ID card hanging on the grapes at that time, I went out to the trash can downstairs and went to the base of Tianhong Sunshine to buy several large boxes according to the information.
Like this customer, there are many, many fans who go directly to the base to buy grapes through their ID cards.
Good products start with planting. In this process, there are core links such as fertilization, management, and yield control.
Do not be too greedy when it comes to agriculture. In order to fertilize well and mechanized management, the dense planting was abandoned; for the grapes to be delicious, only 1500 kg per acre was needed.
Like Lao Wu, for these core links, willingness to spend time, adapting to local conditions, and seeing moves, not only can grow delicious grapes, but also save a lot of labor.
If you want to communicate with Lao Wu, please scan the following QR code and add WeChat ↓↓
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