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Keep a pot of this at home, so you can buy a lot less medicine!

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There are several pots in the house to watch,
Also medicinal plants,
It is usually convenient to have a minor illness and pain ~
Honeysuckle has coldness, clears heat and detoxifies, and has a fragrant odor. It has significant therapeutic effects on diseases such as sore throat caused by internal heat. Generally, flowers are used as medicine, and the flowers are dried and stored after picking. After taking the water, they can be used immediately.
Planting methods 1. You can buy ready-made ones in the flower market, or you can take a small branch and remove the four leaf cuttings below;
2. After filling the pot with soil, insert honeysuckle flowers to a depth of 2 cm;
3. Insert a bamboo stick next to honeysuckle to facilitate climbing.
4. Permeate water and keep the soil moist;
5. Put on a plastic bag, cover the flowers, and then use a rubber ring to let honeysuckle take root in a closed environment (greenhouse). After opening the plastic bag after 2-3 weeks, you will find the soil is slightly dry and the roots have been grasped soil;
6, then you can transfer honeysuckle to a large pot to ensure that the soil can grow smoothly.
Processing method: Harvest from May to June every year, it is best to pick it before the sun has come out. While the aroma is strong and the nutritional effects of honeysuckle are not lost (the buds are better to be released than the ones that bloom).
Then all the picked flowers are spread out in the sun. Make sure that honeysuckle is completely dry after 3 days of exposure, and store it in a dry and hygienic bottle. You can take out several brews when you need to reduce the heat.
Lavender oil made with lavender can calm and soothe nerves, and has a good effect on improving sleep quality. The lavender you planted can be dried into a sachet and placed in a closet to repel insects and bacteria, and the pillow can help sleep.
Planting method 1. It can be cut or sowed (usually sold in the flower market). When sowing, the soil must be wet before the seeds are sprinkled, and then covered with a layer of fine soil.
2. Cutting with non-flowering branches is just a matter of removing the leaves below and cutting the oblique opening at the incision.
3. The soil is drenched and kept moist. Insert it after 2 hours. Plug it in April and wait for 2-3 weeks to germinate.
Processing method 1. After harvesting the lavender blooming in June each year, it is bundled into a bunch of upside down hanging to make it dry;
2. After 2-4 weeks, if you touch the flower, it will fall, indicating that it is completely dry. At this time, you can wear gloves to shoot the flower;
3. After being photographed, the flowers are stored in dry jars, which can be used to make sachets, pillow cores, herbal tea, and cooking spices.
Like most chrysanthemum teas, dried chamomile with honey can lower your eyesight. In addition, it has a soothing effect on muscle tension, eyestrain, poor mood and indigestion. As the main ingredient of skin care products, it can improve sensitive skin.
Planting method: Generally, seeds are sown, and the sowing time is in the fall of each year (somewhat similar to wheat), and sufficient sunlight can be ensured. Due to its cold resistance, it can also be planted in the north ~
7-10 days after sowing is the time of germination, the temperature should be 15-18 degrees Celsius, so it is important to create a greenhouse environment. From March to May of the following year, the flowering season is ready to be picked.
Processing method: Rinse the picked chamomile and dry it in the sun, it takes about 3-5 days. Drink chamomile and lavender together to help sleep;
Or use the brewed chamomile water for cakes and noodles. It ’s delicious ~
Mint cooking or raw food can refresh your breath and treat oral diseases. Its refreshing aroma can soothe nerves and calm people.
Planting method 1. Take a section and remove the following leaves;
2. Insert into the water and let it take root;
After 3 to 2 weeks, transplant it into a flower pot.
Processing method: cold drinks, cold dishes, cold noodles can be transferred directly.
It can be used as an aroma scent, which can calm down the nerves, relieve the mood when feeling upset or stressed, and nervous.
Planting method: Sowing. The soil needs to be well-drained, loose and not hard. After spraying the seeds, sprinkle the fine soil with water (once a week).
Processing method: Just cut one leaf at a time to use it, which is conducive to the growth of sage.
After the sage leaves are lush, the whole plant can be pulled out and dried to make incense.
1. Bundle adult sage with hemp rope;
2. Pour sand into the bowl and insert sage to make it stand up;
3. Use a match to light the sage and then blow out the flame. The sage will be like burning incense; if you don't want to burn it again, you can water it and dry it.
These plants are planted at home and can also be used as medicine when necessary, cheap and easy to use ~

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