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[Three words don't say things, three things don't do, people don't give three]

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Say nothing
Don't say short words
"Chen Gen Tan": "I do not blame others for being too small, do not show off personal greed, and do not miss people's old and evil, these three can cultivate morality, but also harm the distance!" Do not attack people's shortcomings, expose scars. You don't have to say everything, just leave some words. A person who exposes scars invites hatred and hurts others.
Don't say what you say
Others praise praise and self-proclaimed bragging. "The sky is self-explanatory and the earth is self-explanatory." People who are truly knowledgeable and cultivated need not speak about themselves.
Don't say anything worthless
"Mrs. doesn't say anything, there must be something in it." This sentence means that a person either doesn't speak, or speaks the key when he speaks. Don't talk nonsense that is worthless. Simple and concise, it is the state; Just say the right things to the right people at the right time, on the right occasion.
Do three things
Do no harm
It is inevitable to get along with others. Don't resent others and wait for opportunities to retaliate because of a word or a small thing from others. Do n’t think that it hurts others. It ’s just the others that hurt. In fact, the biggest victim is yourself. You will face torture of conscience, and your heart will only be filled with remorse and guilt.
Don't take shortcuts
There are no shortcuts in life, and only by step by step can you reach the pinnacle of success. Some people dream of becoming famous overnight and stepping into the sky. Although they have achieved short-term success through so-called "shortcuts", they are not lasting and constant. If you don't accumulate steps, there will be no thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you won't become a sea. The best way to success is to take no shortcuts, be down-to-earth, and let life without regrets.
Do not do cheap things
Being greedy for cheap often suffers a lot, because there is no free lunch in the world, and there is no cheaper advantage. Many scammers use their love of greed and cheapness to achieve their goals. Don't do what is greedy for the cheap, and do something that is disadvantageous. Loss is a blessing. If you want to get something in return, you need to know how to pay.
People have three disagreements
If a person doesn't care about his loved ones and doesn't remember, then how can you expect him to treat you sincerely. Busy work is not a reason to ignore relatives and alienate loved ones. An important aspect of observing a person's cultivation is to look at his attitude towards his loved ones.
Only profitable people cannot pay
Working with holy people will be affected. In the hearts of these people, they always value their interests, they are always using others, and they can betray their friends for the benefit. In life, with this kind of person, you will always be the object of his extraction, the contents of the bag. Of course, he will pay, but his pay is based on greater profits, and is based on more squeezed out on you. Such people are of course unacceptable!
No one can say nothing
Confucius said, "If you have no faith, you don't know if you can do it." That is to say, a person has to be reliable in speaking and doing things. Your friend is sincere, and friends may be forgiven if they have other shortcomings. If you do n’t believe it, you ca n’t figure out what is true or false.
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