www..hg10 .com Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes waves again, they may be alive? The truth behind the loss of contact is because of this mysterious passenger !!!

Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes waves again, they may be alive? The truth behind the loss of contact is because of this mysterious passenger !!!

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Mysteries of passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight 370
When more than 27 countries around the world actively participated in the search for Malaysia Airlines in the vast sea, anxiously eager to know what happened on Malaysia Airlines 370 and where was Malaysia Airlines 370, on March 18, 2014 That is, 10 days after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines 370 plane, the Ms. Bayz (girlfriend of Phillipwood) in Beijing received a mysterious and darkened message from the Malaysia Airlines plane passenger named Philip with Apple 5S. Selfie, and a SOS distress letter issued with a voice password. The contents of the password distress letter are as follows:
"My flight was hijacked by unknown soldiers and held hostage (blinded or wearing a hood). I was held hostage (with a hood) by unknown military personnel. I work for IBM and am hijacking When it happened, I thought of a way to hide my phone in my buttocks (maybe it means in the crotch). They separated me from other passengers. I am in a cell now. My name is Philips · Wood. I think I was drugged and unable to think soberly. "'I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly. '
This is the selfie from this Phillipwood
Obviously, nothing can be seen at all from this dark photo, but from the information sent by the Apple phone, "experts" can choose attributes-summary-advanced based on simple operations to enter the "exchangeable image" File Information (EXIF) "function, and uses GPS and Google Maps coordinate positioning to track the origin of the sent information. What surprised Ms. Baiz was that according to the source of the information and the decipherment of the voice information, the flight plane (Malaysia Airlines 370) that her boyfriend took was hijacked, and it was in the US naval base Diego Garcia!
This is ok. Who dares to break ground on Tai Sui. She and her boyfriend are "special status" people, although maybe she doesn't know why Philip Wood got on the Malaysia Airlines 370 plane (mentioned earlier because Wood kept both of his mobile phones in his hometown, Texas) But one thing she understood was that Philip was not an "ordinary" passenger.
So she immediately launched a rescue operation. First, she asked the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and through her relationship, the U.S. Department of State, the Pentagon, the U.S. overseas intelligence agency, and even the CIA for help, and asked why his boyfriend was special. Was hijacked to a US naval base.
Six days later, on March 24, Ms. Bai Yici, the most powerful person, contacted the most influential CNN in the United States in Beijing and the BBC television station in the United Kingdom through a relationship, and conducted a video interview.
In the interview, the whole world was shocked: she claimed that the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was parked at the Diego Garcia Naval Base in the United States, and that the passengers on the plane were alive (as evidenced by her boyfriend Philip) and showed what she received Information as evidence, and the source of the information is indeed-Diego Garcia! She also claimed that the plane was in flight before landing on Diego Garcia and was escorted by two fighter jets.
Phillipwood is also an "intelligence expert" with special training, and it should not be difficult to keep a cell phone in an emergency. The aircraft he described in the distress letter was hijacked by unknown soldiers, he was separated from other passengers, and locked in a small cell. It is very likely that he "hint" his special identity to these soldiers, Or, the soldier holding and supervising the flight of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been "notified", this person is "personal" so as not to be searched, and received special "care".
The "poisoned" he mentioned was unconscious and unable to think clearly. It is most likely that after the aircraft was hijacked by remote control, an anesthetic was spread through the ventilation system on the aircraft, paralyzing all passengers in the chair. Falling asleep and unable to move. In this way, some important passengers on the plane can be effectively prevented. When they realize that the plane has been hijacked or is not flying to Beijing, the "information" in the computer and mobile phone is deleted or destroyed in time.
Since the purpose of hijacking the Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft was because they were "interested" in some of the passengers on the aircraft, then these passengers would not be "general" passengers.
When airplanes are hijacked in the Gulf of Thailand, they start to change course and head west, they fly up and down between the mountains across the mainland of Malaysia, and they bump up and down, these "aware and alert" passengers may realize that The aircraft was not flying over the South China Sea. The special and emergency situation was obvious. Imagine that when the Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft was hijacked by a remote control and changed its course, instead of flying in the direction of Beijing, and the aircraft's flight identification device was turned off and the communication system was blocked, the 12 crew members in the cabin would not panic and call father Call your mother, or tell passengers about this "disaster"?
Therefore, it is necessary to "sleep" all passengers on the plane.
As early as August 2003, an American flight expert named Jose Paul Marreta designed and applied for a U.S. patent and was adopted by Boeing. That is the secret on the ventilation system of the Boeing aircraft in the United States. The installation can be remotely dispensed with anesthetic or poison devices. Of course, the idea at the time was that if there were terrorists on the plane to hijack the aircraft or create a violent bloody incident, remotely activating the narcotics release system on the aircraft would allow terrorists and passengers to "sleep obediently" and smoothly re-launch the aircraft. "Hijack" came back and landed safely.
Also, we need to know that, as mentioned earlier, this "Malaysia Airlines 370" aircraft had just undergone "overhaul" for the entire aircraft on February 24, almost two weeks ago. In this way, the "psychedelic agent" that paralyzed the passengers on the aircraft can be loaded into the aircraft's ventilation system without any effort.
There is reason to believe that this mysterious Phillipwood passenger is no longer so mysterious. His mission on the plane is very likely that in the event of an emergency on the plane, he can "rescue" all information in computers and mobile phones that may be deleted and destroyed by other passengers in a timely and effective manner. Of course, without reaching this emergency, the "think tank" planning the "remote control hijacking" of the Malaysia Airlines 370 will not reveal to him the overall plan and the destination of the aircraft. In confusion and confusion, he didn't understand what was happening, and he was imprisoned in a black cell somehow for many days. He only knew that the plane had been hijacked and that he might be in extreme danger. In order to protect his life and complete the "glorious task", he sent a letter of help to his girlfriend and the outside world that leaked the "Sky Machine" of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Why is this IBM computer expert being beaten into the "Lenggong" (not Lenggong is black jail) and ignored for so many days that his dog jumped off the wall and revealed his whereabouts at the expense of "discretion"? The reason is simple. As mentioned earlier, the next day after hijacking the Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft to the U.S. naval base, Diego Garcia, the United States dispatched 4 large aircraft to Diego Garcia. Of course, there were computer communications on the plane. Experts and teams, his "glorious mission" has been successfully completed, and the role and value can no longer be reflected, so it was taken for granted that he was forgotten in the black cell of the US Navy Base in Diego Garcia.
Two Iranians borrowed the "suspect cloud" of passengers.
On the second day of Malaysia Airlines' "missing", on March 9th, the London newspaper The Telegraph couldn't wait to report that two Iranian passengers on the plane had used someone else's fake passport. , Board the plane. The two suspicious passengers were tickets purchased from China Southern Airlines. And China Southern Airlines ’flight 370 with Malaysia is commonly known as the codeshare flight (Codeshare, flight number 748), and the two plane ticket numbers are 7842280116099 and 7842280116100, which means that the two tickets are at the same time, the same travel agency or ticket office Purchased. The two fake passports used to buy air tickets were forged using stolen passports from Austrian Christian Kozel and Italian Luigi Maraldi.
As mentioned earlier, the "European Daily" reported that there may be "biological weapons" on Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft; now, the British Telegraph reported that passengers with fake passports on Malaysia Airlines 370 boarded the aircraft and hijacked Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft " "International team" is really intensive and tacit cooperation.
OK, since China Southern Airlines sold these two plane tickets to two Iranian passengers, and possible hijacking terrorists. Since it was someone else's “fake passport”, that is, China Southern Airlines did not scrutinize the two passengers strictly because the passports had already been cancelled. The implication is that China Southern Airlines has an unshirkable responsibility. Moreover, the shameless Western media at the time was suggesting that terrorists on the aircraft "hijacked" the aircraft. . .
Since the United States ’self-guided and self-directed 9/11 terrorist attack, Iran, Syria, and North Korea have all been listed by the United States as the“ axis of evil. ”Under the sanctions of Western countries and the aggressive“ smearing ”of propaganda machines, it seems only to mention In Iran, the first reaction and association of the public is the "tag" of terrorist states, sponsoring terrorist organizations, and training terrorists. Similar to the trick of fabricating the "terrorists" of 911, the second day after the "lost connection" of Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft, the "suspect" passengers with fake passports on board were quickly "locked". This was clearly "induction" Volkswagen's eyes go to the formula of "Iranian passengers-fake passports-terrorists-hijacking the aircraft" to find the answer to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft. In addition, China Southern Airlines' “suggestion” is self-evident.
However, the self-defeating, contradictory, and flawed problems came:
First, if it is because these two Austrians and Italians lost their passports (it would not have been reported after Malaysia Airlines disappeared), and the authorities know that passengers with fake passports got on the plane, then these two Iranian passengers How can I get on the plane? You have to know that all airlines in the world are connected to the countries that issue passports. If you want to board a cancelled passport or a fake passport, you will not be able to get on the plane because almost all international airports around the world are equipped with " "Facial Recognition" technology computer system; if these two Iranian passengers attempt to "pass the border" with someone else's passport, they will not only be unable to board the plane, but they will be detained immediately, especially for Muslims like Malaysia country.
The picture shows the schematic diagram of face recognition technology
Secondly, if the two Iranian passengers really "mixed in" the plane with fake passports, it means that their passports can be "truly real" and can "cheat" Malaysia's airport security. Well, there is reason to believe that their passports are not fake. Where does the claim of misappropriation of fake passports come from?
Third, if these two passports are really stolen, you must know that any "gangster" could be fraudulent. One passport is Austrian, the other is Italian, so how can the information obtained by the newspapers in London determine that the two passengers who use the "fake passport" are Iranians? By their video in the surveillance system? You should know that almost all Middle Eastern countries look similar. Why is it that they are Iranian nationality? Is the smoke bomb of "Iranian passenger-fake passport-terrorist" long-established?
Fourth, making "fake passports" is a complicated process. In today's sophisticated high-tech computer era, it is a difficult "technical activity". It is almost certain that this is the "strength" that a national-level emotional governance system has. Any passport photo, watermark, serial number, or arrangement has an identity password, which needs to be determined and defaulted by the internal system. Two Iranian Maos in their 19s and 20s will have such "connections" and "resources" ?
Fifth, the report also said that the passports of the two Iranian passengers were bought in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That's weird, why did the British news media know so quickly? From what "channel" did you get this information? Or, the people who sold them passports were originally the "scalpers" and their "staff"?
If so, can there be reasons to believe that the two Iranian passengers were also part of their elaborate planning and passed the "inside" smoothly "secretly warehousing" the security check at the Malaysian airport and arranged to be delivered to the plane? It may even be “out of nothing”. The simple procedure is to just enter two names on the passenger list of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and then use the media to spread the news. It is not important to have Iranian passengers on the plane, anyway. Someone returned from Malaysia Airlines 370 to clarify the facts.
Obviously, the "news report" of this Iranian passenger is a small "mystery" in the big mystery planned by Malaysia Airlines 370 hijackers in advance, in order to mislead the public, and possible organisms on board the aircraft as described by the EU Daily Weapons have the magic of "same work and different songs," echoing each other, the purpose is to distract the public's attention, create confusion information, and mislead the search direction of Malaysia Airlines 370. And such "misleading" obviously underestimates and humiliates the wisdom of the masses, but cleverness is misunderstood.
Perhaps the two Iranians came as part of the "operations crew" on their plane. But this doesn't matter.
Okay, back to the subject. Chinese passengers on Malaysia Airlines 370 are the coveted targets of the hijackers.
Let's take a look at the Chinese passengers on the aforementioned aircraft, some 60 technicians and experts from Huawei, China Telecom, and ZTE Corporation. They may not be the "main" target of the hijackers, but the "external express" that will help them. These Chinese engineers and passengers are in Kuala Lumpur and have just participated in a project signing ceremony with the Malaysian government to participate in the design and construction of Malaysia's submarine fiber optic cable engineering projects in Malacca and the Indian Ocean.
Although most passengers are just ordinary engineering personnel such as project management, financial analysis, budget control, etc., some passengers are "security experts" of communication information, and are responsible for the encryption, deciphering, decoding, And security work. It is also of extraordinary value.
There is no doubt that in Malacca and the Indian Ocean, with its blue sky and gorgeous scenery, there is a "lifeline" for Chinese oil imports. Some countries will inevitably worry that China can cooperate with Malaysia to share information and monitor the naval activities of the United States, Australia, India and other Western countries in this area, especially the US nuclear submarines.
The picture shows the families of Malaysian passengers
Therefore, the computers and mobile phones of these passengers have important top-secret data and information. Technically speaking, if the information transmission of submarine optical fiber cables is in line with artificial satellites, the frequency and band of signal transmission, the source code of the operating system, the frequent interval density of communication, and the passwords of receiving terminals such as firewalls, etc. "Theft" was exposed. In addition, the structure, contract framework, and details of the cooperation project with the Malaysian government will also be exposed. Moreover, if the Chinese government and the Malaysian government have any "inside deal" in this project, it will undoubtedly become the "handle" of others.
In short, these Chinese passengers are carrying precious materials and information, so American computer "security" expert Philip Wood must be on standby at any time on the plane; moreover, the passengers on the plane must "poison" to sleep, lest they delete, Destroy information in computers and mobile phones. This is why, when the plane was hijacked and went to the U.S. Naval Base in Diego Garcia, the passengers' mobile phones on the plane were intact and kept in operation.
Nevertheless, it is a pity that these passengers are not the "protagonists" of Malaysia Airlines 370. They are the "accompanied guests" of the heart-scaring real hijacker. The ultimate goal of the hijacking "high-level black hand" is four Chinese computer engineers from Suzhou. Their names are, according to transliteration, Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng, and Li Ying.
First of all, we need to introduce here, the bosses of these four engineers-the mysterious background of Freescale, Texas, USA mentioned earlier.
Freescale, located in Austin, Texas, USA, employs more than 23,000 elite employees. The main design and production location is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (it is not difficult to explain why there are 12 Malaysian passengers on board), In Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou and other places in China, there are also branches and production facilities. Nominally, this is a communication company that produces semiconductor chips. However, it is not known to the outside world that this company, which was once a part of Motorola, has become a U.S. with a new and unique "invisible communication" technology A "newcomer" to the Department of Defense's Advanced Weapons Research Agency (DARPA) and the largest non-weapons manufacturing contractor under the Department of Defense.
The so-called "invisible communication", of course, this level of confidentiality can not be glimpsed by non-technical personnel like the author and "outsiders" who write books. But as the name suggests, this means that all signals, signals, codes, frequency transmissions and other radio waves sent by this technology during the communication process can be invisible and cannot be detected. Simply put, communications from small eavesdropping recordings to large ships and even between the ground and satellites will be shielded. The traditional security technology is, I have the most advanced cryptographic technology, which digitally compiles all communication symbols and is detected and ingested by you in real time during communication, and the outside world cannot decipher it. However, Freescale's so-called "invisible communication" technology cannot detect the wave bands or radio waves of these communications. It ’s amazing.
Just four months before Malaysia Airlines was "hijacked", that is, in November 2013, Freescale's board of directors added a promising new member and new head and "Army Representative"-Joan Anmai Guard (Joanne Mcguire). The lady with decades of experience in national and global security affairs in the United States has been the leader of the most advanced and top-secret aircraft manufacturer in the United States-Lockheed Martin's space division for 30 years, Lockheed Martin is famous for producing the U-2 and SR-71 blackbird reconnaissance aircraft that fly the fastest and highest altitude in the world.
She has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the National Defense Association and the Carmen Honorary Award from the California Institute of Technology, and Professor Von Karmann of the California Institute of Technology is a former Chinese missile expert Qian Xuesen's teacher. She was favored by Harvard University and was invited to give lectures on senior management and finance courses for US national and international security affairs, and train a new "successor" for the US Department of Defense-"Military Representatives" assigned to major arms contractors. Ms. Maiguar is an outstanding person in the US defense industry security affairs and a general member of the Advanced Weapons Research Administration of the US Department of Defense. She has a senior background in the US defense and intelligence fields, and a high-level top-secret archive review permission ( clearance), known to the U.S. arms dealers for real-time completion of top US Pentagon projects.
The picture shows the Freescale chip promotion map
The big bosses of Freescale are, of course, nominally owned by big fund companies similar to Black Stone, but the real invisible big boss is like the rich and powerful Jewish rich man of the nation Jacob Rothschild. Germany (Jacob Rothschild) family, and the Carlyle Group, a large consortium of American party, political, and military gangsters. The major shareholders of this group include the heavyweights of the former US Senate and House of Representatives, the former Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the vice president, and even the former president; and President Bush is also the major shareholder of this group of companies. This group company controls the United States' defense industry and is a veritable "party insider" of the United States party, government and military.
So, why is such an excellent "heavyweight" US defense security expert suddenly serving as a board member of Freescale and responsible for overseeing the security affairs of this semiconductor company?
Because, in February 2013, Freescale announced a patent that shocked the defense industry worldwide: the KL-02 microchip. At the time, this chip was called the world's most miniature semiconductor chip, with a length of 2 mm and a width of 1.9 mm, but it contained a memory, a processor, and a timer.
Undoubtedly, in today's new era of science and technology, in the near future, the trend of robotics, drones and artificial intelligence will not only become more important and irresistible, but also, to a certain extent, will Dominate the outcome of future wars. And this chip not only determines the degree of precision of future weapons, but also countless other new weapons similar to those in science fiction movies, and super-era weapons like Iron Man. For example, thanks to this microchip, the United States has produced a large number of drones the size of bees, which can be used to detect and monitor areas that cannot be accessed by humans, convey confidential information and images, and distribute and spread biochemical viruses and bacteria. When necessary, they can even carry explosive devices to track and kill targets based on the heat of the human body, to achieve the magical effects of beheading enemy commanders and even foreign leaders.
The Hollywood movie "Eye in The Sky" refers to the CIA's spies in the Middle East, tracking "terrorists" all the way, and distributing a tiny drone the size of a bee that can be controlled by a mobile phone, entering the so-called Conference room for terrorists, recording and video recordings of "terrorist" talks and meetings, and sending information back to the command center far away in Washington in real time, pinpointing the location accurately, so that the United States can fly and fill the sky. Killing giant drones can fire missiles and destroy targets in one fell swoop.
Of course, this kind of miniature drone can also track the target unconsciously, while opening the door of the house or the car, sneak into the room or car for monitoring and recording. Even when the lady opened her handbag, she flew in to track and monitor the target's whereabouts.
In short, the emergence of this magical microchip has made the United States ’defense industry, artificial intelligence robots, and the weapons revolution of the future space age, even more powerful, bringing a new leap forward. And the commercial value of this microchip is, of course, inestimable. At least, according to the conservative estimates of Wall Street, it is at least several hundred billion dollars.
And the inventor of this great, revolutionary, ultra-epoch microchip, maybe readers can already guess: the four Chinese nationality engineers of Freescale Suzhou, Wang Peidong, Chen Zhijun, Cheng Zhihong, and Li Ying. They were employed by Freescale and invented the patent during their employment. Under US law, Freescale as a employer has rightfully acquired a portion of this patent. Therefore, Freescale Semiconductor shared the KL-02 patent right with the four Chinese inventor engineers, and the four Chinese engineers and Freescale each received 20%.
Everyone must know that US patents are intellectual property rights and are not only protected by law. In addition, patent rights, like ordinary property, can be transferred, traded, and inherited. However, there is a condition for all these rights and interests, that is, the invention patent must be formally effective after it has been examined and approved by the US Patent Office.
According to U.S. law, if a patent is pending and is pending for approval (Pattern Pending), although the intellectual property rights of the patent are protected, plagiarism and plagiarism are no longer allowed, but all these patent rights are mainly All economic benefits such as sale, transfer, and inheritance have not taken effect. Moreover, before the patent becomes effective (although the intellectual property rights of the patent are protected by law), if any of the patent sharers dies accidentally, his patent rights cannot be sold, transferred, or inherited by family members; The share of patent rights is shared or inherited by the remaining patent sharers.
This U.S. legal clause, simply called the "survival tenant clause," is very common in the United States and is usually very applicable to industrial purchases. If siblings, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters use this clause to purchase property together, they can effectively protect the property from "no aliens". Because in most U.S. state laws, couples have the right to share property, siblings, fathers, mothers, and daughters do not. Of course, this is a digression.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was “hijacked” and flew to the US ’s top-secret naval base, Diego Garcia, on the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014. On March 11, the Malaysian government did not find any wreckage, no In the case of finding the remains of any passenger killed on board, "outrageously" announced that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed and crashed, and all the passengers on the plane survived.
And the shocking and conceivable "coincidence" is: On March 12, 2014, the U.S. Patent Office announced that all Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft were missing after the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plane was missing (hijacked) 4 days later. The passengers on the plane "no survivor" the next day, the patent for the KL-02 microchip was quickly approved. Undoubtedly, the authority of the Malaysian government "declared" (of course, it must be under pressure or a conspiracy transaction), which gave Greenlight a legal way to plunder the entire property rights of KL-02 microchips in the United States.
In this way, there is no doubt that since Freescale and the four Chinese inventors each have 20% patent rights, each of the four inventors who have shared patents has died and died. According to the United States By law, Freescale Semiconductor Corporation's name can be rightfully inherited and acquired the remaining patent rights. KL-02 100% patent right of microchip belongs to Freescale Semiconductor! !! !!
Commercially, the U.S. defense arms dealers cannot tolerate others, especially China, which is already second only to the United States and has undergone rapid changes in military manufacturing, becoming their competitors again; at the level of national security and interests, the U.S. government It is even more intolerable for a second "special talent" scientist like Qian Xuesen to return to China, and the "mistake" to return to China again.
Therefore, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 cannot fly to Beijing anyway. The four "genius" engineer passengers on the plane cannot let them return to China at any cost, at any cost.
It is conceivable that when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 landed in Diego Garcia, most of the passengers on the plane were in a semi-coma and confused state, and they had no resistance. They will be quarantined and classified according to a pre-defined list and held in separate cells where they were interrogated in Afghanistan, Iraq and other "terrorists".
On the next day, among the four large aircraft flying from the United States to the Diego Garcia Naval Base, hundreds of specialized technicians would download, decrypt, and analyze the information stored in the passengers' mobile phones and computers on the aircraft. And that Philip Wood, the "security expert" of IBM on the plane, apparently, his use and importance of the role have been greatly reduced, or he has completed the "glorious mission", so he has been detained in the world. In Isolated Prison Cell.
The experienced CIA's torture experts will interrogate important passengers on the plane, of course, mainly dozens of experts from China Telecom, including the four Chinese engineers who invented the KL-02 microchip. If they are lucky, they will be told that they can continue to use their expertise to "contribute" to the new boss, the National Defense Industry Corporation, cheaply or even freely, otherwise, they will not face simple endings like "feeding sharks", It was a long, "painless" torture.
One thing that is gratifying is that the real culprit of hijacking Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is not only superb but also a value appraisal expert. "Human resources" on the plane-these Chinese have their own unique ingenuity and will not be wasted, otherwise it is a pity. The United States' anti-terrorism cause still uses them, and the military industry of the United States and Western allies will ruthlessly continue to drain the last drops of sweat and blood of these valuable passengers.
Perhaps, after years of Nuokan, when these passengers do not have any residual value to squeeze out, they may be able to "regenerate" after taking drugs such as "amnestics" for a period of time (of course to help eliminate trauma Sexual memory), gain a new identity, and live a new life in the US or Europe.
It would be the best choice to use some "lucky" passengers to do "mice" to test these "forgetful" drugs. Not only can drug research institutions observe the "effects" of drugs for a long time, they can also adjust dosages and prescriptions based on regular inspections and tests to enhance the efficacy and accuracy of drugs.
Another 12 Freescale technicians borrowed from Malaysia on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may receive the same "treatment". Because they are very likely to use this hijacked Malaysia Airlines plane to test and verify Freescale's new "invisible communication" technology, which has reached radar tracking in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. purpose.
After Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unloaded the "cargo" and the passengers on board, it refilled with fuel and continued to fly southwest. On the wavy ocean west of Perth, Australia, you can continue to use the aircraft ’s arbitrarily controlled and reset automatic flight procedures to allow the aircraft to fall quickly when flying at high altitudes, creating a false “crash site”, Then, near the final height of the crashed sea, the plane was pulled up and re-flighted to the designated location.
Then, the true "culprit" of the hijacking can show the surveillance video of the satellites, and state and prove that the plane crashed!
Why is the “crash illusion” of airplanes created in the oceans of Western Australia? Because the sea area near Antarctica is immense, the weather is extremely bad, the storms and storms are perennial, and the waves are rough and the weather is freezing.
Deep trenches on the ocean floor reach depths of several kilometers or even tens of thousands of meters. And the most advanced nuclear submarines in the world, including the United States' Virginia-class and Los Angeles-class nuclear submarines, have a depth of only under 600 meters. No doubt, this is the last "trick". If any country is interested in trying to find the "wreckage" of Malaysia Airlines 370 aircraft, good luck. Without spending ten or eight years, it is impossible to search through the trenches that are densely distributed under the sea and have not been explored at all. And, most importantly: the plane is not there at all!
Differences and conflicts between nations are normal. In today's civilized society, it can be reduced and resolved through dialogue and discussion. In today's high-tech era, the battle of interests between companies is also inevitable, but it is possible to "peace coexistence" through competition, mutual benefit and win-win.
利用独特的科技上的领先、及政治、军事上的强势,来劫持一架有239位无辜乘客和机组人员的民航飞机, 以达到某些政治、及商业上的利益,是一种彻头彻尾的野蛮行径, 有失大国、尤其自喻为西方民主阵营“老大”的风范;也是对自己天天高喊“民主”、“人权”等华丽口号的虚伪政客们的无情嘲笑。
如果当时,欧巴马政府没有授权这样的“行动计划”,那么,策划和实施这个灭绝人性的“劫机”行动的“涉案人员”-美国及其他西方军情系统的“精英和专家”们,必须受到法律的制裁。在此,笔者强烈呼吁美国的新总统特朗普,对马航370航班飞机的失踪和归属, 展开调查,并严惩“不法分子”。马来西亚和中国、马航飞机上所有乘客的亲属、以及整个国际社会,有权利、并且需要知道真相。
愿我们今天的这个文明世界,可以努力用理性和爱、来化解所有的分歧。每个国家之间、不同的族裔不再兵戈相见、相互残杀。马航370飞机上的4位中国工程师所发明的KL-02微型芯片, 可以在人工智能和机器人的设计和制造领域,攀升到新的高度、达到新的飞跃。只是,恳切希望,未来将掌控整个世界、及人类命运的人工智能科技,能够用来拯救整个人类,而不是毁灭整个人类。

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