hg202..com A classic of new Chinese architecture, this "Huipai" cottage is a bit small and fresh!

A classic of new Chinese architecture, this "Huipai" cottage is a bit small and fresh!

Source of information: Time: 2020-01-08 20:28:29

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Hui architecture is one of the most important schools of traditional Han architecture. Hui architecture is an important part of Hui culture. It has always been respected by Chinese and foreign masters of architecture and is popular in Huizhou (now Huangshan City, Jixi County, Anhui Province, and Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province). ) And Yanzhou, Jinhua, Yinzhou and other western Zhejiang provinces. Brick, wood and stone are used as raw materials, and wooden frames are mainly used. The beams are large and versatile, and they pay attention to decoration. Brick, wood and stone carvings are also widely used, showing a superb level of decorative art. Historically, Huishang merchants have operated in Yangzhou, Suzhou, and other places in Jiangsu Province. Huipai architecture has also had a considerable impact on the local architectural style and is a typical representative of Jiangnan architecture.
In terms of overall layout, Huipai architecture stands on top of the mountain, with delicate concepts and natural decentness. It is flexible in scale and infinitely variable in layout. In terms of spatial structure and use, it has rich shapes and pays attention to the beauty of rhythm. The most distinctive; in the comprehensive application of architectural carving art, stone carving, wood carving, brick carving as a whole, looks magnificent.
The unit introduced today is a three-story new rural villa located in Xianju, Zhejiang. On the back of the house is the scenic Shenxianju Scenic Area. The scenery outside the window is pleasant.
Unit Overview:
Building area: 325 square meters
Area: 120 square meters
Site size: 11.4 meters in the bay × 11.4 meters in depth
Building height: 9.5 meters
Building structure: frame structure
Estimated cost: 400,000 subjects (excluding interior decoration)
Architectural Design: Huayang Architectural Design Studio—Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong
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▲ front facade
▲ side elevation
▲ Top plane
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▲ First floor layout: entrance hall, living room, kitchen, dining room, elderly bedroom with inner guard, chess room, public toilet;
▲ Second floor layout: living room with terrace, two bedrooms with bathroom, second bedroom, study;
▲ Three-story layout: three bedrooms, two of which have interiors and two terraces;
Comments: This unit combines the Hui style with modern design methods. The tradition reveals modernity, the modernity blends classical, Confucian elegance, and it is really the first choice for those who like this type of house!

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