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About couplets
Sitting on the anvil, and gradually entered a good situation;
Worn through the iron golem, and now only get the head.
A life member was punished by He Xun to show public, making this joint self-deprecating. "Jingjing" harmonizes "scarring neck"
The commander wound around the paper ashes, and the paper ashes flew up to the head;
Xiu Zhuan into the concubine, I am full to compile the abdomen.
Jia Dao was a poet of the Tang Dynasty; Liu Ling was one of the "Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest" during the Wei and Jin dynasties, and preferred drinking. "Command" and "revision" are both duties. The former are military duties and the latter are civilian duties.
Spiders transfer webs to and from the eaves;
Toad with bell left and right wings, whistle.
Yu Qian to a certain Hanlin. "Transfer Silk" and "Transfer Division", "Eaves Inspection" and "Salt Inspection" are official names
The waves on Laoshan Bay are high and low, and the class is fast;
The front wind of Baitayang is slow and the sails are fast and slow.
"Squatting class, swift speed, sailing fast, sailing late" harmoniously "Luban, Lusu, Fan Ye, Fan Chi"
Yuelang is sparse, and it is definitely not raining tonight;
It's freezing cold, and it must be frost in the Ming Dynasty.
Biography of Qin Guan and Su Xiaomei's cave. "No rain" harmonizes "no words", "Frost" harmonizes "double"
The rain hits the Confucian crown, as if it were Shengyou Muyao;
Snow floating monk's top is like smashing powder and hammer.
You Xiucai told monk Lei. "Oil" is harmonious "You", "Xun" is harmonious "Thunder"
Boring forever, cut wax to the west window;
Good night sitting alone, so as to burn Cheno from Dongge.
Laugh at the head couplet. "Wax" and "瘌", "quinoa" and "痢"
Withered leaves, withered leaves, see how the bachelor bears fruit;
With the sword and axe, the governor must also take root.
Singles on Zhixian. "Supervisor" humorous
筵上 枇杷, this is silent music:
Grasshoppers in the grass are not the same boat.
"枇杷" and "pipa"; "Grasshopper" and "舴艋"
Taotong fried tea in the pot, I do not know the pot;
Monk handing wine to the wall must be a private sale.
Chen Daofu was against Tang Yin. "Canning" and "Guanzhu"; "Private Selling" and "Shigu"
Lantern cage lights, paper shells were originally windproof;
Drum rack, drums, Chen Pi can not knock half.
The drug name is right. "Paper" is harmonious; "Xia" is harmonious.
East regardless, West regardless, wine tube;
No matter how good it is, what is bad, just drink.
The business of a pub in Jiangnan in the Qing Dynasty was sluggish. There was a scholar on the topic, and business was getting better. "Tunnel" and "Gallery", "Stop" and "Harmony"
In the deep mountain of the second monkey breaking the wood, the little monkey dare to saw it;
When a horse got stuck in the mud, how could the old beast get out of the hoof.
One said that Lu Rong and Chen Zhen were opposite each other, and the other was that Xie Yun and Li Tiaoyuan laughed at each other. "Saw, question" and "sentence, question"
The wind fell into the nest, two or three sons flew to the ground;
Yulin ape cave, all princes Dai Lei turned to the sky.
This synopsis is for the Grand Master when Xu Xu was taking the exam. "Lianji and the earth" and "Lianke and the first", "princes" and the "monkeys"
Wind fell to Nestle, two or three sons flew to the ground;
She wore a chicken house and cried four or five times.
Next year, rich confrontation division. "Lianji and the ground" harmonizes "Lianke and the first", "Golden croaking" harmonizes "Gold list title"
Wind falling into the nest, two or three sons and even the ground;
The rain hits the apes' cave, and all the monkeys Dai Lu are facing the sky.
This is another aspect of the Shanghai Alliance, except that the "monkeys" harmonize the "princes" with the Shanghai Alliance.
Fu Xi shook the Shennong grass, Uncle Boyi;
Zhong Li was lost but Lu Gongzheng, Han Shan picked up.
Liu Ye. "Uncle Qi" and "Bunch Qi"
The monk went upstairs.
The nun sells wine. The wine is cheap and good.
The monk and nun are right. "He Shang" harmonizes "Monk", "Yigu" harmonizes "Nun"
Chicken eggs and duck eggs are the same, Mr. Chicken Eggs, Mr. Duck Eggs;
The horse lifted the donkey and walked. The horse lifted the hoof and the donkey lifted the hoof.
The academic officer raised. "Hoof Lift" and "Lift Lift"
Put on mans shoes to greet the guests, no shoes under your feet;
Hand holding coconut scoop to persuade wine, currently not clock.
Ming Liang Guogong was right to Iron Crown Taoist Zhang Jinghua. "No performance" is rude, "no bell" is harmonious "no cup"
(twenty one)
Undress and walk away from the crown and give things away;
Abandoned armored soldiers and left, Xuan Fu Shang Shu.
Zhao Jiuling confronted Zhang Jian. "Give things" to "urgent", "Shangshu" to "often lose"
(twenty two)
The market is slaughtered, large animals are hung, small animals are hung;
Neighbourhood game, lose before Han, lose after Han.
Ming Yang Ji and Xu Jing were right. "Hang" harmonious "Gua", "Han lose" harmonious "Hanshu"
Shi Bi Liufang, although there is no way to succeed;
Hong En is so imposing that he cannot revenge the country.
(Explains that Shi Kefa and Hong Chengchou, how hard to add a note) "Chou Qiu" harmonizes "Cheng Chou", sarcastic Hong Chengchou
(twenty four)
Living in a pagoda, looking at Kong Ming, complaining about Jiang Wei is difficult to walk;
The bird was in the cage, thinking about the nest, hating Guan Yu could not Zhang Fei.
Neijiang Sanyuan Puppet Coupling. "Jiangwei" and "Jiang Wei"; "Lu Bu" and "Lu Bu"; "Slot Nest" and "Cao Cao"
(twenty five)
Shanghai Xiucai came first, only for writing down;
The people of Huating were affected by the evil report.
Zheng Luoshu of Shanghai Zhixian County and Nie Bao of Huating Zhixian County during the Ming Dynasty. "Luo Shu" harmonizes "Luo Shu", "Xie Bao" harmonizes "Nie Bao"
No meals for three days, no shit in the chest;
I wore a cotton jacket in June with sweat under my crotch.
Liu Ning vs. Zhou Ji. "Shit" and "Code History"; "Sweat" and "Hanlin"
Beggars are separated and educated in the county.
Youling Bingduo, the string song is all over the glue.
Qing Songling had a rich life, and was named after him. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Ghana was used as a county order. At the same time, someone was elected to teach in a certain province with good songs. "Education" and "Beggarization"
Split the pomegranate, many acids in the red door;
Biting Ginkgo, a big man in white.
"Red Door" is harmonious with "Kaimen", "Daren" is harmonious with "Adult"
Hurry up with clothes and shoes on;
Abandoned armored troops and left, often losing and losing.
Xia Yuanji, a book from the Ministry of War, and Zhou Da had the right thing. "Emergency" and "Give Things", "Often Lost" and "Shang Shu"
Alleys and lions, a fake scalp, is difficult to be filled with real animals;
The painter draws monkeys, so he has no hesitation, and he works as a raw ape.
The bride plays to the living. "Ape" and "member"
The clogs are shoes, and there is no foot at all;
Coconut scoops make a candle, respecting the former members of the clock.
Ming Hu Weiyong and Yuan Liuzhuang were right. "No performance" is rude, "No clock" is harmonious and "unfaithful"
Min Zi took the white cow and went to the Prince Store;
Baigong rides a Uma and rushes to the Gongyechang.
A schoolchild gathers Confucian disciples to do the right thing. "Min Zidian" harmonizes "Min Ziyu", "White Bull" harmonizes "[RAN] Bo Niu", "White Gongqi" harmonizes "Bai Gongqi", "Gongyechang" harmonizes "Gongyechang"
Miyun has no rain, and Tongzhou has no water;
Juye has autumn, Jimo has more wheat.
"Tongzhou" and "Jimo" are place names. This type of couplet is easy to understand at first glance; listening to it often leads to ignorance.
Dumbfounded red furnace, all sighed;
Sorrowful Supa, lifted everything.
Tao Zhen on Yang Xing. "Sigh" and "charcoal", "think" and "silk"
The cat takes cool under the bamboo, and there is no summer heat;
There is more wind coming from the pansy.
"Summer" harmonizes "rat", "Wind" harmonizes "bee"
Two boat races [two ships in parallel] are not as fast as sails;
Hundreds of pipes contend [octave unison], Di Qing is more difficult than Xiao He.
Chen Qia and his son are right. "Xuan Su, Fan Kuai, Di Qing, Xiao He," respectively "Lu Su, Fan Yan, Di Qing, Xiao He"
In the mountain of two apes cutting wood, the monkey dare to saw it;
When the horse was trapped in the mud, how did the beast get the hoof?
This couplet is a joke, the Shanglian is made by one person, and the "pair saw" and "sentence" are homophonic; the second couplet is another person's lip-synthesis, the "hoof" and "question" are homophonic.
(thirty eight)
Two ships running in parallel, not as fast as sail;
With the eight-tone unison, Di Qing is more difficult than Xiao.
The homonyms of the "Lian Su" and "Lu Li", "Fan Kuai" and "Fan Yi" of the Shanghai Alliance are inferior to those of military commanders; the Xialian is opposed by another person, "Di Qing" and "Di Qing", "Xiao He" and "Xiao He" is a homophonic sound, which includes the military commander's less than Wen Chen.
Bitter in the heart of lotus
Pears intra-abdominal acid.
The literal meaning of the couplet is obvious, and the author Jin Shengtan implicitly expresses the bitterness and sadness of isolation from his son by using the homonymous relationship between "lian" and "pity" and "pear" and "li".
The lotus is ruined and the leaves fall to the roots;
Gu Chenghe is cooked, and she uses the bran to remove the shell to be a bride.
dialect. "Old Lao" and "Lao Lao", "Bride" and "New Food"
(forty one)
Lihu stone in the heart of the river, is it not a fake island;
Tiger skin on horseback is called Biao Biao.
Wen Zhengming was against Xu Yanqing. "Fake Island" harmonizes "Jia Island" and "Ban Biao" harmonizes "Ban Biao"
The ceremony department reopened the day list, and the top spot list looked at the flowers with some fear;
The cabinet turned into a prostitute, and the Wugui king Babao film was always plagued.
In the Ming Dynasty, Wen Ren was a native of Wucheng, Wang Yingxiong was from Baxian County, and there were a lot of evil deeds. Wu Zongxi Bing's intentions were evil, and they were regarded as "cymbals". Coinciding with the ceremony officials Huang Shijun, Kong Zhenyun, and Chen Zizhuang became Sanding A. Someone was on the title. "Fang" refers to Huang Shijun; "Fear" refers to Kong Kongyun; "Wugui" refers to the province of "Wucheng Gui'an", and "Turtle" refers to Wen Renren; "Wang Ba" The harmonious "Wang Ba" refers to Wang Yingxiong as a Baxian; the "plaque" harmonious "Wen" also refers to Wen Tiren.
(forty three)
Downwind and downwind, sailing late and fast;
High tide, ebb tide, pull straight. Zhu Yunming to a friend.
"Fan Chi" harmonizes "Fan Chi", a disciple of Confucius; "Fan Kuai" harmonizes "Fan Ji", a general in the early Han Dynasty; "Fang Zhi" harmonizes "Lu zhi", the character of Song Huangting;
House North Deer solitary;
Xixi chicken wailed.
Single Explicit. Some of the words that are homonyms in the couplet do not appear, and use the homonym relationship to express the pun meaning.
(forty five)
Mr. knows it almost, what is the re-employed party?
Taishi non-heat-attached people, but he only cares about Han Linye.
Staff Chen Shizhai plays against Tai Shi Li Xi Ya. "Jiu" is harmonious with "[weaving] machine", "Staff side" is harmonious with "Weaving Workshop", "Taishi" is harmonious with "Too Wet", and "Hanlin" is harmonious with "Sweat"
The hammer hits, three feet of snow in the red flame;
A slingshot bowed and a thunder broke out in Baiyundui.
An examiner in the Ming Dynasty wanted to remove the name of an examinee and take the exam. The candidate should take the following exam and retain the name. "Hit the hammer" and "slap and remove the name", and "sling the cotton bow" and "wish you wish", that is, start from the state agency.
(forty seven)
The stern pulls nails, Confucius was born at the bottom of the boat;
Lightning between the clouds, Huo Guang came from Hanzhong.
Solution to a friend. "Boat" harmonizes "Zhou", "Huo Guang" harmonizes "Flame"
(Forty eight)
Professor Chen counts stalks of hair and can do nothing;
Lu Dashen mustache, why?
Chen Zhen to Lu Rong. "髻" is harmonious, "shall" is harmonious, "shall"
(forty nine)
Sowing birds and birds to seduce farmers to sow rice;
Carry the bird, and wake up the drinkers to come out.
The previous "Bokani" is harmonized with "Cuckoo", and "Pot Pot" is harmonized with "Pelican", both are bird names
Pagoda seven or eight floors, Zhongrong Dahe;
Twelve pages of the book, spring and autumn.
Luo Wanzao on the prefecture. "Zhongrong Dahe" harmonizes "The Golden Mean" and "University"; "Li Ji Chun Qiu" harmonizes "the Book of Rites" and "Spring and Autumn"

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