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18 things you must know, very practical

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18 things you must know
1. Even if they are not big people, we can often talk to them with a consultative attitude and tone, because people are not beautiful, and many practical mentors and friends often come from humble life and work.
2. Those who take the initiative to order on the occasion of dinner are not suitable to ask the host and the guests to order, because that is not something that nobles usually do, but please pay attention to their preferences.
3, often find friends, partners and colleagues (even children) worthy of recognition, pay attention, try to affirm the boss's decision in private, try to praise public friends and colleagues.
4. When you are praised by others for your looks, things, and character, don't take it for granted or deny it. The appropriate way is to express gratitude.
5. Learn to use notes, including debits, collars, leave notes, application letters. If you actively use these notes, others will feel that you are very standardized.
6. Even if you are not a service staff, actively pouring water when a friend or colleague has a guest will make friends and colleagues look good, which will make your friends and colleagues thank you especially.
7. Although you feel that you are a novice or a relatively low-ranking person, you have to be brave enough to ask, and you must also actively ask the needs of others.
8. Remember to help answer and record phone calls, receive letters, and send messages when others are not in your seat. Remind your colleagues and classmates about important schedules you know.
9. Only enter other people's rooms after consulting others' opinions, and only use other people's computers with the consent of others.
10. If you can't attend the party, you should inform in advance. If you are late, you should inform the host at an appropriate time point. After that, explain it. If you don't invite the friend, please inform the host in advance.
11. Thank you for receiving gifts from others, whether you like it or not, because the giver will care about your response, and should not transfer the gift from one place to another.
12. In the case of multiple attendees, take the initiative to introduce your friends to others, or take the lead between friends you know.
13. When friends with different statuses are present, keep smiling and considerately ask those who are introverted, unnoticed, and may have a sense of inferiority. The social help to the disadvantaged will be especially appreciated by others.
14. Don't eat alone when there is a good thing, take the initiative to tell them the good news you know.
15. Someone has done something wrong or you find that others have done something wrong. Don't criticize others emotionally. If you can be humorous when criticizing, it will often have less negative effects.
16. Good guys don't suffer from immediate losses. However, in many other times, if the issue cannot be disputed, do not continue to add fuel to the fire, calm down, collect more data and want to be clearer.
17. When you are not sure, answer the invitations of others with the tone of "strive" and "as far as possible", and promise to fulfill them to the greatest extent possible.
18. Although we are talking about business, we must try to do something for others without paying back, so that we have a better sense of debt than others. A person's social status is the sum of others' sense of social debt.

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