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See the inner classic sentence clearly

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1 In a sense, what a person has in mind is what he sees.
2 It is time to let go. When you tolerate others, you are actually leaving yourself with a vast sky.
3 Recognize the shortcomings in real life and make up for them by your own efforts.
4 A person's eyesight has two functions; one is to go outward and expand the world infinitely and broadly; the other is to come inward and discover the heart infinitely.
5 Mostly confused because the horizon is not big enough, how can the frog at the bottom of the well know what the sea is?
6 With an optimistic and positive attitude, grasp the value of dealing with others, make yourself a person who makes others happy, make your happy heart a sunny energy, radiate others, warm others, and make family and friends even more The broad society gets a little comfort from itself.
7 The Analects conveys an attitude, a simple, warm attitude to life.
8 "God in heaven, sacred in the ground" is the ideal of Chinese personality. It has an idealistic sky and can fly freely without compromising many rules and obstacles in the real world. Extension of his behavior.
9 What Chinese philosophy advocates is the beauty of solemnity, rationality, and gentleness.
10 Real harmony is not only the harmony between neighbors in a community, but also the harmony between people. It also includes all things on the ground. There is a kind of awe, a kind of compliance, and a kind of tacit understanding.
11 A happy life in the physical sense is only an indicator, and the real sense of stability and recognition of the regime comes from faith.
12 Only true sages can not be burdened by material life, and can always maintain the tranquility and tranquility of the end.
13 The more intense the competition, the more it is necessary to adjust the mentality and adjust the relationship with others.
14 You are more forgiving, but in fact you leave yourself a vast sky.
15 Caring for others is kindness, and understanding others is wisdom.
16 The most important person in this world is the one you need help with right now. The most important thing is to do it right away. The most important time is now. You can't delay it at all.
17 Each of us will inevitably have regrets and dissatisfaction in our lives. Maybe we are unable to change this fact, but what we can change is the attitude of looking at these things. Deal with the regrets and sufferings of life with a calm attitude.
18 If you cry because you missed the sun, you will also miss the stars.
19 The benevolent is not worried, the wise is not confused, and the brave is not afraid. A strong heart can resolve many regrets in life.
20 To achieve inner strength, a prerequisite is to look at the gains and losses of things that are outside of you.
21 There is a kind of self-confidence and calmness under the control of reason, because he has a broad mind and a lofty aspiration.
22 In fact, like half a bottle of wine in front of us, sad and joyous people say; why is there such a good bottle of wine? Optimists speak; we have half a bottle of good wine!
23 If your heart is open and kind, and you have a frankness and courage, then you may gain many unexpected things.
24 If you want to be someone who is willing to communicate with you or you can communicate with you, the most important thing is that you have an open mind.
25 Complaining in a straight way, reporting in virtue, and advocating a kind of respect for life efficiency and personality.
26 If you are all right, always be next to the monarch (leader). Although you are close, you are not far away from incurring humiliation. If you are alright, you are always with your friends. Although it seems intimate, but you are away from you Not far away.

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