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Three Strange Cases in Dream of the Red Mansion

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Those who are "Jia Yucun" have the homophonic "false language", and the truth is to hide the truth. The use of false language to save the meaning is also the story of Jia Yucun. Why is this so? Of course, the truth is against the ears, bluntly complaining, and a Damocles sword hangs over his head.
When Cao Xueqin introduced Jia Yucun in his novel, he rarely introduced his first name, first name, "Jia surnamed, the word Shifei, nicknamed Yucun", his place of origin, and then his family background. He was an official family, but By his time, he had long since fallen into poverty. He lived in the Hulu Temple and lived by writing and writing for a living, which was to write a couplet and write a letter. Whoever has something to celebrate, needs to write something. This breadcrumb was introduced in great detail. Cao Xueqin also used the eyes of Zhen Shiyin's girl-in-law Jiao Xing to write about the appearance and costume of Jia Yucun, "old scarf", wearing a turban is torn, there may be holes, or it may be patched. The clothes are The old one, "Although it is embarrassing," but "I was born with a round waist and a thick back, a wide face and wide ears", "Sword eyebrows and star eyes", the eyes are shiny, very godlike, "straight nose and right cheek", the nose is very straight, Helping Drummer-Live up the image of a big husband in a traditional Chinese culture. Then through one of his five-character poems "Unknown for Three Lives", a couplet, and a quatrain, he wrote his extraordinary ambitions and talents, and these two poems, a couplet, are both It shows that he has extraordinary ambitions. Although he is a poor scholar, he has lofty aspirations and has the traditional Chinese literati "the world rises and falls, and the husband is responsible". Later, with the support of Zhen Shiyin (52 silvers and two winter clothes), he entered Beijing to rush to take the exam. He was admitted to the jinshi and was promoted to the prefecture within a few years. After he became the prefect, he happened to see Jiao Xing on the road, and glanced inside the sedan chair. He immediately sent someone to find out, formally propose a marriage, first took over as a puppet, and later his wife died and straightened. So far, Jia Yucun is a positive image among scholars. He is handsome, ambitious, and talented, and he has succeeded in the exam, focusing on career and affection.
However, Jia Yucun was dismissed. Why was he dismissed? Cao Xueqin said that Jia Yucun is "very talented, although he is talented." "It may be a bit greedy." "Maybe", how can you "maybe greedy"? "Greedy" means corruption, and "cool" means cruelty and inhumanity towards the people. "And", and. Note that this "and" is interesting because the front is the main one. In addition, "servant insults again", he relied on his talents, and opened his mouth, that is, poetry, couplets, a test is a scholar, relying on his talents, disrespect to superiors, and sometimes offensive words. "The officials are looking sideways," and are not satisfied with him. "Not a year", less than a year. "I was found a gap by my boss." I found a stubble. In our words, I found a stubble. What stubble was it? Was he accused of corruption? No. why? Because at that time, officials were greedy. Finally, his superiors found a stubble, found a gap, "made a copy", what did he join? "It's cunning and good at manipulating etiquette." The first guilt, the thing of "being cunning" is empty. He changed the etiquette arbitrarily, and this was serious, because the etiquette in feudal society showed a strict hierarchy, because the basic feature of the feudal system was a strict hierarchy. and many more. So, "Long Yan is furious, that is, his dismissal." Therefore, an excellent scholar like Jia Yucun, in the corrupt soil at that time, he would inevitably suffer from corrosion and deterioration. The reason why he was dismissed from his job and was read by his superiors is that he violated the basic law of feudal society as an official rule, that is, he did not learn the most important secret. In feudal society, the most important thing is to be obedient, listen to the boss, the boss likes you, you can keep the officer, you can rise; do not like you, you step down, you leave, or even go to jail. So the word "may" is really a spring and autumn style, and it is very powerful. Words like this are very accurate, very weighty, and very particular about words used in "A Dream of Red Mansions".
After the dismissal of Jia Yucun, it did not completely deteriorate, that is, the process of being corroded in Jia Yucun had not ended. He was dismissed, and then he sent his family members back to his hometown, traveling around the world by himself, and then in Yangzhou, he went to Lin Daiyu's house and became a teacher, becoming Lin Daiyu's enlightening teacher. By chance, after talking about it, I heard that "Du Zhongqu has been qualified to restore the old members." Lin Ruhai wrote a letter of recommendation, and Jia Yucun escorted Lin Daiyu to Beijing. He also brought Lin Ruhai's letter of introduction to Jia Zheng. Lin Ruhai was visiting the Imperial Palace of Salt at that time, the Imperial Palace of Salt Inspection was a Sipin official, and Jia Zheng was a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Sipin Officer. They both named Jia Yu Village. Cao Xueqin wrote very well in this place, "It was easy to find a job reinstatement". In the past, Jia Yucun was dismissed from the presidency as a civilian. The word "lightly" portrays the corruption of the system appointed by the court at that time as a corruption of the system.
Further down, Jia Yucun got better and better. Cao Xueqin's three extraordinary cases reflect that Jia Yucun has not only mastered the math of officialdom in feudal society, but also used it brilliantly throughout his life as a government official.
The first bizarre case is Feng Yuan's case: the giants wounded their lives, and Jia Yucun made a random decision
After Jia Yucun took office in Yingtian, the first case he took over was Feng Yuan's murder. Cao Xueqin wrote the psychological activities of the characters very carefully, and his strokes were extremely brief. He went through the details of the transformation of the human nature of Jia Yucun through several details, and his psychological activities were vividly expressed. When Jia Yucun heard that the servants of Feng's family had complained for a year, but no one was in charge, he couldn't help but be furious. When he picked up the sign, he would issue the signer and catch the murderer. With a wink, um, Jia Yucun immediately announced that he would withdraw from the hall. We see that Cao Xueqin wrote:
"Yu Cun was very suspicious. He had to stop his hand and immediately retreat to the secret room. The attendants retreated, leaving only the door to serve."
We know that Menzi is the most common militarist, a junior, and the lowest status. Why did this guy wink, and after humming, he stopped his hand and announced his withdrawal? This shows that Jia Yucun has indeed received previous lessons. When he was the governor last time, he suffered because he didn't serve his boss. It was most important to listen to his boss in the officialdom. Although this door is of low status, since he dares to win the presidency of the prestigious Zhifu lobby, he must have a history. He either has a solid background or holds important information. He is afraid of the new appointment The prefecture suffers. Therefore, Jia Yucun accepted the previous lesson. Not only could he not offend his superiors, people of all kinds in the officialdom, etc., maybe he would need it any time. Sure enough, this door came up with an amulet, and of course the following is the "judgment case". By this time, the transformation of Jia Yucun's human nature was completely completed from a very good man to a bad man who did nothing evil.
There was reason to be suspicious, Song Yu said that Jia Yucun's "supplement of Yingtianfu" was "appointment of radish", and Wang Zitang and Jia Zheng played a decisive role. The appointment of Jia Yucun as Ying Tianfu Yin was to end the murder of Xue Yuan who killed Feng Yuan. After seeing Jia Yucun's "judgment of the gourd case", did he not "rush to write two letters and make a prince with Jie Zheng and Beijing camp to make the prince tense, but said," The matter of ordering is over, don't worry about it, etc. "?
The dismissal and recovery of Jia Yucun led to the appearance of the heroine of the Red Mansion No.1, Zhu Zhuxian, Lin Daiyu, and a meeting with Shen Ying's waiter Jia Baoyu at the Rongguo Mansion; Jia Yucun "replenished Yingtian Mansion", and "Judging the Gourd Case" led to the Red No. 2 female The protagonist Xue Baoxuan and the only well-known deputy Xiang Ling (Zhen Yinglian) were able to enter the Rongguo Mansion, making the story of the Red Mansion "the big talk" long-lasting.
After learning about the details of Feng Yuan and Zhen Yinglian, Jia Yucun once said with emotion: "This is also their sinful encounter, and it is no accident. Otherwise, how did Feng Yuan just spot on this Yinglian? This Yinglian received The abductor has tortured in recent years, and he has found his way, and it is a passionate one. If it can be gathered, it would be a beautiful thing, but it would have happened again. This Xue family is richer than Feng family. The sexual immorality is not excessive, and Feng Yuan may not be in love with one person. This is a fantasy relationship, just a pair of thin-born children. "Jia Yucun's feelings, but also with the Shenying waiter, the fairy fairy Zhuzhu," moral injustice " The missions of the next generation to "create a calendar and make a fate" are the same.
The second most unusual case is the case of the ancient fan of Shi nerds: Jia Yucun created an unjust prison for the nobles of Baba Houmen and abused his power to deprive the ancient fan of Shi nerds
The "judgment case" of Jia Yucun saved the four big families: "good snow in the good year, pearls like earth and gold, iron", and preserved "Jia Bujiao, white jade is a golden horse" and "the East China Sea lacks a white jade bed. The Dragon King came to Jinling "Wang" face, the first to be grateful is Wang Zitang-his elder sister is the wife of Rongguofu second house Jiazheng, the actual power of Rongguofu, and her younger sister Aunt Xue is the head of the Xue family. Therefore, Prince Teng “tired to protect the capital”, Jia Yucun “backed up the lack of Beijing” and became a Beijing official (Jing Zhaoyin). ——Jia Yucun tasted the sweetness of the official secret. After Jia Yucun became a Beijing official, on the one hand, he still maintained contacts with Jia Zheng, the second old man of the Rongguo government, and often visited, and he always needed to see Jia Baoyu; on the other hand, he also met with the old man of the Rongguo government, Jia Jian, and Ning Guofu. Jia Zhen exchanges (the 72nd Lin Zhi's filial piety: "Now Master Dongfu is better with him, and the master likes him again and again, I don't know"), and abused his power to win the stone fan old fan for Jia Shen.
Why does Jia Yucun associate with the grandfather of Rongguo Jia Jia and Ningguo Jia Zhen? This has to be analyzed, because interaction is mutual. In the eyes of Jia Yucun, Jia Zhen was the grand house of the Rongguo government, inherited the title of the Grand Duke of Rongguo, attacked the rank of first general, and was the official in the dynasty. The general, also an official in the DPRK, needs to be tied up. In the minds of Jia Zhen and Jia Zhen, Jia Yucun first served as Jing Zhaoyin after he entered Beijing, and later "supplemented Sima and co-ordinating military counselor's court administration". He is a Beijing official with real power in need; looking at them together, they Reciprocity is a matter of gathering together, and being treacherous. The abuse of power to deprive Shifan of the ancient fan is a typical injustice created by Jia Yucun for Baba Jia Amnesty.
In the case of Gu Yucun's abuse of power to deprive Shi Guzi of the ancient fan, Cao Xueqin did not write it explicitly, but wrote it secretly through the dialogue between Ping'er and Xue Baozhen in the 48th round. Ping'er laughed: "The old man couldn't beat the second old man. Didn't the girl hear it?" Bao Bao said: "I got up early and heard something, but I don't believe it. I'm just going to see your grandma go, don't want to You're here. Why did you hit him again? "Ping'er gritted his teeth and cursed," It's all Feng Village in Jiayu Village, a hungry wild hybrid from there halfway on the way! I didn't recognize it for ten years, how many things happened? Come out! This spring, the master saw some old fans in that place, and went home to see that all the good fans in the house were useless, and immediately asked people to search everywhere. Who knows there is one who is dead? Enemy, the mixed number called him a stone nerd, and the poor did n’t even eat the meal. There were 20 old fans in his house, and he would not take out the door when he died. Seeing how much annoyance the second grandfather sees, After this person said it again and again, invited Er Ye to sit at his house, took out the fan and took a look. According to Er Ye, it was no longer available, all Xiang Fei, brown bamboo, elk, Yuzhu's are all ancient paintings and paintings, because he told the master. The master asked to buy him. How much money was given to him. The nerd said: "I'm starved to death, and I won't sell a thousand or two pieces of silver!" The master couldn't do anything, and he scolded the second grandfather every day. He has been promised five hundred, Take the fan first and then take the fan. He just does n’t sell it, but just says, “If you want a fan, you want my life first!” The girl thought, what ’s the trick? Who knows that Yucun heard it unreasonably, and set up a trick He owed the official silver, and took him to the door, saying that he owed the official silver and changed the seller's property compensation. He copied the fan and sent it for the official price. Now the stone nerd doesn't know if he is dead or not. The master asked the second grandfather with a fan and said, "Why did people get it?" The second grandfather only said one sentence: 'For this little thing, it makes people lose their jobs and it is nothing to do!' When I heard it, I became angry, and said that the second master blocked the master, so this is the first big one. There are still a few small ones in these days, and I ca n’t remember them, so I gathered them together and started to fight. I did n’t pull down with a stick on the board, so I stood there, I did n’t know what to beat, and my face broke two places. We heard that there was a pill in my aunt, Whoever has a stick ulcer, the girl quickly finds a pill for me. "Baodi listened, and he quickly asked Yinger to get a pill with Pinger. Breguet said: "That's it, greeting me, I won't go."
In such a society, the more they behaved like gangsters, the more they went higher and higher. As mentioned in the 53rd round, "Jia Yucun has replenished Dasima, co-ordinating military council counselor for political affairs." Morality will also get worse.
The third major case is the "Yanxue Snow Case" version of "Dream of Red Mansions"-"The Psychic Precious Jade Case". Jia Yucun "because of the small veil hat", betrayed Jia as Tang Qin betrayed Mo. The psychic jewels caused Jiafu's "a piece of white land is really clean!"
Fifty-third time said that "Jia Yucun had replenished Dasima and co-ordinating military counselor's court administration", and 72nd time said "It was only heard that Yucun had fallen." The "fall" of Jia Yucun should be related to the seizure of the Zhen family by the imperial court, and the Zhen family and the Jia family were "old relatives"-belonging to the same political faction. The seizure of the Zhen family was a sign of the seizure of the Jia family. In this way, the "fall" of Jia Yucun reflects that Jia Fu is defeating. Jia Yucun, who has a keen sense of smell, decides to betray Jia Fu and change the court. How to knot? Re-enacting the case of the ancient fan of Shi nerds——Political enemies of Rong Jiafu demanded psychic gems.
In the case of the psychic jewel, Cao Xueqin used the method of no writing in the novel. The first play shown by Yuan Fei's parents was "A Bunch of Snow. Grand Banquet", implying that Jia Yucun was " Zhongshan Wolf and Tang Qin in A Dream of Red Mansions; the second manifestation is that Cao Xueqin created a Zhen Baoyu with the same face and character as Jia Baoyu, implying that Zhen Baoyu would act as a scapegoat for Jia Baoyu like "Mo Chengdai" in "A Bunch of Snow" The third manifestation is that Cao Xueqin ordered Jia Yucun to chant “A jade seeks a good price in the middle of a scarcity and stays in the air while waiting for flight”. It can be understood at multiple levels. The important one is that Jia Yucun will create a psychic gemstone case. ; In the process of the Psychic Baoyu case, Lin Daiyu committed suicide because of an unsuccessful finger marriage, Xue Baodi committed suicide because of "have right and wrong (wait for time to fly)"; the fourth manifestation is the repeated occurrence of "too imaginary" couplets "false Truth is false, there is no action, there is no place, "suggesting that in the whole process of the psychic jewel case, the truth is false, right and wrong, and whether there is nothing. Judging the Psychic Baoyu case requires distinguishing between true and false, and telling right from wrong; the fifth manifestation is that Cao Xueqin explained that the monk Taoist Immortal Master wanted to get rid of the next generation, implying that Zhen Baoyu would become a monk first, and then he would receive monk Taoist The immortal master entrusted Jia Baoyu to send jade, and made him a monk; the sixth manifestation is that the only "smart king" Beijing Wang was written in the novel, implying that the reversal of the psychic treasure jade case would rely on the power of Beijing Wang; the seventh manifestation was " Well, the song note "deliberately made a cap on the head-" the yoke cap was suspected because the yarn cap was too small ", implying that after the reversal of the Lingbaoyu jade case, Jia Yucun brought the yoke and went to jail; etc.
To sum up, the "Feng Yuan (every grievance) case", "the case of the stone nerd ancient fan", and "the psychic treasure jade case" three strange cases, such as the shadow of Jia Yucun life. Jia Yucun very typically reflects the complete experience of some scholars, that is, studying hard, rushing to exams, high school, being an official, dismissing, returning, rising, and finally being convicted, shackled, and imprisoned. Jia Yucun was very talented when he first became an official after he was admitted to the junior ranks. He was talented, ambitious, and strong-minded. He could do something good for the society and the people. But in the filthy officialdom, Jia Yucun was slowly corroded, and finally became a social scourge, becoming a big villain in favor of private law, destruction of human nature, and revenge. From Cao Xueqin's description of Jia Yucun, we may see the author's thoroughness and sorrow.

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