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'It's better not to meet with dew'

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Sometimes I ’m always thinking, “Instead of exhibiting on the cliff for thousands of years, it ’s better to cry on my lover ’s shoulder for one night. What about going to heaven and going to hell? I ’m in my heart, and my passion is sometimes overwhelmed. Be a lover? Who wants to love each other so much that they do n’t see the light? It ’s a painful injury, an inexplicable loss, and so much suffering, it ’s better not to meet at first. Whoever is serious, who loses first. ”
Missing is the most entangled entanglement, thinking too much, distressed, thinking about it for a long time, people are thin, missing, like a cold, sometimes good and bad, sometimes light and heavy, happy when good, sad when heavy .
It ’s hard for a person to see. I still want to disturb, I send a message, I ’m afraid of getting bored, I ’m jealous, I sigh again and again, Is it something I do n’t care about? Missed by someone, how happy, ta's picture, beside you, ta's face, you have always been fascinated, can't wait to appear immediately, hold you in your arms, wait for three meals a day, and finish it with you face to face.
Knowing that love is so tortured, I should n’t touch it. I would rather not know what love is in my life. I would rather live it silly than in my life. Dew love, it is better not to meet!
Many men and women in marriage know that extramarital affair is like a drug addiction, knowing that it is not desirable, but they still ca n’t stand the temptation and fall into it. Infidelity in marriage, infidelity in family, and injustice in lover. Knowing that this kind of feeling can not see the light, it is painful to enter, and pain to retreat.
In fact, what the lover is most afraid of is moving the true feelings, and the more painful is the sudden parting and breaking up. Cut off the entanglement, cut off the constant love. When you want to laugh, when you want to laugh, when you want to cry, you cry. There is a kind of pain that can't laugh and you can't cry. This is the pain of extramarital affairs, heartbreaking pain.
It can only be understood that it is unacceptable. This is the moral bottom line and the bottom line of self-esteem for all people. The lack of family responsibility and moral loss has corrupted the social atmosphere. Building a home is difficult, but destroying it is so simple.
Human desires are endless. Derailed men or women are dissatisfied with the status quo, idle and boring, sneaking and looking for excitement! In order to satisfy his own desires, he betrayed his loved ones, and the desire was infinitely enlarged until he could not end ... Generally, selfishness and no sense of responsibility!
In fact, everything is reincarnation, and in the end it is full of regrets, because with comparison, people must learn to discipline themselves regardless of others ...
Time is an angel, and time is the unparalleled medicine. If time hasn't made you forget that time that you can't hold up, it's because time is not long enough.
In fact, knowing that you are not your own, you should say "no" gracefully at first, so as not to hurt others, and more importantly, not to hurt yourself.

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