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Hematemic sharing, basic process of Internet promotion

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:14:19

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Today, I will briefly talk about Internet promotion. If we want to carry out online promotion, how can we achieve the ultimate marketing success step by step and even exceed our expectations?
1. Develop a promotion strategy
Before doing online promotion, we need to have a set of system ideas to define who our target customers are? What are the marketing methods? Is it possible to calculate return on investment, etc.? You can ask yourself the following questions:
(1) Who is actually paying for your products and services?
(2) Who are your target users?
(3) How do you attract your users?
(4) What methods and channels do your customers generally use to find your services and products?
(5) What are the manpower and funds you plan to invest in your marketing plan?
Write these questions on paper and think about the exact answers.
2. Build a marketing website
The website can be said to be the cornerstone of Internet promotion. All promotion and marketing methods must be launched around it.
(1) Clarify the goal of the website, and the whole site is launched around this goal.
(2) Typesetting fits the aesthetics of most users.
(3) Attractive copywriting.
(4) Comfortable user experience.
(5) Comply with search engine optimization standards.
3. Improve conversion rate
No matter how much user traffic, if it can't be converted, it's all useless. Therefore, you need to segment your traffic users. After all, each user who comes to the website has different needs, and it is necessary to carry out corresponding marketing in different categories. The users of the website can be divided into the following types.
(1) Users who are unaware of their needs.
(2) Users who are aware of the needs but have no intention of solving them.
(3) Users who are aware of the needs and intend to solve them.
(4) Users who are planning to resolve and are still choosing the platform.
As long as these different users are distinguished, it is easier to take targeted actions.
4. Data analysis
Data analysis is a process of collecting, sorting, processing, and analyzing data to extract valuable information based on commercial purposes.
This is a very interesting job. The most direct thing is that you can grasp the user's demand for the product through the statistics of the website data. After you have thoroughly understood these data, you will know your marketing direction.
Internet promotion is a proposition with no standard answer. It has many answers. Of course, you can also find a different path and maybe go your own way, but no matter which method you have, it is basic to master the above processes.

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