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Success has its routine! If you have these 6 characteristics, you are not far from making money!

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Where are the people around me who can make money better than me?
I believe that everyone will have this doubt. Fortune brother often asks himself this way, what are the aspects of those who make money?
The first thing to be sure of is that making money has nothing to do with education.
Such examples abound, and many of the listed companies ’CEOs have not graduated with an undergraduate original degree, such as“ alien ”Jack Ma, farmer entrepreneur Liu Yonghao, and national father-in-law Wang Jianlin.
This is why many entrepreneurs like to go to a famous school to spend a part-time MBA or part-time PhD after they become successful. The first purpose is to plate gold, the second is to expand contacts, and the third is to look for "true love".
Spicy, why didn't you become the one who would make money?
According to those wealthy people who have come into contact with them in the past few years, they find that there is a routine! All routines!
These people who make money really have something in common. What the rich brother said below comes from a summary of a CEO. Brother Fortune used to work with him for a long time and learned a lot from him.
Generally speaking, people who make money will have the following characteristics:
No matter what the industry, these people have the characteristic of "professional".
What is professional?
Not that he or she is in a high-tech industry, but that he knows his industry very well!
He didn't just know what he was doing. It also knows the insider and profit points, advantages and disadvantages of each link and chain of upstream and downstream.
He understands what resources are needed to complete each link and knows where to find them.
Because they are professional, they are good at discovering the needs of customers in their industry. In order to achieve this profession, he rarely crosses the line frequently.
Once these people start to do something, they can think about it all the time, except to sleep.
Always thinking about ways to do these things well.
The former direct leader of Fat Choi was also the actual controller of a listed company.
At the time, Fat Cai was also in charge of a more important project in the company.
Every time he talks to Brother Fortune, he always says: You are not enough! You should reach a state where you dream about this project!
Many people would say that such a boss is simply a pervert.
But he is really in this state every day, thinking about things every moment. Although he is the boss, he has to deal with many things in the company every day, but every time he asks you to discuss a specific project, he can come up with more, better and more constructive ideas. You just need to relax You will find that you cannot keep up with his rhythm.
Many people think that they can easily make money and easily get rich.
If you have this kind of thought, advise you to quickly give up fantasy and return to reality.
"Time Management"
Those who make money have a very strong sense of time.
One thing, when will it be completed, as long as the time node is determined, they will have to squeeze time to force themselves to complete it at a given time no matter how busy they are.
They never carry water and hate people with procrastination.
I was still the boss of the rich brother. In order to drive out a project, he had to stay up all night with a group of young people that night. We must know that he is a 45-year-old man and a father of 3 children.
For those who will make money, time is the most precious resource, because one step later, the opportunity may be taken away by competitors; one step later, your user's problems will not be best solved.
Did not keep up, could not keep up.
Therefore, people who make money are people with a sense of time.
These people have very strong target management capabilities.
When they started to do one thing, they knew what to accomplish at each stage.
After setting a goal, they generally use the "backward push method".
What do you mean?
For example, if 12 million sales are to be completed in the second half of the year, how do you break down according to the year-end goal? Then push back a bit ...
How much is done each month? How much is done each day? What to do so much each day?
For example, the friend who opened the specialty store mentioned by the fortune brother in a previous article, he made very specific goals. For example, if he wants to make 5 million in the second half of the year, how much will he make each month? How many specialty products do you sell on average per day? How much will each channel sell?
Why did you fail to achieve your goal? The channel is not strong? Can't keep up?
If there are not enough channels, how to open up channels? If the output cannot keep up, is the manpower insufficient? Or does the machine fail?
As long as the goal of each stage is determined, he will decompose the goal, and then pay close attention to every detail to ensure the realization of the goal.
"Executive power"
Their execution is very strong.
As long as it is a good thing, it will be done immediately, and you will not wait until everything is ready to start.
Because, for many things, you can't wait until everything is ready to start. By that time, daylily is cold.
They are both doing things while solving problems and doing things that can be advanced first.
As long as it's a good thing, don't ask why, do it first.
Maybe the final result is not satisfactory, but if you don't do it, you will get nothing.
"Conversion Thinking"
Maybe they don't speak well and don't flicker, but most of them are marketing experts.
They know how to think differently, not only for their customers, but also for their collaborators and competitors.
They usually think about each other. Know what the other person cares about? what do you need? What can I do with each other?
Because they know how to think like this, it is easier for them to achieve win-win goals with their partners, it is easier to discover the pain points of users, and it is easier to grasp the weaknesses of competitors.
The above 6 points are what the fortune brother learned from that CEO and have been verified by other entrepreneurs. It can be seen that successful people have some similarities. Of course, even if you have these traits, you may not necessarily succeed. After all, there are too many factors affecting a person's success.
However, what the rich man wants to say is that if you can develop these habits and cultivate these qualities, what you do will not be too bad. Making money is also a natural occurrence.
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