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Original "" The name of the people "has been over half a year ago, but I only see one word

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After the launch of "The Name of the People", there was a rush of criticism, which triggered an entertainment carnival for the whole people. Some were excited about the "main theme", some were keen to watch fighting dramas, some were addicted to the old drama bone acting, and there were many "slots" for the people I spit the seeds while eating melon, but it is said that some people have seen something different. Today I recommend an original article of Thought Cool for your reference (2883 words, it takes about 7 minutes to read). Unauthorized, please do not reprint! For exchanges, reprints, submissions and cooperation, please contact WeChat caiyunpeng789 or 18910623426. If you want to explore more real problems, Cool Brothers welcomes you to search for "Prophet Bookstore" on Taobao's select shop. If you want to read similar good articles every day, please pay attention to Cool Thoughts.
"The name of the people" has been over half,
I only see one word
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Not long after the broadcast of "The Name of the People", some people in the police community complained, "Why isn't police in the show a good person?"
But at the same time, another important group in the society, private entrepreneurs, shed tears: "Cai Chenggong" and "Gao Xiaoqin", are they really themselves? !!
This is not moved tears. These are sad tears, depressed tears, tears that hurt others. Or there are tears of fear.
Cai Chenggong and Gao Xiaoqin are the two thunders in this drama's anti-corruption storm. It is very appropriate to use thunder to describe these two people. They are not only the thunder of many corrupt officials, but they are also stepping on thunder with their feet on top of their heads.
Let's start with the GDP of Secretary Da Kang. Da Kang's GDP actually refers to the 28 billion Bright Peak project in Jingzhou. If the project is to be carried out smoothly, it will not be possible to bypass the equity dispute between Shanshui Group and Dafeng Clothing Factory. When the secretary of Dakang was in charge of a prefecture-level city, due to the dismissal of a senior official in charge of a project, the entrepreneurs participating in the project "run without a trace overnight", which had a negative impact on the career of the secretary of Dakang. At this time, Dakang Secretary, who has been a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and desperately needs GDP to launch an impact on the governor's position, and discovers that "history may repeat itself," naturally attaches great importance to this.
As we all know, behind corrupt officials, a large wave of entrepreneurs is often drawn. In the Name of the People, in order to highlight the integrity of Li Dakang and such officials, these merchants were qualitatively treated as "shameless." As a result, Cai Chenggong and Gao Xiaoqin, as well as those entrepreneurs who worked as birds and beasts all night, were all portrayed as villains who were attached to the wealthy and profitable, and the Da Kang secretary who was devoted to GDP was a great doer. Reform, becoming the creator of economic miracles, and highly appreciated by the secretary of the provincial party committee.
Do you think of "Cosmopolitan Avenue", "The Red Age"?
Stills from the Red Age
The plot is always a reflection of reality. In the nearly forty years of reform and opening up, we have produced a lot of companies and entrepreneurs, some of which have made a name all over the world. However, at the end of the year and year, the ones who really put on the stage and receive awards are always "Sarkin" and "Li Dakang". They are considered to be the major contributors to China's economic development, and they can be divided into "Chief Designer", "Leader", "Pioneer" and so on.
Not only does the above firmly believe that the government and officials are the first driving force for social development, many ordinary people also think so. Otherwise, we won't often hear such "voices": Whoops, Secretary Li has been transferred away, so we mustn't mess up?
In the end, the consequence of this consciousness is that the government is the creator of GDP and social wealth!
This is equivalent to proclaiming that China is still a "mayor" economy, not a market economy. But here, we still want to point out cautiously that it is not the Secretary of Dakang who really creates and protects the GDP, but the entrepreneurs who are guarded by the comrades of the Party.
why? Talking about the importance of enterprises in terms of absorbing employment and increasing taxes, it is too cliché today. In a speech delivered in Moscow on May 31, 1988, by US President Reagan, the most powerful explanation was given:
"The explorers of the modern era are entrepreneurs. They are far-sighted, dare to take risks, have a firm conviction, and dare to venture into unknown fields. They and their small businesses have created almost the entire economic development of the United States. They are the driving force behind the technological revolution."
"Ask them for the secret of their success, and they will tell you that they are never discouraged in their failures. They are successful in their struggles. Just like the athletes or scholars who seek truth, experience is their greatest mentor. .This is exactly why, no matter how savvy the government's planners are, they cannot replace the millions of individuals who work day and night to realize their dreams. "
The essence of Reagan's words is the "relationship between the government and the market" that we are repeatedly discussing today. This is both a theoretical problem and a daily practice problem. Taking Handong Province as an example, we can see that although "the market must play a decisive role in the allocation of resources," written in black and white in government documents, in reality it is not the market, the government, or Sha Ruijin and Li Dakang.
Entrepreneurs in the so-called "market" are really not true entrepreneurs, such as Cai Chenggong and Gao Xiaoqin, it is difficult to become a "researcher of the modern era" in Reagan's mouth, and the true creator of GDP. In China today, They are nothing more than the beneficiaries of some policies and directives and the victims of others. They do this by themselves: they can only obtain documents and licenses if they are in front of power. This comes from the flood of institutional rent-seeking. The “entrepreneur” is the best tool for realizing the power of officials.
The "collusion between government and business" has formed the relationship between government and business since then. Entrepreneurs are under double pressure. They must not only swallow up the secrets of officials, but also worry about the incidents of officials, and they cannot escape the suspicion of "corrupting state officials." As Wang Dalu, the only “positive” entrepreneur in this play, said:
"Chinese entrepreneurs are either in prison or on their way to prison."
Why do "entrepreneurs" stand side by side with officials? The answer is extremely simple: the decision of economic projects and financial deposits and loans is in the hands of officials. Because power interferes too much with socio-economic intervention, and even permeates, companies have to bow their heads instead of considering fair competition in accordance with laws and regulations. Wang Dalu, who seems to be away from the officialdom and claims that there is no collusion between politics and business, is actually difficult to wash down. The development of Dalu Group has doubts about whether he has been a deputy county governor and whether his relationship with Li Dakang is delicate.
What role an entrepreneur plays in society is a measure of whether an economy is a market economy. Everyone can see that this is not a normal society. After a little bit of brain use, most people can conclude that this business environment is a market economy.
Economist Xu Xiaonian said that the protagonist of a market economy should be enterprises and people, and the soul of an enterprise is an entrepreneur. In recent years, under the attraction of huge benefits, the government has changed from a rule enforcer to a game participant. Not only has the “strong” expansion of state-owned enterprises rapidly squeezed the survival and growth space of the private economy, the government's intervention in economic activities has also become more and more Frequently, not only has increased the burden on enterprises and disrupted market order, but it has also increasingly undermined the expected stability and increased uncertainty in the future.
Investor Wang Gongquan once said that private enterprises are currently a vulnerable group in the game of government power. Many officials are not clear about how to use public power and what public services are provided, but they are enthusiastically working on business, leading to large-scale entry of public power into the economic field. But the government never considers how difficult it is for private companies to do this?
In an exclusive interview with Caijing in 2012, Liu Chuanzhi said: "Chinese entrepreneurs are a very weak class and are unlikely to be the backbone of reform. Faced with improper behavior by government departments, entrepreneurs have no courage and ability to compete. They can only Minimize losses. We just want to do a good job of the company, how much we can do and how many things we do, and do not take the world as our own responsibility. "Liu Chuanzhi also proposed the concept of" business in business "and" conversation in the future " Only talk about business and not politics. In the current political and economic environment, it is our duty to do business well. "
I believe Liu Chuanzhi's remarks are not sincere.
For a long time, among the business tycoons' entrepreneurial legends, the most often inscribed is their "hard history", and the complicated political and business relations behind them are all intentionally ignored. Today, the background of legendary stories is gradually being dug, and the most talked about by entrepreneurs has become "no bribes."
For example, Wang Shi said: For entrepreneurs, it is not whether you should "bribery", but that this society does not believe that you "don't bribe."
Regarding political and business relations, Ma Yun said, "Love them, but don't marry them." This sentence vividly reflects the delicate relationship between the two parties.
Whether it is Ma Yun, Wang Shi, Liu Chuanzhi, or many entrepreneurs who want to repeat their legends, each entrepreneur has his own ideal country. Although the conservative view that "the state is a necessary evil, and the smaller the power of the government is, the better" may not be endorsed by most entrepreneurs, but it is undeniable that this is exactly how entrepreneurs return to the value standard and create a "small government , Large enterprises ", the new relationship between government and enterprise and the full meaning of a complete market economy!
This may be the true voice of Cai Chenggong, Gao Xiaoqin and Wang Dalu.
Secretary Dakang, what you need to do is not to keep an eye on the entrepreneurs who "don't let you worry," but to prevent entrepreneurs from unnecessarily collaborating with officials, and to make those "disappear overnight "Investors" no longer have to worry about "nine races sitting together and losing all." The ultimate goal is to allow entrepreneurs to do business in a free and fair market environment. In short, what you want to guard is not the GDP, but the real market economy. In this way, you don't have to get angry often, you can just wait for the GDP to come automatically.
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The "Name of the People" has been broadcast for more than half. Which word did the author see? The answer is "official". I look forward to reversing this view! However, the careful audience may have noticed that neither the governor nor the mayor appeared in this play, whether in Handong or Jingzhou. The reader can think about the reasons. Therefore, the "mayor economy" mentioned in this article is an irrelevant reference. However, whether it is the mayor's economy or the top economy, it is not only incompatible with the real market economy, but even runs completely opposite. If you are interested in this topic, Cool Brother recommends a book by the famous scholar Zhang Weiying. To say a little, this book is the "theoretical source" of all political and business novels. To a big one, it is a society that restructures order Golden key. Sincerely recommend!
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